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Immigration expanding staff to facilitate govt’s regularisation initiative

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The Immigration Department is increasing its staff to facilitate the regularisation initiative being rolled out by the Virgin Islands Party government.

This was revealed by Premier Andrew Fahie who said the measure is to ensure that the influx of applications expected to be submitted is dealt with in a timely manner.

“It’s more work, obviously, and more persons have to be employed, at least on a temporary basis, because the Immigration Department, in its current state, would not have the personnel to deal with this capacity of work. So we have opened the doors for other persons to come and be trained from the community to help the Immigration Department,” Fahie said.

The Premier did not specify how much new Immigration workers will be recruited for the process nor did he say the cost associated with the recruitment.

But, in a bid to shed further light on why more Immigration workers are needed, the Premier explained the process which will be undertaken during the two-week regularise initiative.

“You have residency and then from residency, it’s at least 12 months before you can re-apply for Belongers. This process actually now allows you to apply for residency. Once you fulfil the criteria, then you move straight into Belongers” the Premier said.

He continued: “That is a special item in this ‘Grace & Mercy’ [period] that was not presented before. So, persons have an opportunity of a lifetime now to get both and that is the reason the cost is higher because of the timeframe and what is being granted to persons who qualify.”

The regularisation initiative is set to start on May 13 and the deadline for the submission of all applications for suitably qualified persons is May 31.

Under the initiative, expatriate residents who have been living in the territory for more than 15 years will be granted a two-week period to retain a more permanent Immigration status in the territory.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The selling out of our heritage, culture and its national identity has begun in full.

    Soon, the European, Amercan and Briton will have all rights and control over our territory.

    AS for the so called “island man,” well they proprgandize the issue to fool folk into thinking that this legislation is for them, when in thruth it is not.

    If that was the case, why are the so called “island people” living here for thirty years and more and who still can’t acquire no chnge in their status?

    While the European come in live for five years, sometimes even less, and he gets full residency? A very hidden fact, but the truth.

    Now they have finally gotten their stooges into power to give them what they seek and desire, full exceptional imigration abd domicile status and priviledges and special treatment, at the expense of our brothers and sisters from the Caribbean islands, and the lost of control and ownership of our territory.

    The finishing touches of the sell out of a people and country has begun.

    May God help these Virgin Islands people, for their future is now permanently screwed.


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    • Anonymous says:

      At least use your real name so people can see who you are..hiding behind your racist slurs!

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      • We know says:

        How you wish to find out who and destroy the message of truth.

        We know many have an avertion to truth.

        Given a name would trigger the septic tank of the mind to flow through cyber space violently, trying to victimize truth.

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      • DICKon Tarley says:


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    • Concerned says:

      The will the lord will be done in this land. This land belong to no one but the lord. Read your bible and see what it says about taking care of God people. Why the hatred Many Islanders has left there family and contributed to this country in a positive way.
      Be reminded we are not her to stay but we are only passing through. Let the love of Christ continue to reign in our heart. God is a just and righteous God and he will reward his people accordingly. Many islander means well and sincerely love the indegineous. God is teaching us to love our neighbours as yourself. Get rid of the hatred bitterness and anger.
      God is setting his people free from the oppression and bondage we have been placed in for years. Embrace the love of Christ and demonstrate it to your brothers and sisters. God
      sent the greatest storm to this land to teach us a lesson.
      God will bless Mr fahie for his effort and you know what the Islanders will vote him back to be the leader because that’s the leader appointed by God.

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    • Lodger says:

      Took me 32 years and I was instrumental in bringing BVI communications with the rest of the world. I am sure this is aimed at Caribbean people rather than “whites”.

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    • eh ehmmm says:

      but the Virgin Islands people don’t sell out when they run to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and the mainland USA to give birth to all their children???? Please put a sock in your rotten trap mouth.

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      • @eh ehmmm says:

        Did you sell out when you ran to the BVI for the USA dollar and is now posting your agenda on BVI online chat???

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    • What!!! says:

      “Anonymous “ on with the hate again , I am from here and my parents were from here and in my opinion the hate that you spew in nearly every post is not the view of the majority of us,Just check all the dislikes you get and I bet they are not all the “white” people ganging up on you.

