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‘Insulting’ | Governor rejects recommended permanent secretaries, will select his own

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Using his constitutional powers, Governor Augustus Jaspert has rejected the Public Service Commission’s recent recommendation of Permanent Secretaries and is going with his own choice of who should sit in those top government positions. 

Making the announcement in the House of Assembly on Monday, September 2, Premier Andrew Fahie described the governor’s move as ‘unprecedented’ and as an ‘insult’.

Premier Fahie said the governor’s actions are envisaged as another instance of the ‘British Empire’ tugging on the BVI’s invisible shackles and dictating to the people that they are incompetent and incapable.

“My phone has been blowing up since Friday … and while I have no problem with the governor leaning on his own discretion, I see his actions as an insult to self-reliance, self-determination, modern partnership, mutual respect and the democratic future of the BVI,” Fahie said.

“His decision is an insult to all Virgin Islanders and where we have come as a territory as I reflect on our 65th anniversary of emancipation celebrations,” he added.

The Premier said the matter is of concern because the territory has largely enjoyed an amicable relationship with the United Kingdom “without persons in the middle trying to deteriorate the relationship with an agenda not in the best interest of the BVI”.

Affront to the PSC

It is not yet clear who Governor Jaspert’s new choices for Permanent Secretaries are or how many of the current crop will be replaced. But according to Fahie, the governor has termed his choice of Permanent Secretaries as “merit-based”.

Fahie, however, said this rationale by Governor Jaspert is an affront to the “unblemished reputation, integrity and professional competence of our distinguished stalwarts who serve on the Public Service Commission”. 

The Premier then said the matter will be dealt with in another arena.

“We will continue to be fully respectful of the United Kingdom and their representative, but it is imperative that this respect is reciprocated,” the Premier said.

He then cautioned the governor-appointed Permanent Secretaries that although they were chosen by him (Governor Jaspert), they are indebted only to the people and the future of the territory.

Gov acted within his rights

Notwithstanding the governor’s actions, Premier Fahie made it clear that Jaspert acted within the ambits of the law. 

“I want the public to know that the Governor opted as he is entitled to do under the Virgin Islands Constitution Order of 2007 in accordance with Section 72 to make his own decision,” Premier Fahie said.


On Friday, a government-commissioned release named Kedrick Malone and Sharleen Dabreo-Lettsome as the newest Permanent Secretaries to be appointed.

While Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe, Dr Marcia Potter and Ronald Smith-Berkeley were given new Permanent Secretary posts.

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  1. hehehehehehehehe says:

    But Andrew! I am not offended! I now understand that whatever your recommendations were, they were going to be an affront to my sensibilities if the governor had to reject them out of hand!
    It is certain that a good guess would have seen the recommendations made up of people who benefited as a result of nepotism and cronyism and that would have offended me greatly.

    some of the governors appointments are unorthodox, i will grant you but if he rejected yours, then i can only imagine what he thought of them.

    a good a glad.

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    • It is about time says:

      Thank you Mr. Governor. It is about time someone put a stop to this level of foolishness.

      Now Mr. Governor please remove everyone from government Statutory Boards who have a criminal record. The double standards are sickening. Individuals are not allowed to work in the civil service with a criminal record why should criminals sit on government boards?

      Once again thank you Mr. Governor. His administration is likely to cause more damage than Hurricane Irma.

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      • Agreed says:

        Agreed 100%

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      • Hmm says:

        Mr Governor everyone thought these were your appointments the people were mad at you all weekend. Good, you stand up let’s see what you are going to bring forward.

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        • @Hmmm..... says:

          The choices that were announced WERE the Governor’s choices. So if people were upset with the choices then it is the Governor who made them. Not The Premier.

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      • NDP says:

        Guvnor sit down and preside over NDP with Myron’s wall, million$$$ squandered at the Pier Park, invisible $7 million BVI Airways airplane, and more, and said nothing.
        But since VIP come in he wake up?
        And he don’t want to investigate the NDP but he want to manners the VIP who now come?!
        If you all too stupid to realize that the Guvnor have a hidden agenda then I really sorry for the future of us Virgin Islanders.

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        • @NDP says:

          I thought it was only me…the NDP had free reign to run the country down…Mitch suddenly find his voice to talk about against Carvin Malone’s waiver not to vacate his seat in light of the contracts…and NOW THIS…what I would like to see the Governor do is to deal with the last 8 years of mismanagement.

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      • @about time says:

        Y’all didnt have a word or a care when the NDP was doing their crap. Where was the calls to bring an end to the foolishness then?

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        • You right says:

          Foolishness ain’t start. The foolishness is what was going on under NDP, and like the Governor liked that. Maybe the change of government is affecting his interests.

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    • @hehehehehehe says:

      At least with all respect to your point why don’t address the Premiere as Hon Andrew or Premier Andrew show some kind of respect our children are reading the News too

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      • Hola says:

        Who shows respect for hogs?

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      • hehehehehehehehe says:

        When Andrew shows some respect for my intelligence and the intelligence of people in the BVI, including the ones who voted for him!, I will show him respect!

