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Incinerator’s critical scrubber device coming by end of March

Residents of Pockwood Pond and the western end of Tortola will soon be able to breathe fresher, cleaner air as plans are afoot to finally install the critical scrubber device at the Pockwood Pond waste facility.

Health Minister Carvin Malone said the device — whose function is to filter the noxious fumes being emitted from government’s incinerator in Pockwood Pond — would be installed by the end of next month.

Malone said he was given the assurance by the manufacturers of the scrubber device Consutech that “the scrubber is going to come in the first quarter of 2020”.

“I had discussions with Consutech, the equipment manufacturer and they conceded the fact that part of the payment for the scrubber, was made about three, four, five years ago when the equipment [incinerator] was placed in. It should have been there,” Malone said during a recent community meeting in Sea Cows Bay.

He continued: “Their story was the sub-contractor went out of business, and they then had to purchase it for a higher price.”

Bone of contention 

Notably, Consutech LLC, located in Virginia, USA, was paid a down payment of nearly half-a-million dollars for the device in 2015.

The total price was $1 million. However, when the incinerator was purchased under a National Democratic Party administration’s 2003 to 2007 term, the scrubber was expected to arrive at the same time, according to former Health Minister, Ronnie Skelton.

Due to the delay which has spilt into many years, the incinerator was mounted without the scrubber.

The lack of scrubber has been said to affect the respiratory health of persons in the immediate surrounding areas.

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  1. Free pass says:

    Good going Ronnie Skelton!

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    • Drama says:

      Everything the government of the BVI does ends up in drama. Because of crooked hands in the deals there is no transparency as to what really happened. If this was to happen in the U.K. or the US it would have been resolved in months not years. But because exposing what really went on would also expose dirty hands, it has gone on for years. Seems like the BVI always contracts with companies that go out of business. Hmmmm

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  2. West End Resident says:

    I am not comforted by this statement unless the hillside burning is ceased. There was a big fire up to last night. Can’t even open my windows to get fresh air!

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  3. Round Rock Citizen. says:

    Frankly, there are among our people who are very smart, politically competent and truly care for the current and future of BVI, who can accomplish what we may without self service and corruption first.

    Whether the issue is proper garbage disposal, ensuring people are worked decades, but denied their increments, or working for decades without a piece of legislation mandating a “cost of living” increase, or decreasing the level of victimization known to exist within the work place and cullture. Indeed, no moral convictions, [they do not exist] effective leadership is the only antidote that may cure those ills..

    It is therefore hoped, that minds such as Ronnie would put together a viable team that is populated with smart, politically competent and BVI lovers to comepete for leadership in the coming “i want a job, don’t help nobody cept a few” cycle.

    Within every political appointment/job, there is a job title or at least partial job title with the notion and expectatiion of caring and providing for the country and people collectively, in some instances individually..

    However, it appears that the new paradigm among elected folk today is the latter, themselves, and others [called political cronies]. Their first order of service is to serve self interest. Second, get rich quick. Third, help the rich to get richer. Such appears to have been the constant political paradigm for the last 40-50 plus some years, and unfortunately, the new and current leadership has not a confidence quotient among many it appears. As such, tangible economic and political progress become the victims.

    Hence, there is dire need for political reform in politics and in the type of candidates vying for office. Every job has its specific description and relevant qualifications.

    Why is it that the critical job of leading a country, and all the serious responsibilities that come with it are most often given to total political imcompetents? Why do these jobs have no set requirements and or political qualifications?

    Indeed, if we continue along the path of the populace feeling of zero confidence in the system and its officials, feeling victimized by political power, feelings of rampant corruption and rediversions of the public purse, then it is time for a change in the manner in which we think, select and employ or leaders.

    Therefore, each one of us must now begin to analyze the progress we have made so far and compare it to where we would like to be in the next decade.

    Thus we, we must begin to examine, investigate, and most importantly, learn to think critically about the critical importance of leadership, what it is and who we chose to exercise that critical skill.

    We have ample minds sets that can rise to such challenges. Threfore, It is hoped that Ronnie and others will encourage them to step forward and make such sacrifices in the interest of the future of country and the well-being of all its ctizenery.

    “Third world” classification is a horrible term, its meaning and implications degrading. However, if we do not redirect our leadership course, we may end up worst than we think of so called other third world states//countries.

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    • @round rock citizen says:

      Nobody has time to read this long cow dunk. Be considerate when blogging you moron.

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    • Facts@round rock citizen says:

      Your blog is really inconsiderate. Its way too long. Ronnie has not in my eyes been a good politician or leader. The peebles hospital had the biggest over run of any government project – over 45 million dollars. The hospital in Virgin Gorda has a over run of 1.5M and it was built by one of the persons who founded PVIM. The mess at the incinerator was under Ronnie. Cannot blame the VIP for this. NHI is failing and has been failing – who was the minister? The hurricane housing assistance program was a disaster and we still have people living in shelters and many homes not repaired. The derelict vehicle problem existed under Ronnie for 8 years. Thanks to Hon. Malone we are finally getting some where. The garbage disposal problem and the big green bins over flowing on the side of the road was under Ronnie for 8 years and still a disaster. The truth really is he was minister of health for 12 years. Let us look at the facts and stop pushing up our friends. His record is not good. He was not the most helpful and courteous man either. His mouth was full of F Bombs to constituents. fahie aint the best but he better than Ronnie.

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  4. Round Rock Citizen says:

    Sorry you are incapable of reading and your tolerance for others freedom to short or lenghty speech is severly challenged. What was “blogged” was not intended for the idiot, lizard brained and psychopathic mind.

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  5. Hillsides burning says:

    VIP all talk – why are the hills burning if everything is fixed? Stop lying to the people – you think we are stupid?

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    • 6th Voter says:

      They must think we stupid yes. We voted out competent people and put a bunch of sweet talking rookies in and all they do everyday is take pictures and give the impression that things are happening. Smart people don’t do things like that so they have a right to think we are stupid.

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  6. Wow says:

    Have you seen the smoke coming of there last night??? Why at night ? Hum !!!!

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  7. Political Intelligence says:

    Ronnie was indeed a failure. Electors where stupid to vote for PVIM

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  8. Right Sed Fred says:

    This is so embarrassing!

    • Well Done says:

      Thankyou Minister Carvin Malone.
      Give credit where due and none of it is due to that lazy worthless turncoat Skelton who sat around collecting his salary while this problem and others under his remit went unaddressed FOR YEARS!

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  9. Well Done says:

    Thankyou Minister Carvin Malone.
    Give credit where due and none of it is due to that lazy worthless turncoat Skelton who sat around collecting his salary while this problem and others under his remit went unaddressed FOR YEARS!

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