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I’d welcome Dr Pickering to PVIM with open arms — Skelton

Leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Ronnie Skelton has said he would be glad if Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering joined his political movement.

“With open arms. He’s a friend of many, many years,” Skelton commented while responding to questions of whether he’d welcome Dr Pickering to the newly-formed party.

The question was put to Skelton amid unconfirmed reports that Dr Pickering is being sought by the PVIM.

When further asked if Dr Pickering was part of any discussions in relation to the birth of the political movement, Skelton said: “Dr Pickering and I have had a lot of discussions even since all of this has happened. We have been discussing the way forward and whether or not he is ready to be with us is a question that I will leave for Dr Pickering to answer.”

In recent months, Dr Pickering has not been shy about declaring his undying loyalty to Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

Even back in August after Premier Smith chose not to lead the National Democratic Party (NDP) into the next general election, Dr Pickering noted that his immediate role was to lend support to Dr Smith who continues to lead the territory’s hurricane recovery effort.

“I believe loyalty matters,” Dr Pickering said at the time. “I believe it goes a long way in anything we do, and I have been loyal to the Premier in all the years and I ain’t going to stop being loyal to him at this point in time, despite the political scene.”

During that same period, Dr Pickering ducked questions in relation to the future of his relationship with the NDP.

While the NDP is yet to officially announce its candidates for the next elections, Dr Pickering’s name has been absent from the governing party’s reported line-up.

Coupled with being deputy premier, Dr Pickering is the elected representative for the Seventh District.

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  1. We'll see says:

    When you’re guided by Divine wisdom you will always make the right decisions. Let us pray hard for this country.

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    • Citizen says:

      Doc knowledge is power.
      Power is not knowledge
      Be wise and obtain from idle taughts
      Wisdom is also power
      Mr. Skelton has knowledge but no wisdom
      Stand clear before you perish with the unwise.

  2. Reply says:

    I believe loyalty matters also especially as it relates to the relationship between the Premier and the Deputy.

    These two men have a long history of working together both as physicians and in politics. Long before the NDP came to power, both men were in the Opposition (in the trenches) fighting together shoulder to shoulder.

    Most certainly, they have not only earned each others loyalty but also mutual respect as well, and developed an everlasting trusting friendship over the years. The are tied together by the legacy that they have painstakingly built together.

    I see both these men as having a political marriage. If I was in either shoe, given how I see life and value loyalty, there is no way I would trade in the legacy, loyalty, friendship, and respect we have built together over the many years just to get another shot at political power.

    These two men’s story of working together for years in the Opposition before finally taking control of the government is one for the history books.

    IMO, there are somethings in life more valuable than power or money. Trusted long standing friendships should be one of those things. The older one becomes, the more one values this way of thinking.

    I don’t personally see what the Deputy could gain by joining the PVIM or any other political party. He and the Premier started their political careers about similar times. IMO, he should consider ending it together.

    IMO, such a move will be the truest essence of loyalty and friendship.

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  3. Forward says:

    I would like Dancia Penn, Kendrick Pickering, Alvin Christopher, Carl Dawson, to join PVIM.

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  4. BLESSED says:

    God Bless You ALWAYS Dr.Pickering… Pray ALWAYS and God WILL Lead You in The Right Path.

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  5. jimmy smith says:

    Reply I endorse your comments 100 percent, Skelton say he waiting for Dr. Pickering the same man who bad talk him to P—-r J—n C—-e hmmm

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  6. EV says:

    That’s a tough one bro Skelton. All due respect and protocols honoured though.

    I recognise what may be the political strategy and thinking processes. However, the two Doc’s relationship should remain in tact.

    See, a defence capability has many units; the marines, army and air force to name a few. So to in this case, politics could be seen and operated?

    It is also being recognised that such may be the process of creating another “dream Team?” That will be pleasing to many it is believed.

    However, for the sake of unity and long ago formed friendship on all levels, that will be a very sorrowful and painful divorce to witness.

    Further, look at us, are we not divided too much already, by politics, region of birth, who born or not born here, locals vs expats, class, economic and surname status?

    We, the people and the Black man in particular need to begin making gestures at least towards healing our hearts and then reorganising our minds towards UNITY!!

    While everyone else is uniting and feeding off of our bread, even as they laugh at our divisive ignorance that is stiffing our collective growth.

    Nonetheless, there is something beautiful and heart warming to see our brethren that we grew up with striving to lead our country forward.

    Be it politics or educating, many are called, few are chosen.

  7. No Way! says:

    You bring in Dr Pickering you no longer getting our 6 votes! The guy don’t care for locals, only his rich white friends!

    He and Myrun are perfect for each other.

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    • Hmmm says:

      You sound very Ignorant! People like your have a sick twisted mind! It was his same white friends is why you can sit a post what you posted! What have our rich black friends done for our (your) community?

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      • @Hmmm says:

        Our ancestors have been totally disregarded, and their work degraded, both physical and intellectual, that have brought us thus far.

        Indeed, their very existence appear to have been relegated to the septic tank by such venomous not fully thought out a comment.

        Otherwise, your comments usually reflect thought and knowledge.

        We were their future. Always keep them in focus and think accordingly.

    • Lodger says:

      Who are you to order how five other people vote? That is against the law.

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  8. Janice says:

    Why do you cloud the issue with race. Evil is evil. Just like love it has no color.

  9. SMH says:

    Nooo Doc! Don’t join him! Run as an Independent. We need a diverse house in order to get accountability.

  10. Brad Boynes says:

    Crooks of a feather. Se se bon.

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  11. @Mr.Pickering says:

    At the end of the day it is your décision, no matter how good it sounds, listen to your inner voice. Don’t say a word unless you have to.Grand mom say silence is and should be golden. What a week it has been.

  12. BuzzBvi says:

    Not a great advert for a new party to try and draw in people with old ideas and old ways. Thought he was supposed to be aiming for transparency and accountability and a bit of commen sense thrown in.
    Does this mean Ronnies party have a new airport on the agenda.

  13. Rasta says:

    Political suicide to join a new party Dr.

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