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I’m not stalling Lee Road project, gov’t must do better

Anderson Flax (Facebook photo)

At least one of the landowners residing in the vicinity of the Lee Road on Virgin Gorda is making it clear he is not behind the delays to the final leg of the much-talked-about sewerage project.

Anderson ‘Andy’ Flax told BVI News yesterday (July 11) he welcomes the project, which is expected to end the discomfort Virgin Gorda residents have been experiencing for some time now.

However, Flax said government employees need to conduct themselves professionally and ‘respect private property’.

Flax, who is also involved in the construction industry, insisted government should have sought his permission and his input on the new project designs, from the get-go, before they made plans to use his property.

“If you are going to be working in and around somebody’s property, you have to consult them in a better way. I’m just saying they should acquaint [the property owner]. He (the property owner — me) should have an input and he should make something from it too. I just want a fair share of whatever it is.”

The Virgin Gorda businessman also said it would have been proper if he was offered the contract. He said he should have been offered the contract because the project will be on his property and he is not charging the government to allow the proposed drain to be there.

“I got blisters on that road when it wasn’t a road,” he interjected.

As for the matter of inserting another drain along the main road, Flax said authorities need only ask and he would be happy to allow them to further encroach on his property.

The government’s side

Jeremy Hodge, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works, had told BVI News the sewerage project was delayed by two months because at least two landowners were putting up a resistance.

As such, Hodge said he was unable to give a timeline when the project would be complete; noting government has to receive compliance from the landowners first.

He did, however, say the agreement between the government and the landowners in question would not involve the landowners receiving compensation.

The road was initially projected to be ready by April.

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  1. NEW PARTY says:


  2. hint hint says:

    I agree with flax because another contractor shouldn’t be given a government contract to do a job on another contractor’s land, make it worst without permission.

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    • Wow says:

      Thata why the BVI can never get better. It would be nice for him to be awarded the contract of he is so qualified but to hold up a project because of it then blame govt for it not being done js just irresponsible. Everything around here is about getting our own way, we dont give a f*&k about the BVI!

    • VIP says:

      The NDP dissed the man.

    • Interesting says:

      So you’re saying that since its his land is by the ongoing works, another contractor should not be given the job but he should because his land is involved. What is there are four land owners whose land is in the line of the works happening on lee road. Should each land owner be given the contract to work on the piece next to their property or should Mr. Flax be given it all since he is the only one speaking out.

      Half of them only want to over charge the gov for works to put money in their pocket. Look at the bigger picture, there are more than one land owner affected, not just Mr. Flax. Not because their land is there means they should get the work cause the are a contractor.

      I agree though with the part about seeking permission and doing something the right and respectful way, but he just want piece of the pie as he stated. Do people get greedy without paying attention to the extent of these things?

  3. hmmmm says:

    Mr. Flax,

    Is this a hint on how you will be voting this election ?

  4. true says:

    ME ME ME thats all this says the government is correct lhe is holding the project up. What can he get out of it, why can’t he get the Jon, ME ME ME

  5. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Assuming that running the sewage line over or under private property is the only reasonable and practical option, during the project’s development phase, an easement should have been negotiated with the property owners. Take issue with Andy’s assertion that because he was providing an easement through his property that he should have been given the contract. Did he compete for the contract? Was the contract awarded to the low, responsible and responsive or on best value or time and material or cost plus bidder?

    Government has a process for awarding construction contracts. Government can’t take or condemn people’s property willy nilly because it is a police state and therefore has the power to do so. There must be a justifiable reason. There is a legal process for taking personal property for the public good, ie, eminent domain. Land owners need to be made whole. Let’s get this project completed; VG deserve better.

    • backward says:

      Has this project been put to tender? Where were the public consultations. Hodge seems to be confused or not telling the truth. The Lee Road Project from the ferry dock to the Catholic Center has yet to be completed. The drain in front of Scotia Bank is filled with raw sewerage. Where is this supposed to go? It is stagnant in the drain. Why was the drain through the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor condemned during the first phase of the Lee Road Project? Would government ask Little Dix to run a sewerage pipe through their property running the effluent to the see? Where is the treatment plant being built? These are some of the questions that need answering.

    • incorrect says:

      There may well be a process for responsive bidding in the BVIs but it is neither well known or applied in the way it is supposed to be. How else did we have $ 40+ million overrun on Peebles, $25+ million overrun on the pier, $ 45,000 vendors shacks (each) by Road Town ferry dock, a $ 1 million wall around the school (at 5x NYC union rates), etc etc? That is fundamentally why the Terriitory is broke. Too many contractors are only too happy to rip the govt off without realizing they are ripping off their own community but they don’t seem to give a whit so long as they got their own pile of untaxed cash.

