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Increased reports of leaked private photos and videos — RVIPF

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has disclosed that there has been an increase in reports received of the circulation of intimate photos or videos, particularly among young people.

As a result of this, the RVIPF’s Family & Juvenile Unit said it is strongly advising persons against taking such photos or participating in such videos.

According to Head of the Unit, Inspector John Antoine, “while the perpetrator of such an act — who is usually a former companion or friend — can be charged for violation of privacy, the offensive images or videos may remain on the internet and in circulation indefinitely.”

The Inspector said while the Force will investigate each reported case, the harsh reality is that the circulation of these images may never be stopped once they are released.

Antoine said recovery from this tragic mistake is difficult.

“My strong advice is to choose never to record or be a participant in a photo or recording that would likely bring embarrassment or shame if it was to be made public,” he added.

Under the Cyber Crime Act 2019, a person charged with violation of privacy by capturing, publishing or transmitting an image of a private area of another person can be fined up to $200,000 or serve a term of seven years upon conviction.

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  1. Jah says:

    Good luck…

    Kids today are all about pics and sharing them. Including intimate ones. Once it’s on the net, it’s there forever.

    Don’t need a law for this. Parenting will do it.

    Oh yeah, forgot. How silly of me….

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  2. grand pa says:

    We wont have these problems if them keep dem lil rude @$$ quiet

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  3. Chuppess says:

    There should be a law in place for persons who like to take pictures of their jewels. Charged them too.

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  4. Just thinking says:

    I have an appreciation for your comment regarding parenting given that this article mentions young people and involves family and juvenile unit. Some can make a case that this is due to negligent parents but in reality that it not always the case. Parents are not everywhere at all times. Unfortunately, many youths still choose contrary actions despite sound guidance and proper parenting. It can be a heart ache for those parents who actually want the wellbeing of their children. Youths may do lots of things now that would affect their lives for times to come and absolutely need to be guided by their parents and corrected so hopefully they make wise decisions.

    A violation of privacy can also happen regarding someone just going about their own household like business as usual i.e. having intercourse with their spouse or disrobing in their own bedroom. There are perverted crafty people out there who would invade your privacy. Therefore, having a law that tackles violation of privacy is important.

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  5. Be Children says:

    Children need to be reminded that they are children and some things are for adults for a reason. Parents stop being your children friends and teach them to respect themselves and others.

    Adults are also taking part in this rubbish. Everything on Camera. Stop nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Think about your future ladies and gentlemen.

  6. @ shaft says:

    That isn’t new , it was in the news some time ago , So it’s still going on down low / somebody who thinks they are creative seems to be making a business out of of manipulating the youths who seems to be on something they probably are unaware of like coke which can be slipped on / in them by their trusted so called friends / And it’s only making the country look bad

  7. Oh yes says:

    Like the USVI Senator that was part of the last impeach mint game, her lovely photos were all over the place after her testifying. Some people have no morals, or respect for themselves or their family.

  8. Jonjon says:

    So you take a video in de privacy of you home havin sex wid you girlfrien. Dat you own private thing so you can look at it later.

    Now all of a sudden its a big crime – I tell you – Freedom goin down de drain in dis place. Big money maker for de police

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  9. Hm says:

    All ayo fulla s**t

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