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Increased fees will help BVIPA to meet int’l standards

Acting Managing Director of the BVIPA, Oleavine Maynard.

Officials at the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) have revealed that the BVI would be in danger of losing its international shipping certification if it didn’t increase fees which will provide the money to upgrade its facilities.

In an interview with JTV, Acting General Manager for the Ports Authority, Oleanvine Maynard said the upgrades are necessary so that the BVI can pass an audit from the International Maritime Organization which is scheduled to take place in April.

The audit will check to see whether the Ports Authority is abiding by the ‘Triple I Code’ — which are international maritime laws that govern the shipping industry. And according to Maynard, failing this audit could impact the BVI negatively.

“Security has to be up, cameras have to be up and we have to do a lot of upgrades. Nothing has been done at the BVIPA for quite a while and with the audit coming, we found ourselves scrambling in the midst of COVID to get all of these upgrades done. Where is the money coming from? We cannot close down. How would you get your food?” Maynard questioned.

She continued: “I think it has been a number of years since we had an audit. But what we should have been doing is constantly keeping our ports up to date,” Maynard explained.

When the BVIPA initially announced fee increases earlier this year, there was much public outcry which forced the statutory body to halt the increases and opt for implementing them in a phased approach starting March 15.

Maynard admitted that the BVIPA should have educated the public before increasing the fees but she said persons must understand that the BVIPA is a business.

In supporting Maynard, Claude Kettle, the BVIPA’s Director of Finance said a consultant was hired and fee increases were suggested so the Authority can remain viable.

“The thing the public must understand is that the BVIPA is self-sustained. We do not receive any subventions or supportive income from anywhere. Everything we do is done from the income we earn at the BVIPA,” Kettle explained.

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  1. Stupid woman says:

    If you foolish ppl think it’s a good thing increasing the port fee think again, that will force boats to stop coming to the bvi.
    As you can see a lot of companies already moved from here
    You ppl living in delusional

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    • Lester says:

      The hatred in this place is so disappointing that I can’t see BVI getting any better with fools like you and your comment.

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      • Hmmm says:

        It is time for a private port in the BVI – The present management of the port authority does not know how to deal with the inefficiencies, and it is actually efficient when compared to how the labor department operated before the new management there. No prospect of it becoming fit for purpose, and we need a private port alternative.

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      • M says:

        No body like to hear the truth. All them big Salaries the fees have to go up. It all for themself.

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    • Doh says:

      So if the monies are needed for upgrades, wouldn’t it have been prudent to just say the increase in fees is to pay for them and then the fees will be rolled back? Hmmmm?

      No that just won’t do as this —- admitting her own wrongdoing and deficient practices.

      Carry on.

  2. Sorry says:

    The photo says it all. That interview last night was distasteful and very condescending to the hard working people in the BVI.

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  3. Richard says:

    “I think it has been a number of years since we had an audit. But what we should have been doing is constantly keeping our ports up to date.”
    “Nothing has been done at the BVIPA for quite a while.”
    So because of your years of poor management we are forced to pay more for food and essentials during a pandemic. That is very irresponsible and yet another example of why we need the COI.

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    • Well Well says:

      @ Richard
      I am say the same thing. This is no one fault but PORT. They salaries need to cut so that the funds needed could be put to the right use.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    How dumb do they think we are?. They amalgamated the ports and the airports. The increased fees at the port are to cover the losses at the airport that now no one will be able to see.

    Welcome to BVI

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    • M says:

      The loses of Both. When the Staff went down to the Cruise Pier to work every body salary went to the sky. I really dont know if it had cost more Port Ato build it or pay them to work there. That is what kill the Port the Authority. Every body want big job for big pay. They cant keep up woth those Salaries. When the MD would take $4,000 a month in those days now the want $15,000 and that still not enough. They took the insurance money and buy Forklifts ect. The going store the people cargo in them.

  5. Common Sense says:

    So you all dry up the coffers and forcing poor people to pay for you all to continue the rampage.

    Just give us a financial report for the past two years with a breakdown on income and expenditures. Please include the various headings to show what money is spent on. I dare you all to do that.

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    • Really? says:

      @ Common Sense. BVI govt has not produced an audited financial statement since 2011, and you want a financial report from Ports? You must be an optimist.

  6. Efficiency says:

    The port doesn’t so much need money spending on it, it needs organizing. The whole thing is a third world screw up.