  6. They always says:

    They always doing foolishness with people property with out consulting land owners. I’m sick of it. I know for sure I see water line and bacho doing what they want by my property. When I ready to do any thing on it what ever in my way I will tear it down. They need to respect people and their property. Yes we need all these things but do the right thing. If you digging or paving roads fencing or building close to some one else property I think the right thing to do is to let the other land owners know to avoid encroachment or frictions.
    It’s not worth it with the stress some people put others through for their own property. Simple if you have respect for your self you would respect others.

    When it all boil down they make you look like the worst person defending what is rightfully yours. Mr. Flax you did the right thing clear the air.

  7. Stupid says:

    Stopping the country’s progress over something so petty. You will leave the land there. Everything wont meet your standards for it to be a good thing for someone else. strupesss!

  8. Cursed says:

    No love for country just love for money and we pretend to be shocked at the state of affairs. We are scared of Chinese tourists and rich investors when its our own people putting on the choke hd. Keep up the good work! At this rate we will be little Haiti in 5 years.

    • CW says:

      Haiti has better infrastructure than BVI. Your attitude is the problem. Go on then give up your land for a sewer. HYPOCRITE

    • VG says:

      And they want to run sewerage on the man’s beachfront property. The only local with beach front property left on VG

  9. Fam!!!!!! says:

    Jesus…….Want all get None!!! A so shame! FAM u got to do better!

  10. Big Joker says:

    Thats the Flax family for you. A set of ———– —- all of them. All them —— flax want is —–. Wha contractor Andy is? Lol

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    • exactly says:

      What credentials does he have Show us a still standing example of his work.

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      • BLACK says:

        @EXACTLY guess you not from or ever been to VG….Andy bult Valley trunks estate, Andy chateau, Fishers cover hotel , Flax admin building section, Roads and you should check things out before running your mouth…

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    • Oh? says:

      To Big Joker: It is very unfair to generalize. Do you know the entire Flax family? Remember, when you point one finger, three fingers are pointing right back at you. I would suggest that you clean up your own backyard before you pick on other persons you know nothing about.

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  11. So sad!! says:

    Boy oh boy….people dont even care to hide their ways anymore. Before we run down the government please check these agendas. The Lee road contract was awarded by the CDB ….Govt didnt even want to give the contractor who actually got it but they were the only ones who qualified based on CDB high standards… what u want Govt to do ? I agree the gov’t doing nuff foolishness but this ain’t one…
    ….and these same people and they fam all over VG talking about put VG first…

  12. strupes says:

    ayo got to remember that it is the man’s land

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  13. idiot says:

    pure —- u should be ashamed of yourself!! always want want want…even though it your land, if all the other owners had to have the same attitude nothing will get done properly in this place…additionally gov should raise the standards for builders in the territory to international standards lets see you act the fool now!!

  14. CW says:

    Of the government won’t compensate the man for his land, he has ZERO OBLIGATION. All around the world if the government needs your land for a public project: #1 they consult the land owner. #2 they negotiate a price since the land owner is losing value. #3 they BID OUT THE PROJECT. #4 they compensate the land owner under the auspices of emminent domain. I REALIZE I UAVE ALREADY ISED WORDS MOST OF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. FLAX IS RIGHT. THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO TRAMPLE HIS LAND AND WITH IT HIS RIGHTS. HE HAS DONE MUCH FOR VIRGIN GORDA. TO LITERALLY STEAL HOS LAMD FOR A SEWER IS WRONG. ALL YOU MAYSAYERS- HOW WOULD YOU LIKE OT IF THE GOV DECIDED TO PUT SEWERS IN YOUR FRONT YARD. THATS CORRECT, YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO PAY YOU FOR THE LAND. JATERS ALWAUS CRYING FROM YOUR ENTITLEMENT. IT MAKES MANY PEOPLE PUKE. YOUR IDIOCY AND HYPOCRISY IS NOTED

  15. CW says:


  16. Me Again says:

    Why is this an issue ? Get who is pumping waste water in the street to STOP and we good until they get them selves sortted out . WHEN is the section of Lee Road that was started going to be completed ? And the open drains full o shit that do not flow / run ?
    There are BIGGER issues that need addressing

  17. 9th district says:

    Nobody talking about the other land holder who is stoping the project.our very own BVI In———- C— which is made up mostly of our govt ministers. Keep off of Andy if u want the full story just ask him and he will tell u and when he is finished u will see y he is right for what he is asking for. ITS ALL THE GOVT FAULT

  18. Curious says:

    Since when is this a sewerage project. This is a project to properly divert water running down the road. Sewerage is the illegal dumping of sewer by residents & business in the area. Stop the dumping of raw sewer & complete the drains that were designed & to by commissioned within the scope of the $1.6 million road contract. Lots of “half truths” being touted here….Come on Ministry of Communications & Works – time to explain why you have yet to commission drains for a section of road completed over a year ago & to ensure that the remaining contracted works have the proper infrastructure incorporated for a successful project…..whole thing back to front & willy nilly…..smh…

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