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Immigration officer charged for stealing

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An Immigration officer has been arrested and charged with theft, according to reports reaching BVI News.

The Immigration Officer in question is said to be a resident of Virgin Gorda.

He allegedly stole the funds sometime this week while working at the St Thomas Bay Jetty on the said island, BVI News understands.

It is further understood that the accused law enforcement officer allegedly used an office key to enter and raid the Immigration office at the Jetty.

It is not clear how much cash the officer allegedly stole.

But, it is said that another Immigration Officer alerted police after discovering that cash from the office’s coffers had gone missing.

Police arrested the accused officer after visiting the facility and conducting investigations, BVI News understands.

It is not clear when the accused man will appear before the Magistrate’s Court.

Meanwhile, reports that an Immigration officer allegedly stole from his department comes weeks after BVI Ports Authority worker, Nicklin Joseph was caught stealing on camera.

He was handed an eight-month suspended sentence in the Magistrate’s Court recently.

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  1. Laura says:

    Times hard BUT never bite the hand that feeds you. No wonder locals always getting their hides cut because one messy individual makes it bad for all.

  2. Insider says:

    Sticky fingers always get stuck. He has a problem. Should be fired forth with.

  3. Vg says:

    Stop collect cash and use debit and credit cards. This nonsense of. $25 minimum on a card must stop. No wonder government broke

    • . Com says:

      Stop collect cash? That’s that’s the most stupid suggestion so far.

      • Cash says:

        No, it is not such a dumb suggestion. In the USA you cannot get any fuel at most of the gas stations with cash after 6pm

    • hmmmm says:


      • Daf says:

        The card numbers do NOT print out fully on the receipt. You would be stupid to stand there and let them write down you card number. She is wrong for what she did and government won’t get back that money. We I’ll have to pay for her to eat up balo

  4. daniel says:

    the officer might have been in need of urgent cash. hence….

    • Wendy says:

      Loss of his coveted employment, pension,incarceration,humiliation, legal fees are but a few incentives to not thief
      petty cash.

  5. vi gyal says:

    if he was charged where is the name? Quick to put out all the others name.

  6. 2CENT says:

    QUACK QUACK HE MAKE A F^&*^*% Well sah best you had just ask somebody for a helping hand people stop taking up other people stuff!!!

  7. Cash money says:

    Cards are being used world wide. It eliminates the need for cash. It decreases the chances for theft of cash. Finances are better controlled

  8. Well says:

    When one sees that their government gets away with millions they think that they can get away with hundreds.

  9. Watcher says:

    Everybody thiefing! Stop it I say.

  10. Media says:

    VG people know it’s a woman. BVI news just use deception to throw us off the case

  11. island man says:

    thought all the locals were perfect

  12. same law for everyone says:

    no comment

    🙂 ,:)

  13. Joe says:

    When will we start lock up some of these minsters of govement when ..

  14. Suspended sentence for stealing! says:

    How on earth is this a deterrent? strupes

  15. Guest says:

    No name released so you know it’s one of them own fast hand locals…LOL!!! Let it had been someone else….

  16. Hooo says:

    If it was an expatriate Police you would see amount of comments these vampires would post.

  17. Well said says:

    Live within your needs, …

  18. Joseph says:

    Is he a Belonger? Had no idea they stole?

  19. truth says:

    those font line people don’t make any money.

  20. Tola girl says:

    It’s funny how only certain things they want to make public to the media,but what about that time when the newly appointed chief ——————— was accused of sexual harassment on the job with a female employee and it had reach to human resources but it was forgotten because they offer the young lady a higher post in the department, smfh think about that ppl so they only want to cover up certain things and it’s crystal clear

  21. Im not ashamed says:

    What would you have done.If I fought them and lost..I would never work Government again.Stop being jealous of ppl.I dont care.

  22. Lord help says:

    He allegedly cut his women tires in Tortola

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