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  7. @ @ rubber duck says:


  8. Musa says:

    Our leaders selected her and they think she doing a good job but very soon we all can say goodbye to all of them next election we warning vip leaders pull yourself up.

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  9. heckler says:


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  10. lol says:

    I thought them say that the tanker was freed from the canal?

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  11. Lodger says:

    Increase fees to pay for upgrades to be ready for the IMO inspection in April? No way! VISAR are more prepared than you are!

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  12. .... says:

    ms go sit down

  13. Foyboy says:

    That f***ing —- cost the V.I.P the whole election.Andrew Fahie one Term.

  14. Mic says:

    Really, what upgrades can be done before now and April?
    Is building a warehouse a part of those upgrades you are talking about , cargo are still being left outside to wet if there isn’t enough space under the tent . You talking about international standards let there isn’t a proper warehouse from after hurricane ema , the port still using a temporary tent to stow cargo . In my personal opinion the port is no better than it was 5 years ago .

  15. Hawaii 5-0 says:

    Why not source funding from elsewhere? If you have good balance sheets and can show yourself to be profitable, why not source funding for the upgrades from a financial institution and gradually increase fees for the repayment of the loan? The terms of the loan are finite… your rate increase will be ????? long. Will the fees be reduced once the upgrades and the audit is passed? What if the port is found lacking and the audit is failed? will there be a time period to make the upgrades and be re-audited?

    The problem that I have is everything you guys do NDP, VIP…ALL the “P”s is shrouded in secrecy. There is no full disclosure of anything. Y’all do whatever you want, make side deals, hire “experts and consultants” who are colleagues and get your kick backs and when the light comes on y’all scatter like roaches.

    “Maynard admitted that the BVIPA should have educated the public before increasing the fees but she said persons must understand that the BVIPA is a business.”

    That in a nutshell says it all. The BVI economy is suffering. The charter boat and service industry has flat lined and now prices on everything will skyrocket from gas, food, rent etc. Most of the boats that left the BVI may not return. The cost of doing business will dramatically increase and you think BVI Love will bring them back??I hope y’all have some dirt to plant banana in.

  16. Musa says:

    For bvipa reach international standards the first steps need to get done is to get a new management team …our leaders pass & present knows this .

  17. True Blue says:

    Looking from a distance The now Government of the BVI is sinking the ship. 15 April is going the be here in 16 days you people in charge of the BVIPA better get your act together because a lot of people are sign up and ready to travel on those ferries. Furthermore, better make sure those ferry are in good running condition. Tortola can be a great tourist attraction if the Government knows what they are doing. I read in the newspaper of how incompetent the government is. A Lesson will be learned on 15 April.

  18. staff says:

    smh! the staff at BVIPA and all confused. They wondering the purpose of the raise and also the new law regards picking up of packages.. this lady just about to put a frig over there!

    • Staff says:

      Yes we are. Somebody help us nah.

      • Lol says:

        Every time they come in the media is some lie, stop tell lies, them is the one wasting the lil money it have there, buying land what cost over a million dollars, changing the logo, which is more money again because they so call rebranding the image, paying for a whole building where the staff cannot s
        park. I sure it have other stuff that they covering up, so we the staff lost because we finding just like you

  19. Smh says:

    What starts wrong could never end up right. The ports problem is all of those high salaries that they were giving to their cronies that they brought on board. Their director and their board is their own enemies…

  20. lol says:

    How did BVIPA go from having a health surplus to its current state of basket case?

  21. Sad state of affairs says:

    1. Some of these comments are just atrocious and the fact that they would be published with no journalistic or educational value is distasteful.

    2. The fees being raised at this time is really inconvenient but it seems like the larger businesses, which are affected the most by these increases, and who should be able to afford these price increases are the ones complaining the most. Y’all have taken for granted the low fees and now that the ports need to raise them to account for over 20 years of inflation, now there’s a problem. Wholesalers need to look at their pricing and services and see how they can balance their budget. No where in the world do port services act on account of the final consumer. That responsibility is left up to the business people and entrepreneurs.

    3. Remember, if you do not have anything of worth to contribute to these stories, consider not posting at all. The power of anonymity should not be used to espouse hate and ridicule.

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  22. So says:

    So you’re telling me that the Land Lord is increasing the rent to fix his house!

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