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Increasing Immigration Minister’s powers improve nat’l security — Wheatley

“Whether he (Buju Banton) was coming or not, we would have done this amendment because we figured that it was too important” — Vincent Wheatley

National security will be strengthened once the territory’s Immigration laws are amended to give the portfolio minister powers to permit prohibited persons into the territory.

This is the conviction of Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley who argued that the amendment brings increased oversight to important national security matters.

“The minister will share that power with the Chief Immigration Officer because with issues so big at a national security level, I figure the minister should be involved with that decision. Right now, he (the Chief Immigration Officer) can make a decision without consulting me or any minister. So, all we’re trying to do is add an extra layer of security in those kinds of decisions,” Wheatley said.

He also cleared the air in relation to questions of whether the amendment was prompted because of international recording artiste Buju Banton, who was granted ‘special permission’ to land in the territory for his upcoming show.

“Whether he was coming or not, we would have done this amendment because we figured that it was too important to be left at the Chief Immigration Officer level only,” Wheatley told BVI News.

The legislator further said it was merely a coincidence the amendment will be made in close proximity to the artiste’s arrival.

Wheatley said: “We all know about Buju Banton because he is a big superstar but other folks also come here with police records … For example, Nelson Mandela came to BVI once. He also has a record but he was allowed to land. But because no one knew about him being here, it wasn’t a major thing.”

And in explaining the process a prohibited person must follow to gain access to the territory, Wheatley said: “They apply for permission to land and the letter is issued to Immigration to permit them to land under certain conditions — the length of time they are allowed to stay, places he or she is allowed to go, etcetera.”

The amendment is set to be passed in the House of Assembly on Friday, May 17.

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  1. duck1951 says:

    One individual by his or herself alone should not be accorded this power , which is rife for corruption i.e: kickbacks and favoritism !

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  2. RHYTHM says:

    You all are usurping the authority and powers of immigration Officers. You cannot direct the immigration on who to admit or refuse. You all playing dolly house with immigration and Labour departments.

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  3. vip heckler says:

    Pure bull !!!!

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  4. Dr.No says:

    I do not see how this improves national security. The minister had zero experience on matters of the same. Immigration experience like wise

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  5. lawyer ron says:

    D-A will be here for my wedding. Ayo cant stop him for this would be double standards

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  6. let's make the bvi great again says:

    This should be in the hands of a board not an individual

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  7. TurtleDove says:

    Should it not be a matter of laws and policies and the at the whim of one individual?

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  8. A response says:

    to and from the earlier immigration article.

    I do not post for favorable responses. Never! I post to educate.

    Indeed, where one person responds with a thumbs up, that indicates a progressing mind. It is expected that 99.99 of white would respond to truth negatively. It is also expected that a few of their brainwashed symphtisers will respond likewise.

    Because, some are of the view and practice that Black people here and across the globe are not to speak on issues where white people are invloved. They are not to even think muchless speak or exculpate on thorny issues affecting them. The Black mind is suppose to remain silent.

    Please be thoroughly informed, many blog just to see how many favorables their opinion would garner. I do not!!

    However, I do expect negative responses to truths, especially when the caucasion and the house nigger are being challenged.

    So, i do not blog for favorable approval from the ilks of your kind. I blog to revolutionize the revolutinaries.

    Sorry you are incapable of seeing the difference between hate speech and facts.

    Sadly, the majority of white people and a few idiotic, unlearned, underexposed, still existing in a slave mentality house niggerrs, assume great responsibility in stiffling Black peole’s freedom of emotion; freedom of space; freedom of memory; freedom of healing; freedom of recovery; freedom of thought; freedom of defense and the freedom to protect all six.

    Sorry for the wipypo and the boot licking, a** sucking, s**t eating colonial symphatizer, who are undeveloped intellectually, to discern or comprehend the difference between hate speech and the elucidation of facts.

    Sadly, the response to those blogs are totally misinterpreted and incorrect.

    But tell me, what’s new? That is the way the world has been programmed to think. Idiocity is on those who are afflicted with it to fix it, not on me.

    There were times in the past when no one could talk about the white man and his existential inhumane ways and hoarding of all life’s priviledges.

    Today, may are still uncomforfortable with those who speak, as they still feel that they should be immune to such. None sense!!

    Lastly, i blog to educate, not to demonstrate hate. Soory that your constitution cannot accept and or have an avrsion to truths.

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  9. huh says:

    this minister talking rubbish and a lot of non-sense. isn’t there an Immigration Board that has responsibility for these matters? this govt continues everyday to show how inexperienced and guillible they are

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  10. On Looker says:

    Don’t call a bi-election call a full general election, lets fully get rid of VIP,and NDP and let the country just work.

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  11. I'm confused says:

    Is the Minister privy to information that the Chief Immigration Officer is not that he could make a decision that would override the Officer’s?
    I fail to understand why he thinks he would be in a better position to make such a decision.

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  12. Phew says:

    A wonder boy a wonder eno dred

  13. Bipolar Reasoning says:

    “Whether he (Buju Banton) was coming or not, we would have done this amendment because we figured that it was too important” — Vincent Wheatley
    National security will be strengthened once the territory’s Immigration laws are amended to give the portfolio minister powers to “permit prohibited” persons into the territory.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Liking Buju Banton (a bigoted, convicted firearms and drug trafficking felon) to Nelson Mandela (a freedom-fighter and world-class statesman). Wow.

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