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I won’t blame the DPP for failures – Brewley

E. Walwyn Brewley. Photo courtest VI Life & Style magazine

A local talk show host refrained from blaming the embattled Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for a series of unfavourable courtroom outcomes in recent years, leading to increasing calls for her resignation.

The current office holder, Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit, was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions on May 5, 2020, after acting in the role since December 14, 2019.

‘Hot Seat’ Co-host E. Walwyn Brewley recently noted the challenges facing the DPP, arguing that the problems stem from a lack of resources rather than shortcomings of the DPP herself.

“The DPP hasn’t won anything in a month of Sundays,” Brewley remarked while capturing the general sentiment of dissatisfaction with the current state of prosecutorial success in the BVI.

However, he pointed to some of the difficult circumstances under which the DPP’s office operates, including the significant staffing shortages. “I am not going to sit here and malign the DPP because she could only work with what she got. You’re not giving her the proper thing. You can’t expect her to come up with wins for you if she’s only halfway in the game. Put her in the game, fully in the game.”

A recent law enforcement and justice review highlighted the DPP’s office’s struggles, noting a fifty per cent vacancy rate at the time of the review. Brewley echoed these findings, stressing the impact of such vacancies on the office’s effectiveness: “The truth is, if we have that type of high vacancy level, how are we supposed to get proper justice?”

A caller on the program said that the current state does not look good for the country and reflected on the work of a previous DPP, Terrence Williams, noting that Williams won many cases during his time in office.

“He was winning, yeah, because he would go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, so that when he takes you to court or when you go to court with him, he has all his ducks in a row,” Brewley said. “But something has happened now where the DPP’s Office didn’t get the proper evidence on a lot of these cases.”

Brewley proposed potential solutions to bolster the DPP’s office, including international cooperation: “Go out there and get us some good lawyers for the DPP’s Office… You could ask Britain for anything. Ask them for a bevy of lawyers to come down and work with you. DPP office, you pay half, and they will pay half.”

He also pointed out that UK lawyers had assisted the BVI before but were frustrated into leaving after obstacles were placed in their path.


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  1. Tiff… says:

    ……is just L E SS! Not the sharpest tool in the box. Way too many L’s and not enough W’s. In professional sports, she’d be benched then traded. What’s the holdup?!!

    GM – stop making excuses for persons not effective or competent. Just stop it yuh dinosaur!

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    • Smh says:

      I’m sure you could have stated your opinion without referring to the Honourable as a dinosaur. Some of you really can’t help but be disrespectful, tactless and tasteless.

      Before the rest of you attempt to correct the use of Honourable, all past living legislators retain the title and should always be addressed as such.

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      • @Smh says:

        Touched a nerve did I? Just like respect is earned my gyal, so too is this title that you defended -“honorable”. You may choose to wield it as you so choose, no worries dear. However, I don’t share your sentiments as I have no familial ties. I stand by my opinion!

  2. Hmmm says:

    Mr Brewley, I agree with you. The DPP office lacks good litigators and the police force lacks good investigators. I have seen reports written by officers, and it is shameful. That’s all I will say for now.

  3. True says:

    Most of the Police officers can’t even write a proper report without gross grammatical errors……SHAMEFUL!

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  4. Truth says:

    The DPP should do the honorable thing and resign

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  5. Wake up says:

    She is co***pt to the core, was appointed by a corrupt Premier who is now in prison. Of course these criminals are all going free, they are protected. The police do their job effectively, it’s the decisions made by this corrupt woman that are causing troubles. Out!

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