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    • TRUTH says:

      Dont use the word Caribbean brothers and sisters to carry out your personal racial attacks on the Europeans, we are only your brothers and sisters now, because you want to attack the Europeans, i sure bet you is the holder of a UK passport, if you was not bashing the Europeans you definitely would be bashing the said so-called Caribbean brothers and sisters. HYPOCRITES.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      Tell me is the government of the BVI truly for its citizens affairs? Every citizen in the BVI must read this comparison report and judge for yourself. BVI is it not time for us to speak up? Truly if you have lived in a country for over 20+ years you should be afforded rights in that country, but for everyone else it is NOW time to close the Door!

      Bermuda is approximately (665 mi) with a population of 61,070 – migrant workers accounted for 20% of the total population.

      British Virgin Islands is approximately (59 sq mi) BVI population 31,758 -In 2004, migrant workers accounted for 50% of the total population.

      Now view the Bermuda government’s policies below:

      Bermuda: Business Environment
      Residence And Property

      Children born in Bermuda, without either parent being Bermudian by birth or status at the time, are not Bermudian. They are NOT allowed to register to vote in any election after they become 18 years old. All British Commonwealth nationals including Australians, Britons, Canadians, New Zealanders and West Indians and all other non Bermudians of good character and reputation who have been long term residents of Bermuda for 20 or more years but were refused Bermuda status if they applied for it and were not registered to vote in 1979, are NOT allowed to register to vote.
      There is no longer any mechanism providing for any other individuals who may also be long term residents of Bermuda, but who do not have close family ties with Bermudians, to become local citizens. Without this designation, they can never vote. And because they cannot, nor can they ever own mid priced real estate by Bermuda’s standards. They are limited to the top 5% in price and Annual Rentable Value (ARV).
      However, a few concessions were granted in 2002 to some non-Bermudians with over 20 years of continuous residence and demonstrated good character and conduct. They took effect on October 31, 2002 with the enactment of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 2002. Having a qualifying Bermudian connection is key to getting status after 20 years. Otherwise, there is no chance at all of getting Bermuda Status (citizenship). At the time of writing, about 400 people – 100 all of whose brothers and sisters are Bermudians; 80 parents of whose children are Bermudians; and 220 who were registered as voters on the Parliamentary Register before May 1, 1976 – are entitled to apply for Bermuda Status. All others with over 20 years of continuous residence can apply for Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC). Those with a Working Resident Certificate (WRC) – introduced in 1998 – must still apply for a PLC as some years have passed since they proved their eligibility. Having a PRC will provide security of employment and residence to long term residents. But having either a PRC or WRC does not entitle any non-Bermudian to buy lower or mid-priced real estate. They continue to be limited to the top 5% in price and Annual Rentable Value (ARV).
      The Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 requires that a non-Bermudian, not being married to a Bermudian, must obtain a work permit, and this will only be granted if there is no suitably qualified Bermudian. Positions must first be advertised locally before a permit is applied for, although this requirement is often waived for senior positions. Work permits are normally granted for one year (longer in the case of senior posts). Permits are not normally given to people with more than two children.
      The cost of a work permit is met by the future employer, and varies according to the proposed length of employment. Effective 1st April 2010, work permits costs range from USD721 for a one-year permit to USD5,150 for a five-year permit. The soon-to-be-introduced ten-year permit will cost USD20,000. The ten-year permit was announced during a speech to the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce by Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Kim Wilson in late April, 2011.
      Foreigners are more or less unable to buy land or property, other than houses with an Annual Rental Value (ARV) in excess of BMD177,000.
      In June 2007, the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Amendment Act 2007 and seven related Regulations come into force representing the first complete overhaul and modernization of Part VI of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 since the Act came into effect. It marks the culmination of the legislative process through which this Part was amended to bring into law what was the Government’s land policy and, in particular, to address the problem of “fronting”, by which means non-Bermudians have gained control over land in Bermuda either while avoiding the licensing regime or in defiance of the Government’s land-holding policy. Additionally, the Regulations ensconce in law certain administrative rules supporting Part VI of the 1956 Act.
      Purchase of properties by non-Bermudians requires a license from the Minister, and payment of a fee of 25% (at the time of writing) of the value of the property.
      NB: This is a very abbreviated summary of the complex rules governing property purchase or rental in Bermuda.

      • ...Correction says:

        Bermuda – Although usually referred to in the singular, the territory consists of 181 islands, with a total area of (20.6 square miles).

