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Illegal dumping will hurt tourism

Government legislator Sharie deCastro.

Ahead of the December 1 reopening of the local tourism industry, Junior Minister for Tourism Sharie DeCastro is urging residents to stop the illegal dumping of garbage as it can negatively impact the industry.

Authorities in the BVI have expressed a challenge with illegal dumping in the territory and government has stated it will implement laws to stem the practice.

Speaking yesterday, September 21 at the launch of the BVI Tourist Board’s rebranding campaign initiative BVI Love, DeCastro said the BVI must present a spotless environment to welcome visitors in December.

“Today, I take the opportunity to challenge each of us to demonstrate our BVILOVE by keeping the environment clean and presentable. Now, this is not limited to our national parks. It is keeping the entire territory sparkling. In this light, let us cease from indiscriminate dumping immediately as this will hurt our tourism product,” DeCastro said.

She also reminded persons to treat visitors well, as “one negative interaction can ruin someone’s vacation or discourage them from investing in our businesses.”

“Our economy thrives from persons visiting and patronising our local businesses. Therefore, it is important that they have the best experience that any destination has to offer,” DeCastro explained.

The BVI’s tourism has taken a hit due to the nine-month shut-down of the industry because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite calls to reopen the territory sooner, the government maintained that the borders would remain closed until the number of COVID-19 cases had dropped significantly.

Premier Andrew Fahie, announced the December 1 reopening on Monday, just days after health authorities announced that the number of active COVID-19 cases in the BVI had dropped below 10.


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  1. Only says:

    Only nasty people litter. No real mature person would ever litter

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  2. OMG says:

    That’s all shes got. How about the burning at Pockwood Pond that impacts LIVES of residents and tourist alike! This new branding is like a new country was just born yesterday. Everybody is all innocent and oblivious to everything. All these problems are age old. Just fix them instead of acting like it is something new.

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    • @OMG says:

      Just like for COVID, wear your mask!!! LOL! These people don’t give a f*** about us.

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    • Lmao says:

      The entire island of Tortola is a garbage dump. Look at the s**t in peoples yards. Abandoned cars and boats, weeds 8 feet high, trash everywhere. Government dumpsters located along roadways without proper enclosures overflowing. You’re worried about people dumping? People are doing what’s been going on for years. There is no self respect amongst the BVI people.

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      • Sad to Say says:

        A nice lady like u. Will end up like Myron, the most votes one election, the next electoon u r out..Figure it out before its too late..

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  3. Kingfish says:

    It is hurting tourism, she is very late in finding this out.

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  4. Earl says:

    The BVI is a mess everywhere !
    Too many nasty people just doing whatever they want.
    We still haven’t cleaned up from Irma yet with junk everywhere besides the roadways, cables still have not been cleaned up and are now sticking out into roadways trying to catch us as we drive past.
    Oh … and the condition of our roads !

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  5. Lmao says:

    19 months later and this what the Minister of tourism come with? You know what really hurt tourism is when you got people and Board and Consultant who don’t know nothing on tourism, but making decisions. The trash is them who make decision for tourism and not checking the real people in Tourism. Tourism start November but we opening December. That make sense?

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  6. LMAO! says:

    This is just fun to watch! We are open burning in pock wood pond, we have old crushed cars piled up for 3 years now, nothing being done about it. And Sewage in CGBay has to be pumped manually by trucks every other day because the pump stations are down,, sewage runs in the streets in EELL and other places. Young lady please get a clue before speaking, those fancy speeches got you elected but won’t get anything done for the people of the BVI.

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  7. Dominica says:

    Take a look at Dominica. Hit as hard or even harder by irma yet the island is cleaned up. Why is this? How is it than a country far poorer than the BVI has managed to clean up and continues to keep itself clean? Reason is simple. The residents actually care about their surroundings and dont just throw their trash out the car window like here. BVILove huh? Not holding my breath.

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    • USA says:


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  8. Hahahaha...For real says:

    The VIP government is what really hurting tourism more than anything else.. Open your eyes and look with in….Are you satisfied with what you are seeing?

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  9. Tourist, Boston Massachusetts says:

    I have enjoyed my past two vacations in the BVI. However, the BVI should seriously consider cleaning up the garbage around the Island. We as tourists, spend thousands of dollars to visit your Island and we do not want to see garbage when we visit especially in the Capitol City.

  10. Us vs Them says:

    Need to fix the “us” versus “them” mentality that is so prevalent in the BVI. Tourists see it, read it, and experience it. BVI Love is great but it’s not just about the trash. Time to get real.

  11. Stinky says:

    And the raw sewage being pumped into the sea off Slaney ??

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  12. @@ says:

    Don’t forget to mention about the high bushes on both sides of the road heading towards the ferry dock in West End.

  13. Well sah says:

    It’s clear your not the sharpest tool in the box with that statement
    How about illegal dumping is just wrong Period
    You and Con-Dem Malone should figure out how best you’ll can get something done

  14. Smh says:

    She’s a w***e. This entire government is.

  15. Well Ms De Castro says:

    If you take the time to read all the comments above you will have a good starter of things that need doing or taking care of to even take a step in the direction of supporting BVILOVE – good luck, we all need it now

  16. Enough... says:

    Poor customer service hurts the industry too.

  17. Comment says:

    what about the government put something in place to attract turists whenever them visit us .

  18. Dman says:

    When planning my first trip to Tortola back in the early 1990″s a friend asked my why I was going there “it’s a dump” he said. Well, since then, I have visited maybe fourteen times and even had the privilege of having been granted a work permit on a couple of occasions. I love Tortola but over the last 28 years , in my opinion, no government has properly addressed this problem. With all the money spent on other issues, this is still a stain on the B.V.I.’s reputation. This is horrible for the people who live here and certainly bad for tourism. Get serious, create jobs, help your children, and your “brand” and clean your home and keep it clean.

  19. Nature's Little Secrets says:

    The word is out about the all around nastiness (neighbors suing each other, trash dumped everywhere, no regard for mother nature, a sense of entitlement, …)

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  20. Love? says:

    As a 30 year ex-visitor of the BVI, am curious as to how the slogan “BVI Love” was selected rather than a more realistic “BVI Hate”?

  21. Watch dem says:

    Judge not.if u don’t have any advice positive shut your mouth because most of u causing what is happening.

  22. How long says:

    till we get the scrubber for Pockwood pond??

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  23. snookie says:

    Scrubber for Pockwood Pond you say! Laughable. Maybe in another few decades. Or after we buy thousands upon thousands of dollars for palm trees, re-branding, hiring more consultants. It is really pathetic what the BVI has come to.

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  24. true says:

    Scrubber for Pockwood Pond you say! Laughable. Maybe in another few decades. Or after we buy thousands upon thousands of dollars for palm trees, re-branding, hiring more consultants. It is really pathetic what the BVI has come to.

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