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Impediments preventing small businesses from surviving


Chairman of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), Ronnie Skelton, has complained about some of the struggles he said are facing small businesses in the BVI.

When asked recently about steps he would take to help small businesses succeed once he is elected, Skelton commented that there are already systems in place right now in the Department of Trade. He suggested was allocated for some small businesses.

“Along with funding for small businesses, they also need to understand the administrative side of small businesses,” Skelton said on a PVIM radio show last evening, March 22.

Skelton said he grew up at a time when small businesses were the backbone of the economy and residents depended on those businesses to survive.

“And so, we cannot run a country like this without trying to create more small businesses. But there are some impediments for small businesses to survive now,” Skelton argued.

Skelton did not detail those impediments to the growth of small businesses, but he argued that if small businesses are not set up in a legal way, then it brings all the liability back to the small business owner.

As a result, he said there need to be systems put in place to protect small-business owners from destroying themselves while trying to get their small businesses to survive in the current economy.

Skelton has been consistently credited for his shrewd management of the territory’s finances while serving briefly as Finance Minister within the National Democratic Party (NDP) administration years ago.


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  1. The problem is says:

    The VIP government give stimulus packages to most of the wrong people

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  2. Yeah says:

    Like your NHI that made friends and family rich and leave we the people to suffer and die locally and abroad.

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  3. wow says:

    So let me get this straight he answer the question without saying exactly what problems he find that small businesses in the BVI are facing or how he plans to help them?

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  5. OPPOSITION says:


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  6. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    RW might as well of stayed quiet on this issue as he offers nothing. This is prototypical of what is coming out of the PVIM and these days they passing it off as some kind of enlighten position with no push back from the media. This party is a joke unless I see details.

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  7. Resident says:

    It’s a shame more of the billions of Government revenue paid in since the 1980s wasn’t invested in really good infrastructure and public education, instead of being stolen or wasted.

    Oh well….

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  8. Jane says:

    Repeal the requirement for BVIslanders to obtain trade licenses. Too many big families have the monopolies on certain businesses and don’t like healthy competition. Trade licenses should only be required for foreigners.

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  9. Nonsense says:

    Why do I have to pay NHI from all 3 of my jobs?

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  10. Busy Bee says:

    It’s not Trade so much as it very much is the Labour Dept. and HM Customs. These two boondoggles are roadblocks to investment and roadblocks to progress.

  11. Swamp Gator says:

    Maybe it is just insufficient journalism why his comments have been edited to fit a narrative. How many of the VIP & NDP have built and managed any successful businesses or companies? Zilch! RS will give more details that I am sure of as the election date draws nigh. Fancy words and speeches in the past have lead to no tangible results. Happy that someone of leadership caliber recognizes that there are numerous stumbling blocks to achieving success in building SME’s and local entrepreneurship. Not killing of ideas like has transpired in the past.

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  12. Trader says:

    Why does it take months for a belonger to get a trade license?

  13. Smile says:

    Sheep, which planet you are on. You were going good until you fall off the wagon. Sheep keep dreaming.

  14. Huu says:

    Why didnt you bring back yours

  15. Small business says:

    In Ronnie’s day there was a CAP Act, small businesses managed their iown affairs and paid the corporate registry $25 a year. After 4 decades beding over to international finance regulations small businesses now have to pay a trust company/lawyer some $2000 a year for initiatives that arent relevant. For example a local company with a trade licence filing with the Inland Revenue should be exempt from all filings with the International Tax Authority /BOSS/ESA etc. By making trade licence companies exempt from these requirements you can stimulate the demand for licences and filing with the Inland Revenue. This needs to be the platform for all local businesses – and yes bring back 10% tax so those making huge profits contribute.

  16. suppport says:

    the impediment is om and rw. Steeling small business ideas and concept. people don’t understand how economics work. Once small business do well the whole country benefited.

  17. support says:

    milking the NHI and treat their staff like pigs. Telling staff no pay increase and then next day buy very expensive luxury vehicles

  18. Simple Solution... says:

    Ronnie is the one. Thats the man we need. Imagine VIP go back in power then head coach found guilty and informations comes out that more VIP officials involved. We be looking real stupid and corrupt to the world. Then Britain will take over..

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  19. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    @ Small Business – I like how you are thinking. Also a Business Companies Light Act or a variation of the Micro Business Companies Act needs to be offered. This rehearsal business speak needs to stop either you in it to win it or stay home. The BOSSS and ES requirements are a must have unfortunately as it’s an international requirement. The PVIM NDP and VIP need to break this stuff down, details details details show mastery

  20. Mercy says:

    Ronnie looks like hungry power

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  21. vg resident says:

    Trade licenses should be eliminated for everyone. Free enterprise is much better.

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  22. class is class says:

    The current Premier is not in Ronnie’s class…can’t step in his shoes

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  23. Understanding says:

    Myron his resturants and law firm startec from small, mark his supermarkets and real estate company, dr. Pickering his medical clinic, sandy partner her family own and consultancy business, mr.levons his family business in Anegada NDP side.

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  24. Gogo says:

    The biggest impediment we have is the corruption
    in our politicians and the complete failure to
    be honest and open with us. We have a
    dysfunctional society based on crabs in a barrel.

  25. lol says:

    Ronnie’s competence and integrity have me eying him for one of my at large votes over the others.

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  26. @belonger says:

    A lot of businesses have been satuated

  27. @gogo says:

    But not plenty of help to BVI …doesn’t quite uses their expertise To enhance the BVI .The BVI is a more help to them.

    Mark got millions during lockdown
    Government paying rent to ……
    Doctors making a killing through NHI

  28. Ronnie your NHI is killing business says:

    Sorry Ronnie, your NHI is one of those impediments. Bad idea from the start.

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  29. Belonga says:

    It is time for the debate: Marlon Penn, Ronnie Skelton, Sowande Wheatley, Julian Frazer, at the H L Stout Community College. Tell us your plans for the economy, education, health, social welfare, immigration, air and sea port expansions, banking, agriculture, crime etc.

    This is a must before we vote

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  30. Choops says:

    Sounds like a whole lotta nothing to me. If bs’ing your way through a question was a person.

  31. LORNA? says:

    Yes, LORNA!

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