  2. Wellsaw says:

    Andrew you are a deceiver the people of this country never saw this coming from you. Remember the people of the VI wanted to get the NDP out.

    You were not their choice because they thought you and your party were trustworthy or competent. This country is not yours to give away.

    But you have just begun this and claude big contract is just the beginning. The worst thing is that none of your other ministers have the guts to get up in the house or caucus to tell you stop.

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    • Concerned!! says:

      You are guys are so mean and evil to your own neighbours. Be reminded that were are not here forever and your hatred towards the people who came here to work and develop this land God will continue to reward. This is just exposing the hearts of everyone. Be reminded that this land is not anyone’s its the lord and one day we will have to leave it behind. Stop the hatred and jealousy and support the new initiative. We will continue to pray and let the righteousness of God prevail in this land. May God help us in this times in which we are living.
      God has remove the pharaohs from power and place a moses to set his people free. Many were crying out to God for the victimization they faced from the BVI islanders daily. Be warned God is watching and he promise to destroy the wicked.
      Many islanders has contributed to this land in a positive way show appreciation to them. Many meant well and adapted this land as there home embrace them with love.

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      • Hmm says:

        Thank you for reminding our Premier and everyone else who lives here of your intentions.

        “Be reminded that were are not here forever…”

        CASE AND POINT! Status or not…please take note!

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      • Please says:

        It all boils down to the motives of man’s hearts. Everyone wants control and everyone want to control the place where they live. No one came to the BVI to help BVIslanders they all came for self gain. No one in this world loves another man’s country more than it’s countryman. If the economy fails in the BVI and there is limited US currency most of these online bloggers with their righteous speeches will be running back to their countries ‘with residency papers or not’. The Premier must understand that votes are not more important than country.

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  3. Dom.Rep30yrsinEis says:

    Jajajajajaja thats my spanish laughter

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  4. Hmm says:

    Mr. Fahie I do not fully support this initiative I’m sorry. I have no problem with persons who contribute to our society, but why do we always have to have our doors swinging wide open to facilitate them?

    Your first few months in office, here you are offering amnesty. Although I believe this is the wrong choice of word, the reality is there is already an existing process that these persons can go through and gain the same status that you are so widely promoting. Why are we side stepping processes that exist? Like why does BVI always have to bend over backward to be accommodating? Would Donald Trump break his protocols to accommodate persons wanting US status? Would the prime minister of St. Kitts bend his protocols to accommodate persons wanting St. Kitts status? I highly believe IT IS TIME, we stop talking it and truly PUT VIRGIN ISLANDERS FIRST!! We are always an after though in our own country, and frankly I am sick of it!! What do my children have to look forward to if this is what their parents are experiencing now??

    What I would have been so proud to see you do, is offer incentive for Virgin Islanders living abroad to come home and contribute? Why don’t we push incentives for our own people? Attract our own people back to their homeland? Hon. Malone is on a recruitment for nurses, how about saying hey you know what BVI Nurses living abroad… instead of sending out contracts to recruit nurses from all over the world, offer them allowances, housing, transportation, gratuity and whatever else perks we always bend over to give, how about we say to BVI nurses living abroad… your salary will be that of the resources we use to attract other nurses?? Same goes for every other profession, we bend over backward recruiting for?

    I am TIRED of feeling outnumbered in my own country? I am tired of feeling me or my children can’t get opportunity in our own country? WHERE WILL THE BUCK STOP?? WHEN WILL WE DECIDE AND SEE THIS WILL ONLY ADD TO THE ISSUES WE ALREADY HAVE??

    It is time to change strategy in our leaders! All of you are turning out to be the same old bag of people who do everything to help others but THEIR OWN!!

    *Disclaimer: I have no issue with persons who genuinely contribute to this society and I repeat GENUINELY!* But the reality is at the end of the day, these persons are true and loyal to their country of birth. Owning homes, businesses, etc. they have a fall back plan for when BVI doesn’t cut it anymore. BVIslanders on the other hand, only have their home!!

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    • TO: hmm says:

      “””But the reality is at the end of the day, these persons are true and loyal to their country of birth. Owning homes, businesses, etc. they have a fall back plan for when BVI doesn’t cut it anymore. BVIslanders on the other hand, only have their home!!”””

