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Illegal activity at Gorda Peak Nat’l Park results in temporary closure

Minister for Natural Resources Vincent Wheatley has said investigations conducted at the Gorda Peak National Park on Virgin Gorda have revealed a number of illegal activities which has resulted in the closure of the park.

Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, Wheatley said the park will remain closed until further notice while investigations continue.

“Based on recent field investigations by National Parks Trust staff, it has been verified that there are several areas of Gorda Peak that have been illegally cleared for farming, along with the presence of construction supplies on-site, and there is a foundation already established for a wooden building.”

Fine of up to $10K, up to one year imprisonment

Citing Section 14(1) of the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands Regulations, Wheatley said the findings from the investigation is a direct violation of the law.

He read: “No person shall, in a park, destroy, damage, remove, move, manipulate, tamper or attempt to tamper with any natural or historical resources or physical structures inside a park.”

“A person who contravenes sub-regulation (1) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or both,” he further read.

Unclaimed vehicles and materials will be disposed

Wheatley, who is also the District Representative for Virgin Gorda, appealed to the owners of materials and vehicles which were left on the property of the park.

He said all property not belonging to the park will be impounded for a period of up to 60 days and will be discarded if the owners fail to reclaim the items.

“Failing to do so will result in the running of an ad in the newspaper as per the regulations. If the items are not claimed after that, the items will be disposed of,” Wheatley explained.

The minister is, therefore, asking for the full cooperation of the public and is asking persons to contact the Director of the National Park at 284-345-3650 for any additional information.


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  1. Woww says:

    Them island people always doing illegal things

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    • @Woww says:

      Spreading division and hate is never productive for country, local, island people or our race.

      When local or island people do wrong, correct them and encourage them to live within the law and human decency.

      In unity, we will build a vibrant society and a stronger race, assuming it is a Black person who posted of course.

      As, there are many none Black who deliberately post such devisive dogma daily in an effort to psychologically keep the BVIslander fighting against and hating the “down Islander.”

      Therefore, we must be cognizant of those centuries old decisive, conquer and rule tactics, succumb to them not, but strive to unite all our people.

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    • @ woww says:

      People like you makes me sick to my stomach with your negativity. It’s my own BVI people that’s doing this nonsense, so cut the crap! Use your time wisely and grow up!

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    • not again says:

      BVI news i am appealing to you all not to allow the trolls to hijack this comment section to spread hate against forieghners, particuarly, Caribbean Nationals. They have already taken over V*** which is expected, allowed and encouraged because V*** site is known for propaganda and hate. I am appealing to you to moderate these comments and not allow your site to be used in this manner. There is healthy discourse then there is hate. Let V*** stand alone in its hateful agenda. I patronise this site as my source of news and if this keeps happening, i see my exit in the near future.

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    • @woww says:

      You just a puppet. Go sit down and let your puppeteer play with your strings. Blithering idiot.

  2. Vg says:

    That’s a lot of marijuana that they found up there you going to cripple vg economy now farmer man depended on this crop to take him through the end of the year. Well saw poor man can’t get a break.

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  3. Fluffy says:

    Honestly!Did this just start happening at Gorda Peak?Answer is NO.

  4. What ah ting says:

    So what happen to ALL the illegal inheritance and activities going on at Smugglers Cove in the 1st district. Or is that government(tax payers properly) up for sale or for private investors. Thought is was for local Development??

  5. It aint hard says:

    If they really want to know who to look for they just have to go dmv and find out who the vehicle for.
    But some ayo also got to stop blaming other nationals for this when its the very locals doing a bunch of nonsense.

  6. Badboy says:

    Dem ****** people planting ganja

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  7. Me says:

    I guess only up sage mountain it’s acceptable

  8. Anonymous says:

    One no longer has to wonder why helicopters were being used and gun shots were being for months on the north side of Tortola.

    It and others, including those to the north east of Vigin Gorda, they all enjoys exemption from any kind of policing.

    ll of the goats were systematically hunted down, shot and left to rotten in the hills.

    The purpose, to grow their weed freely and not have goats eat it.

    Because of their ethnicity and suppose wealth, those communities are never, ever policed in no way shape or form.

    They are free to live, smuggle, grow whatever they want and anything else,with complete immunity from the law, while the law focuses only on the Local population.

    The laws in the BVI are enforced upon one set of people only, and that is wrong.

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  9. Weed says:

    Yep, they be growing weed up there…for like 12 years. Glad to see we got Sherlock Holmes on duty. What all that skunk smell when you drive past Gorda Peak? No skunks in the BVI last I check. You guys make me laugh!

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  10. man says:

    VG got the second highest grade..still good tho

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