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Idle rider ‘aimlessly’ discharges gun through Carrot Bay

Not the shooter mentioned in the article

Police are reporting what has been suggested to be an ‘idle shooting incident’ in the western end of Tortola on Monday, October 26.

The law enforcers are now trying to determine the identity of the gunman who they said, “aimlessly discharg[ed] several rounds from a firearm while riding through the Carrot Bay community between 5:30 and 6 pm last night”.

He was on a motor scooter and no injuries have been reported so far.

The gunman, in the meantime, is said to be about 5’5 or shorter.

“Anyone with information is asked to call the RVIPF Intelligence Hotline number 368-9339,” the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said in a media release Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Ha says:

    What a paradise.

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  2. And says:

    And with the D*****or in power the lawlessness grows while the good people suffer. The Territory is rapidly moving towards Venezuela. Paradise indeed.

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  3. islandguy says:

    Guns, drugs, dengue really? Is this the new identity of the BVIs? These are not problems that are the sole responsibility of the police/government. These are equally community problems that seem to be demonstrating a general cultural shift. For an island that relies so heavily on tourism this can be a death blow. The islanders of the BVIs really need to meditate on what kind of community they want to live in and what kind of image they want to project.

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  4. CB4LYFE says:

    Nonsense!!! Wasn’t anything aimless about that. If you said he had terrible aim I could understand that. How about sending an investigative team to speak to those who were there. Compare the casings to the shooting in ballast bay a couple weeks ago…. sounded like the same weapon

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  5. Criminals run things says:

    It is quite obvious who run the BVI. We learned nothing from the numerous innocent people who were gunned down even a little 11 yr old was among the victims.

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  6. Hmm says:

    Ya’ll going on a tighter curfew again

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  7. Heckler says:

    Watch Mugabe institute a curfew

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  8. TRUE CB4LYFE says:

    Small island – everyone knows who did what and when..police is absolutely useless

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  9. Wow says:

    He must have a lot of bullets to waste them

  10. Sad says:

    Sad that the voice of the BeVI Sin D never talked about this type of issue. Question why is she keep remaining to work “for the worse Government in history” do us a favor and resign.

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  11. Residents says:


  12. The Truth says:

    You better keep that clown sh*t out of Carrot Bay.

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  13. Sad day. But sad that he wasn't stop says:

    I only heard about this yesterday from a friend. But if you sit and think of it. If I was in the car trust you me they would of known I did something in self-defense. First off if the biker roll up on the side of me I would of swing the ride and hit him off the bike. Or if he was right behind off me. I would of hit my brakes hard and let them slam into the back of the renty.

    Once they down it would of take the police to take me off of them.

    Take the same gun and hit him couple shot

    One each in each knees and one more in the center of the back.

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  14. wise says:

    live by the gun die by the gun

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