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In due time! BVI eyeing half-billion dollars ahead of cruise season

The Virgin Islands’ government is hoping to get close to $500 million in value from the tourism industry after the cruise season reopens this month.

The Premier and Minister of Tourism, Andrew Fahie said the government is looking forward to the resumption of the cruise season and he hopes it will get back more people employed in the territory.

However, the Premier noted the $500 million figure is the pre-COVID tourism industry value and the territory might not get back there immediately. But in due time, the Premier said, he hopes to get close to the figure and eventually surpass it.

Speaking at a ‘Tourism Update’ press conference on Friday, Fahie urged residents to gear up for the upcoming tourist season as the Virgin Islands are expecting a lot of cruise ships and visitors.

“Oil your lamps, prepare your businesses. The new tourism season is upon us. Success or failure depends on the choices you make,” he said.

Meanwhile, Junior Tourism Minister Sharie deCastro said the government’s recent trip to Miami, Florida for the annual Seatrade Cruise Global event indicates interest in BVI as a cruise destination remains high despite the impacts of COVID-19.

She further said the government’s international cruise partners confirmed a total of 176 cruise calls to BVI from October 13, 2021, up to 2024.

“The cruise industry is confident in our territory to deliver an excellent cruise product for their guests,” the junior tourism minister said.

The calls represent most of BVI’s major cruise lines which includes Disney, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. The government also expects 299 calls with 193 arriving through Tortola cruise pier for the 2021-2022 season.

The Taxi and Livery Commission and the BVI Tourist Board will work in conjunction to safely transport visitors throughout the territory.

Taxi drivers must to do bi-weekly testing and have sanitisation protocols in place for them to be deemed ‘cruise worthy’ by the government.

Premier Fahie said the government will foot the bill for testing for taxi drivers during the first few months of the cruise season.


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  1. BS says:

    Where does our Premier get these “guesstimated” figures from???

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    • Soooo says:

      So $500,000,000 divided by 176 port calls results in $2,840,000 per ship divided by 3500 passengers equals $812 per passenger. Even if the number of ships doubled that would be $400 per person. So the cruise lines paying Foy $400 per passenger to stop in the BVI? This is the problem with Foy. Math teacher can’t do math and nothing that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. How a man like this was ever voted to be Premier is a complete wonder and especially those outside looking in. Sir Gary issue your report post haste so that the Governor can take over and turn this ship right side up. Carry on!!

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    • 2% of this from cruise ships says:

      according to his figures when defending the memorandum he signed secretly earlier this year. Strangely this is probably the correct percentage, as shovelling these poor tourists onto our island for a $12 pittance, leaves the charter and hotel sector way more profitable. Now is the time to reconsider the unsustainable and unprofitable cruise ship experiment.

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  2. Well Well says:

    Well in due time I`m also going to get paid or get a job to pay my bills. I am sending this to the bank right now.

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  3. Not Adding Up says:

    If pre COVID tourism was $500M and financial services represented 2/3 of the economy, that means BVI was raking in $1.5B annually pre COVID. Where this money went?

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    • wrong says:

      FS represent 2/3rd of the governments income , the $500mil is the total monies spent by tourists in the BVI on accommodation, restaurants, bars, provisions , outings, goods.

      So add again.

      • Extract From The Article says:

        “ However, the Premier noted the $500 million figure is the pre-COVID tourism industry value …”

        The financial services industry value is said to be 2/3rd of the BVI economy…

  4. heckler says:

    I don’t believe a word of this

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    • LB says:

      What a crock of horse piss! Everybody in this industry knows better. They acting like cruiseships is what is our tourism. No focus on the charter yachts? Moorings and voyage and marine max? That’s the real money! The villas and hotels and overnight tourists is the real Virgin Islands tourism. Yet and still all this waste of time gov keep focusing on is cruiseships? They don’t spend no money. And watch the ships they catering to Norwegian and Carnival. Then people cheap and don’t spend no money. Cruiship in and Pussers empty Quitos empty Craft Alive nobody spending. AF is clueless! When VG airport will be fixed so the planes could land private? When the mega yacht dock on VG will get put back from Oil Bay blocking it? When Prospect gon get level to the ground and we build it ourselves and give citizens shares in the hotel? Can we fix the dock area on JVD to be more welcoming? Anegada accept night flights and get their dock fixed up nice? Talking piddle!

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  5. SMI says:

    What about the day charter boats?

  6. Wow says:

    What about the work permit.
    No work permit,no workers ,no body to take care of all tourism business

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  7. Mr Bluesky says:

    And a Billion from the medical marijuana, and the medical school, the pig flying lessons, and if we pray some more GOD KNOWS WHAT ! GROW UP GO TELL THE TRUTH TOMORROW.

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  8. Capt PORCINE says:

    How far does the runway need to be extended to allow for pigs to takeoff and land safely?

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  9. Creative Accounting says:

    For a maths teacher, Andrew Fahie is not very good at maths. If over the next 3 years the BVI is visited by 299 cruise ships, and each cruise ship has 4,000 passengers, each passenger would need to spend $418.00 whilst in the BVI if the territory is to benefit by $500,000,000. Totally unrealistic as always

  10. LG says:

    Math is completely off!!!!

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  11. Windy says:

    The politicians are eagerly waiting to steal most of it.

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  12. Citizen says:

    Talk about blowing amoke up our a….es. pre covid cruise tourism never reached that level of income in BVI. These guys are so bold face. They call us dumb to our face.

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  13. Don't forget says:

    Every vaccinated visitor has to take a $50 rapid
    antigen test to just get off the cruise ship. Most of the guests and crew will likely stay aboard in their safe cruise ship protective bubble.

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  14. Captain Ron says:

    We have been blessed to enjoy the hospitality of the beautiful BVI for close on to 20 years. We are not sure why we would make commitments to come back this coming season when the vac rate is so low and the rules so inconsistent. Peace,love,and respect.

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    • Anonymous says:

      The fully vaxed rate in BVI is 58.6% compared to 56.8% for the USA (current data), so you are misinformed on that. The entry rules for vaccinated passengers have been made as easy as anywhere else in the world. Pre-travel test within 5 days and a rapid test on arrival (booked in advance). Everything is incredibly simple now, so come on over!

  15. Well well says:

    500 Million for the Government from head Tax qnd not even a good 2 million for the Peooke in the Industry because those ships are dead ships where the Tourist dont do anything within the Territory. Smh.

  16. Mad Max says:

    Having driven most of the way round Tortola over the past 2 weeks, I would say the tourists are in for a disappointing visit. Apart from the beautiful beaches and water (which are neither on cruise ship days) the rest of the island is an eye-sore and a mess! Derelict or dilapidated buildings and cars, overgrown bushes, shocking roads is what the tourists will see. It’s a shame, you have to wonder how much better we could have been if the Governments hadn’t wasted so much money and opportunity.

  17. LOVING BVI says:

    ‘Fahie urged residents to gear up for the upcoming tourist season as the Virgin Islands are expecting a lot of cruise ships and visitors”

    This is where the focus ought to be for all of us. leave the COI to Brits. Lets get BVI on track …

  18. Bravo says:

    you all leave my Premier alone. Stop picking on him

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