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I’m confident I won’t have to fire any gov’t member, they’ll stay in line

Premier Andrew Fahie (BVI News photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie said he is confident he will not have to fire any legislator in his eight-member government for impropriety (specifically a lack of transparency and accountability) or poor execution of their duties.

He made that statement following his warning to VIP legislators that they will be sacked if they ‘step out of line’.

If Fahie holds true to his promise, he could be in danger of losing command of the majority the VIP enjoys in the House of Assembly. At the very least, the VIP could become a government having a bare majority of seven.

When BVI News asked the Premier whether he would risk losing majority by firing an ‘out-of-line’ member of his government, he said: “I am not risking anything because we are not going to get there. That will not happen. We agree to hold each other accountable.”

In further explaining his warning days ago, Fahie added: “It is just to let the public, the ministers, even myself know that everything is accountable and transparent. It is not a matter of it happening, it is letting everyone know from the initial stage,’let us avoid this because if it happens actions will be taken. But, let us not get to that point’.”

Laying the groundwork

In the meantime, Premier Fahie said he has been kept busy since being elected into his new role as leader of government business.

“We are still getting all the updates and the reports, so when the time comes, I will give a report,” he said.

The new VIP administration took over from the National Democratic Party government following their victory at the February 25 General Elections.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    This mister man promised us 1000 jobs in 1000 days which is equivalent to 1 person hired per day. We are watching and waiting patiently because bout 10 days done gone and we ain’t see nothing happening yet

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    • Watchful Eyes says:

      Well the good news is, he did not say, One job per day, but “1000 in a 1000 days”. Even if none has been hired in 10 days, but he could very well have 20 or 30 in 15 days. What about that??

      We are not looking for one a day, but 1000 in 1000 days. By the way this is 1000 jobs in 2 years 9 months, approximately.

      Time runs fast, but plenty jobs coming. When we hit the score, you know we going have another 4 years. No question ask. God is in control All the Way, Forward ever.

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      • Prophet says:

        Leave them man, they have 4 yrs to type and blog. Their Gov wasn’t productive in 8yrs and they want everything done in 8days. Let them organize and get themselves set up.

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    • Faith says:

      He certainly did not say I will hire one man every day I am in office. He spoke about helping business owners set up shop so that they would be in a position to hire individuals. He did not say a thing about hiring anyone.

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    • Swamp monster says:

      I give party 3 years if they can last that long.

  2. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    He of all people should not talk about tranperancy and accountability. Very c*****t man.

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  3. Ok says:

    In 100 days, on the 100th day, you will hear of the 100 jobs. If not, Barry say you’ll hear – ?

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  4. Good says:

    All the best VIP.

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  5. shasha says:

    Well you better go PWD the head need to leave like yesterday the HR ,R***,J***** all need to leave just to name a few

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