      – This IS NOT everyones’ reality. As an expat that has lived in the VI for over 20 years, I can bet my bottom dollar that MOST OF US, including myself, consider the BVI HOME. We have NO fall back plan. All our plans are deep rooted in the VI. BVI is all we know, especially when we have been living here since we were babies. BVIslanders birth their children in the USA. So that is the FALL BACK PLAN FOR BVISLANDERS. Why don’t you talk about that, since you want to take it there. If we do a surrey, I am certain you will see that more than half of BVIslanders have DUAL CITIZENSHIP (some even with quadruple or more), so don’t throw a pity party and make FALSE CLAIMS that “BVIslanders only have their home” NO THEY DON’T…. Think before you run your mouth like diarrhea next time.

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      • really says:

        Here is home for me.I work and build my house here. i`m contributing to this island and i deserve to be treated equal.

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      • @To:hmmm says:

        ‘This is Not everyone’s reality’…but let us take a survey and see how many this is a reality for. I often hear foreign bloggers commenting about the BVI’s so called ‘back up plan’ birthing their child in the USA yet you are in the very same BVI utilizing yourself and your families back-up plan by birthing your children in a country that uses ‘US’ currency and living around persons that you continually disrespect because you feel that they should afford you all the privileges as the country that you or your parents is removed from. What is wrong with your country? Why don’t you return to your country? You are so worried about another man’s citizens and their US affairs more than your own country’s affairs? Believe me, if the citizens of this country have issues then what can be said about your own countries Economic and Moral issues?

        Moreover, you’ll would not be aware of the BVI’s citizens affairs whether good or bad positive or negative had you not made the BVI your very own BACKUP PLAN!! Is this a negative or positive move on your part? I would say your government officials, and country would say it is a negative.

      • Mike Martin says:

        Expats birth their children in the US also, then ask permission for them to reside here in the VI. Talk that also when writing your piece. Speak the Dam truth ad stop trying to paint a negative picture on Virgin Islands society. Sick of persons like you just about now. Half of bvislanders do not have dual citizenship. Check your dam facts. You have yours from where ever you came. Have you given up yours yet? Real talk bring real talk.

  5. @Hmm says:

    Thank you for your truthful and factual contribution.

    We are being sold out and our future and that of our children and grand and beyond are being deferred to the benefit of others who, in the final analysis, will not look like or have our African Caribbean heritage.


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  6. @Hmm says:

    We cannot embrace all. We are too small and our resources are too few. We have to embrace our own first. And we certainly should not be making exceptions for the European and American at the expense of others and us.

    The histories of people who cunningly come in take and claim for the themselves and dish out only sub-standard wages, poverty and oppression should be in for front and on the minds of our legislators. And, they must deal very cautiously with them. Them mean us no good and never will. We must look out for us first.

    Many of us feel that is not paramount thinking and doing among our elected leaders.
    And unfortunately, it is not. If it did, it is perhaps being squelched by bribery money.

    This is the same identical charge the former government and one of its members were accused of for twenty years. The selling of our heritage, immigration, domicile status and other privileges to the European for big money.

    Meanwhile, each successive government continue to fall prey to big money, the greed and lust for it, to the detriment of the future of the country and its people.

    When will someone come along to save us from certain death? How long before he/she/they come along?

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  7. Just my 2 cents says:

    This initiative has invoked both praises and condemnations from expats and islanders respectively. However, I do believe that NOT all islanders disagree.

    There are other motives for the move, one of which involve regional integration promoting greater Caribbean unity. The region is potentially gifted to become an influential and powerful player in the global sphere of operations. If we unify, we can easily abscond from and defend/defy any ‘imposed directive/request’ demanded by ‘superior’ bodies (e.g. the EU, IFM, etc.) that are not in the best interest of our Caribbean people and region.

    Notwithstanding the above, a high dependency syndrome exists by the BVI on expats, despite the many calls for ‘expats to be sent back,’ which if done, will be financially, morally, ethically and legally detrimental to the BVI. If expats are made to return to their native islands or continued pressures are mounted upon them by citizens, politicians or others to isolate, discriminate or disregard their plights, our very own ‘island people will suffer. Think about it…who will perform the duties/jobs that our locals refuse to be engaged which they consider to be beneath them? Who will occupy our apartments and assist with repaying our mortgages? Think about it. Really do. This is not the time to be segregating but detoxifying our mindset and seriously incorporate all people into rebuilding and developing our islands.

