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I won’t be threatened by ‘next election’ — Premier


Premier Andrew Fahie has vowed not to be threatened by an upcoming election or get intimidated into not completing his agenda. 

Speaking before the House of Assembly (HOA) recently, Fahie said he recently received many messages blaming him for things he never did and threats that his party will never regain power.

Notwithstanding these threats, the Premier said he will ensure everything that needed to be done during his term in office will be completed. 

“After we leave, someday you’ll say thanks if you want,“ he stated. 

“I ain’t going to be threatened by no next election,” the Premier added. ”We have some things to do here or else it won’t matter if we have an election. It won’t matter who is in power come the next election if we don’t do some of the things we have to do.”

Premier frowns on ‘modern partnership’ usage

He insisted that while former governor, Augustus Jaspert, may have said certain things, the BVI was not in a battle with an individual, but instead it was in a battle with an institution. 

He frowned upon the use of the phrase ‘modern partnership’ that is often used by the UK to describe its relationship with the BVI. Fahie said if the UK was looking out for the BVI, the territory shouldn’t have to be guessing what it has to do to get to the next level. 

“A modern partnership is not to show and exploit the weaknesses of one side so that you can promote your side,” Premier Fahie argued. “It should be one in which you have them to get over the weaknesses on either side and both exemplify the strengths.”

Suggesting a common conversation was needed between the BVI and UK, the Premier said the BVI should be allowed to play a substantive role in the dialogue. 

Premier Fahie also made reference to the controversial issue of having his office take control of the territory’s disaster management portfolio through legislation that has not received assent. 

“We’d like for you to share with us since you say you can’t give us DDM (Department of Disaster Management), share with us the responsibility and let us grow together and then eventually you could give it to me. That’s a modern partnership,” the Premier said.


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  1. Your time is up says:

    Sadly he does not recognize the party is over, the music has stopped playing, and he will be the last person standing in the room.

    Please turn off the lights when you decide to leave. Next!

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    • more... says:

      vain posturing against the UK, abdication of responsibility for border security, deliberate impoverishment of the economy still trying to rebuild after last disaster but one, vacuous policy statements, enrichment of consultants and comedy appointees, disparagement of auditors and critics… what’s new?

  2. P09 says:

    Premier Fahie Water boiling for Fish but Fish don’t know.

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  3. heckler says:

    You and your party gone and you could take that to the bank!

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  4. your reign is over says:


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  5. Freudian slip says:

    US turns into Me

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  6. bLAHH says:

    Go home

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  7. Po9 says:

    S**k yuh mother

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  8. true says:

    He would never lose in the west but he would be in opposition.

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  9. tri party opposition says:

    vote vip not

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  10. Reality check says:

    When you realise the scraps you been throwing on the ground still there and you have to clean up your own darn mess because the fowls have moved on!

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  11. ?? says:

    Yep make sure that bill is passed so you and your counterparts have a fat salary yearly after your term is finished and mission accomplished , you dont care about next election because you will be all set to enjoy life! We got to do better and really know who we voting for next election smh!

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  12. Oops says:

    Pride goeth before the fall. This is the pride. Next comes the fall (grabbing popcorn)

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  13. SMH says:

    If you didn’t feel threatened you wouldn’t be here talking about it. You too self centered. Focusing on everything about You and not of your Cabinet Members and definitely not of the People.

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  14. ... says:

    sadly who you going put back in the same set of cookie monsters

  15. Randy says:

    I’m trying my darndest to understand the negative sentiments being expressed against this premier. So what do we really have to show from the previous administration that was so positive if you must compare? What EXACTLY has this gentleman done that’s not good for the country other than aligned himself with an egotist in the position of speaker? To these naysayers we ask – what have you personally contributed or is contributing to the welfare of the country? It seems rather shallow to denigrate someone simply because we have a free press and access to a computer. Would you share your negative thoughts with him to his face? Doubtful!!!

    My fellow islanders we’re better than this empty racket being displayed in these blogs. Why can’t we work with this administration to uplift the country perhaps by standing against criminals in the likes of the last so-called govenor not to mention the commissioner of police assuming that the bvi is a drug haven….

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    • Your time is up says:

      The reason you are “trying (your) darndest to understand the negative sentiments being expressed against this premier” is because your head is so far up you know where that you cannot see right or left to have an objective view. You are compromised.

      The fact that you think the former governor and the commissioner of police are criminals is all that needs to be known about you and your thinking. No further discussion needed.

      You keep trying to understand the negative sentiments being expressed against the premier as you put it. Good luck. You will need it so long as your head remains where it is.

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    • Hmmm says:

      It is a drug haven. Open your eyes wake up.

    • Smfh says:

      @ Randy
      You said you are trying to understand the negativity towards the Premier? I read your blog and to be truthful it is a shameful piece of nothing. You probably have your head so far up your *as, where you can’t see daylight, or you are part of the corrupt government, or you are stupid.

  16. sturpss says:

    Threatened for what and you done raise the salaries for back benchers… thats where you gonna be after next election

  17. stop says:

    @Randy You are a blind jocker, we will like to know what Andrew Fahie did for us in the two years he has been fighting with the Governor and the UK maybe you are one of the people that got a nice check.

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  18. BS says:

    Beside running a sober campaign; try running an HONEST campaign!

  19. Sigmund says:

    This guy is defensive yet really confrontational. Incoherent, illogical and narcissistic. But vainly prays in public.

    Now trying to bully the UK to give him more responsibility [for the DDM]. Why?

    This is abnormal and deeply disturbing. How are these behaviors from one person even possible? He needs to be removed quickly.

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