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Immigration officer robs woman on VG, police allege


An Immigration officer has found himself on the wrong end of the law and is now facing robbery charges.

Charged is 35-year-old Virgin Gorda resident, Donald Hanley.

Police allege Hanley approached a woman one night in March while she was on her way home in Virgin Gorda.

The Immigration officer allegedly robbed the woman of ‘proceeds of a business’.

No one was injured in that incident, police said.

Police also mentioned two other robbery-related arrests they made recently.

One of the two accused persons isMervin Flaherty, Jr who police said was charged after being identified as the lone masked gunman who entered a business in Port Purcell last July. The second is an unnamed assailant who was reportedly involved in an attempted robbery at the weekend.

Giving details of the latter incident, police said: “In the attempted robbery, two armed males dressed in black hoodies reportedly held up workers of the food stand.”

“Initial investigations indicate that one of the armed males tried to grab a bag of money from a worker but was fought off. In the struggle, the gun was extricated from that assailant and his partner ran off through the parking lot.”

Persons in the area at the time reportedly mobbed an beat the assailant who was, thereafter, taken to Peebles Hospital for treatment.

He escaped custody at the hospital but was later recaptured.

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  1. Lordie says:

    Nah Man!

    Donald robbing????

    This isn’t true.

    This is a set up.

    You sure it was immigration or Ministry Education? Them tall alike.

    • Lol says:

      Lol. Looks jokes in this a ya BVI. IT SHOULD a have some emojis on this page , I would have put a laughing face. Lol

  2. Brad Boynes says:

    Tarnishing the badge

  3. I from here says:

    Robbing ppl honest earning to go show off.. Smh.. Show off wa? Gucci with 5 chains around yall neck and rings on every finger.. sooo sickening. If ayo would stop watch and wish on wa ppl have ayo would stop with the sticky fingers.

  4. Who vex dead says:

    Some of ayo need to shut the hell up the news would but anything together just for so ayo ever hear a rumor about ur self n it wasnt even like that but u ur self know the real story behind everyrhing so some of ayo need to stop judge cause when god call u at his foot he aint asking about others he asking about u
    An everybody makes mistakes like none of u guys make mistakes at all
    Ayo ppl sickening
    Real talk

    • SK says:

      Only mustaje is that he got caught. Go look up mistake again

    • but like is you vex says:

      Real Talk – The Immigration officer allegedly robbed the woman of ‘proceeds of a business’.
      What a ting. Who vex dead. It is alleged.

    • ; ) my opinion says:

      Did i just read that comment correctly,he made a “mistake” he probably regrets the act or getting caught at best but i dont think mistake applies in this situation. A mistake is when you’re washing a white load of clothing and a colored sock gets mixed in by accident and turns the entire load a diffrent color NOT RUBBERY.

    • 2cent says:

      Hush ya sorry dad bout mistake squeezing ya finger in a door or bumping into something is a mistake not allegedly trying rob people dumb add should of just ask somebody for assistance !! Don’t try find excuses for people doing sh-t because they your family of loved ones this sh-t has to stop wrong is wrong !!!! Fed up 2 r–s !! Jail them backside straight up do t even need court trials foolishness

    • Lol says:

      Since robbery is a mistake according to your explanation\definition. Then can somebody answer me this: when a man get a pickny with a side ting they quick to say the child is a mistake; is this the same thing?

    • Brad Boynes says:

      God will ask you about you to. Get ready. Every man jack has a right to an opinion.who is going to judge wrong o right?

  5. Me again says:

    @ who vex dead
    Parna teen d first time ; wa happen @ d Immig dept over d Easter week end ?
    Part o d problem is g—- ; living above ur —– and yes ; A BADD woman
    Im ashamed for the f—– and — the badge
    Poor Tom

  6. Big4 says:

    Watch his Dam face na

  7. Laura says:

    This is extremely shameful to the profession (the paycheck for that role I’m sure is enough) if this is tru, why be greedy and steal from others and bring shame on yourself and family too?

  8. look chubble says:

    hey…this is crazy,not the story but the grammatical errors in the comments listed above…

    • BuzzBvi says:

      look chubiie. No Capital and three full stops. You nailed it. A hilarious set of posts tho’. Probably all just one big mistujge.

  9. BuzzBvi says:

    look chubiie. No Capital and three full stops. You nailed it. A hilarious set of posts tho’. Probably all just one big mistujge.

  10. CW says:

    Probably reportedly stealing to afford A REAL HURRICANE SHELTER. BVI, your time is in the past. With immigration officers allegedly robbing other locals on Virgin Gorda of all places, your tourism program will never recover. It was nice while it lasted. Seems like “nature’s little secret” is that the BVI is now a third world country and a dangerous one to boot. SMH. Some fools just can’t have enough, ever.

  11. Huh says:

    Proceeds of a business sounds fishy to me. He allegedly rob a hooker or something?

  12. Student says:

    Free this man.. free Donald trump

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