    I must add also that this initiative should never be construed as a sell-out of our heritage, culture or national identity but a means of embracing it. Additionally, the BVI should not be a free for all, where every and any person can seek refuge or be granted asylum, but a structured approach be undertaken to ensure that we embrace persons who will contribute not only to economic growth, but also to our national development.

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    • @Just my 2 cents says:

      Your comment seems truly one sided. You may wish to keep in mind the fact that this is not the Virgin ‘Caribbean’ Islands. Every country in the world supports their citizens before any other nations in the world. The BVI is no exception and if it becomes the exception Civil War will rein in the country and not the Premier nor the Governor. Needed labour force can be removed and rotated every 5 years if need be, this has been implemented by other OT governments for years and it has worked very well for the citizens of those countries. I would hope that this will be the next move for the government of this territory.

  8. son of the soil says:

    This VIP government is doing everything to help outsiders and not us. During the next 45 months we bvislanders will be in search of a new party that will protect the virgin islands and its people from the hands of Andrew and the likes

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  9. Lilly says:

    Hmm, you could not have articulate any better. I am with you 100%. I am fearful for my grandchildren, but I am encouraging them to become entrepreneurs, because having to seek gainful employment will be even more challenging when they are of age because our people are meek and we do not have heads of departments or Government officials who have our interests at heart. Everywhere in the world government put their people first except in the BVI. We cannot continue to operate like this or we will be a doomed nation. St Croix is now going through the litmus test, and I trust the BVI never have to test its acidity, but we are heading there.

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  10. All that glitters is not Gold. says:

    While I don’t disagree in Principle with the Iniative, Hon Fahie should not have made this Inative a priority; instead his focus should have been (should be) on the things Voters voted the change for; (Putting BVI_slanders first, Repairing/rebuilding the country and its economy. Everyone and their grandmother and grandfather can see and know that our government, the NDP had grown into an Elitist government. They were even Bold with it; so much so that the member for the 7th district had acquired the name of “Done Deal” minister; who also only days before the 2015 election announced that he was “Happy to have Rich White Friends”

    There are a number of Important decisions to be made; including reducing the size and expense of running the government; te number of rented private buildings/offices, instead of building some additional buildings or rebuilding/use Prospect Reef.

    BVI-slanders have never been good at welcoming change. There was Push-back when the college was being considered, the cruise pier and other decisions.

    Decisions such as the current imitative are never popular. Immigration is a major reason for Br exit and Donald Trump is about to Bankrupt America with the construction of a Wall to keep Mexicans from crossing over into America.

    Our Hon. Premier is a man who is in regular contact with God, and loves to pray. Hopefully he prayed to God over this Initative; until he got the answer. We can only hope the answer came to him.

    Meanwhile, we ourselves will have to pray that he is right; that the “Great God of the Universe”, as he likes to say, is with him, us and our country with this one.

    Note: If it isn’t; our sister Caribbean islands such as the DR, which according to the World Bank is the fastest growing Economy in the region, St.Kitts/Nevis the second and even Cuba
    (3rd), will be compassionate open to us, should the need arise.

    May the Great God of the Universe continue to Bless guide and hold wonderful country together.

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  11. E Scott says:

    Ok so if you all so protective of your roots why not go back to Africa and let the Indian tribes who lived here come back

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    • @E Scott says:

      lol…come back from the grave? Where did the Europeans settlers send them off too, Mexico?? No, to their Maker. But I tell you what…if you can find one let us know please. – In another man’s country talking crap and don’t know the history of the people! All about the dollar bill you’ll!!!

  12. down islands man says:

    It is very interesting that this very same people who come here and make these nonsensical remarks about selling out heritage is the same set that runs to Puerto Rico and st Thomas to have their babies born so that they children could be usa citizen and therefore rip the benefits, so whats the issue now, some of these people who qualify now has been living here for over 30 years, come on, you all have no heart man.

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    • @down Islands man says:

      And did you also run from your country to post comments on BVI news blogs?

    • @down island man says:

      The down island people who come here work hard to get a visitor’s visa for the US and they too, are having the babies in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, you and yours would do it too if given the opportunity. Why the bitterness? those who can do. Those who cannot complain about the possibility of sour grapes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I do not post for favorable responses. Never! I post to educate.

