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If each person does a little, you won’t have a load

Digicel BVI CEO Kevin Gordon

Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Kevin Gordon has called on business operators to take a local school under their wings to help ease the burden on Government.

He made the statement while he noted that his company plans to sponsor repairs at Althea Scatliffe Primary School, which it has been assisting under the Adopt-a-School programme. Digicel already donated a generator to the institution.

“If every person takes care of one school, then it lessens the burden on Government to take care of all the schools,” added Gordon.

“We are not only turning on lights. We are looking to clean up. And we’re looking about the power in terms of, if there are any issues with their power and electrical, we’re gonna sort that out. We’re talking about the classrooms and the offices that may be broken down.”

Though Althea Scatliffe Primary sustained less damage compared to other local schools hit by Hurricane Irma, Gordon said the cost to fix the educational institution is quite pricey.

“We’ve gotten a preliminary estimate already from our contractor. We’re looking at that estimate. It’s quite a big one, but we are looking through and we are committed to restoring that school not just to its former glory but better than where it was before.”

Asked to give a specific figure, Gordon told BVI News Online: “I am not gonna give you the cost at all; just enough to say it’s gonna cost quite a bit to get there. But the money is not the important thing for us; the important thing is that we are reaching out to the community.”

Gordon however said rebuilding the British Virgin Islands is a community effort.

“We all have to come together. It’s one BVI. If every person does a little bit, you won’t have a load. If every person takes up one zinc, you won’t have a mountain of zinc.”

“If every person takes up one bag of garage, it lessens the burden for the persons who are taking up the garbage on the road-side. We have to work together. So what we are trying to do is lead the way in sending this message that its not just about restoring telecommunications; it’s doing everything we can to help the territory and I’m genuine about that,” Gordon said.

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