    Indeed, where one person responds with a thumbs up, that indicates a progressing mind. It is expected tat 99.99 of white woul respond to truth negatively. It is also expected that a few of their brainwashed symphtisers will respond accordingly.

    Because, some are of the view and practice that Black people here and across the globe are not to speak on issues where white people are invloved. They are not to even think muchless speak or exculpate on thorny issues affecting them. The Black mind is suppose to remain silent.

    Please be thoroughly informed, many blog just to see how many favorables their opinion would garner.

    However, I do expect negative responses to truths, especially when the caucasion and the house nigger are being challenged.

    So, i do not blog for favorable approval from the ilks of your kind. I blog to revolutionize the revolutinaries.

    Sorry you are incapable of seeing the difference between hate speech and facts.

    Sadly, the majority of white people and a few idiotic, unlearned, underexposed, still existing in a slave mentality house niggerrs, assume great responsibility in stiffling Black peole’s freedom of emotion; freedom of space; freedom of memory; freedom of healing; freedom of recovery; freedom of thought; freedom of defense and the freedom to protect all six.

    Sorry for the wipypo and the boot licking, a** sucking, s**t eating colonial symphatizer, who are undeveloped intellectually, to discern or comprehend the difference between hate speech and the elucidation of facts.

    Sadly, the response to those blogs are totally misinterpreted and incorrect.

    But tell me, what’s new? That is the way the world has been programmed to think. Idiocity is on those who are afflicted with it to fix it, not on me.

    There were times in the past when no one could talk about the white man and his existential inhumane ways and hoarding of all life’s priviledges.

    Today, may are still uncomforfortable with those who speak, as they still feel that they should be immune to such. None sense!!

    Lastly, i blog to educate, not to demonstrate hate. Soory that your constitution cannot accept and or have an avrsion to truths.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I am a down island woman living here over 10 years with good behavior work hard spend money in the country , now reading some ofthese comments really shows that some of these bvislanders dont want us here ,why why why? tears to my eyes the hate is real , come on NOW stop the hate let’s just join hands and heart together for a better tomorrow better bvi a better world

  15. God world says:

    I don’t normally I am a permit Holder living here over 10 year’s with good behavior and work hard , reading some of these hatred comments make me cry , but that’s all can say right Now remember that almighty god do not love he Will poor out his wrath he Will destroy the bvi , please
    PEOPLE of the bvi let’s join hands and heart together for a better world a better bvi and stop hateing your Caribbean bothers and sister ,we don’t want god to poor out his wrath to destroy the bvi again .

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  16. What!!!’ says:

    OK “Anonymous “ I am soooo sorry that I have misunderstood your blogs I now know that you are only trying to “educate” us poor “ house niggers” Thank You so much.

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  17. Just saying . says:

    How many bvi islanders leave this island they called home after herma to live elsewhere and leave the so called island man to rebuild this country. Then after all is well and good again they will come back an want to take the job you have an say they are from HERE.

    • @just saying says:

      …and how many people left your country in general to ‘ earn money’ by working in other countries because your government’s mismanagement could not sustain its citizens? How many of them are so bad minded, jealous, and ungrateful to the people that is helping to sustain their lives that they find every opportunity to bash these people on online news blogs? Just saying.

  18. @To: hmm says:

    ‘This is Not everyone’s reality’…but let us take a survey and see how many this is a reality for. I often hear foreign bloggers commenting about the BVI’s so called ‘back up plan’ birthing their child in the USA yet you are in the very same BVI utilizing yourself and your families back-up plan by birthing your children in a country that uses ‘US’ currency and living around persons that you continually disrespect because you feel that they should afford you all the privileges as the country that you or your parents is removed from. What is wrong with your country? Why don’t you return to your country? You are so worried about another country’s citizens and their US affairs more than your own country’s affairs? Believe me, if the citizens of this country have issues then what can be said about your own countries Economic and Moral issues?

    Moreover, you all would not be aware of the BVI’s citizens affairs whether good or bad positive or negative had you not made the BVI the very same sustainable BACKUP PLAN you chastise BVI citizens against!! Is this a negative or positive move on your part? I would say your government officials, and country would say it is a negative.

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