        When he stops making decisions as if he thinks that we are all fools who will take any lie he chooses to give, any statement that is so far from fact that calling it a fable would be an insult to the word fable! When he stops sensationalizing non-issues, i will respect him!

        When he stops acting as if we are some errant children to whom he can feed any old hogwash and we have no powers of comprehension or reason, then I will know he respects us and i will respect him accordingly.

        Not before!
        With this government, i feel oppressed. I feel my intelligence is under attack!

        It makes me furious!

        My granny told me to respect people who respected themselves and respect others.

        Andrew has no respect for you or for us.
        So no!

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        • Further says:

          When Andrew stops making a mock of God each and every time he opens his mouth to speak we will show him respect!!

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          • To Further says:

            I am convinced that it is the same people blogging over & over & over in favor of this governor but this strategy will not work. He will not enslave us in the BVI with modern day tactics.

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          • @ To Further.... says:

            It is. And they all working with Jaspert. Some of them are even our own people, paid 30 pieces of silver to slit the throats of their own people. What a shame.

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          • Slavery done. Get over it says:

            Born here BVIslander. I just wish our Premier would stop l***g to us. It makes him look weak and manipulative.

      • CNN says:

        We call the USA President Trump at times. So get over it.

        • The Donald? says:

          God bless you!
          That’s your business, nobody stopping you.

          I call him The Donald.

          eh the stupidity of that man is astounding. This is not the example you should have chosen…or the comparison you want to make laddie.

    • @hehehe says:

      Those in the governor inner gang blogging foolishness all day.

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    • Ajic says:

      If a Permanent Secretary is under investigation from under the NDP administration they need to be removed from the post until the criminal investigation has been completed and she is cleared from any wrong-doings. Thank you Governor to have the foresight to recognized that some of these people need to be removed.

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      • @Ajic says:

        You seem to have inside information that the rest of us don’t. Is that because Jaspert feeding you lines to blog? Or is it because you are Jaspert?

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  2. Hah says:

    The qualifications were listed and they were certainly more than qualified so I don’t understand what is going on. I’m curious to see who the governor chooses.

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  3. Well says:

    Let he take that! How Can anyone take his recommendations seriously when his appointments to boards have raised a few eyebrows! Look at God! lolz

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  4. Be mindful says:

    You all better don’t let the premier lead you down a part that’s not good for you. The only insult here is to the premier’s ego and his desire to control all. At any insult to us.

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    • To Be mindful says:

      Okay gov don’t blog anymore. Anyone who do not see the governor acting with an high hand then you are being totally ignorant. The question is why then have the Public Service Commission? Then just let the governor do what he wants like he did in this case and when it hits home then do not cry.

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      • @ To Be mindful says:

        You are foolish to think the governor has time to waste blogging in his favor. He has nothing to lose or gain from negative views. His position is not an elected post so he is not in the popularity contest.

        I voted for VIP all the way, i wanted change and I bought Andrew’s message that he was the one to give us the achange we so desired.

        So far his leadership has been piss poor. His credibility is questionable. He continues to tarnish people’s reputation for the sake of making NDP look bad. He is still in campaign mode. Only his friends and inter circle continues to benefit. Appointment of criminals to Government Boards. At some point someone have to say enough is enough.

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        • Come on says:

          We know it is the governor and his gang blogilging all day. We know he thinks alot of his image and can’t take scolding.

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        • Hmm says:

          And you seem to think that the governor is not human. You need to check him at the Watering Hole when he p***y Dr**k then you will see how human he is

  5. Hmmmmmmm says:

    More in the mortar besides the pestle. Too much wickedness in the place. How can it be an insult when he exercised HIS (Governor) constitutional powers. What is it the public don’t know. Come out with it. There must be a reason or reasons for his rejection.

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    It’s about time the Governor gets involved. You should of done so from the start. You have allowed the VIP to put a c***n like Willock as the speaker of the house, who for the first 5 months of the year been to playing charades with out taxpayers money. I hope you digger a bit deeper, I am sure like Willock Lawyer in Trinidad who’s been investigated for taking kick backs, he might of learn a thing or two. I think it’s time the Nanny take more control of the BVI before it get out of control, It’s about time. Mr. Governor i see you talking a stroll like we all do, why is it Our Andrew needs security detail. i know you are new to the Caribbean life, but granny use to say if you have coco in the sun look out for rain.

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    • Oh please says:

      The Governor has no constitutional control over the House of Assembly so stop talking foolishness. The governor has failed. His only mission is to seem nice so that he can fool persons like you and get your support so that you can join his plot of taking us over.

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      for Jesus sake, The esteemed speaker is the best thing happen to the house. He has ran the HoA with grace, integrity and honor. I love Willock for the Job

      any fool saying otherwise is just a hatful a** H

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  7. Jumbies says:

    This Governor is not a bad man and there will be good reasons why he rejected them, I had good expectations about Mr Fahie but I’m starting to have reservations….crying wolf too many times already…

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    • Really says:

      A good person once told me once you Caucasian you 99.99 % a bad person. This friend told me there are facts to back the statement.

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      • PROBLEMS says:

        What an asinine statement.
        So all black people are 100 percent good people. You need to open your mind and live life and get away from racist pronouncements and treat people fairly. Incase you dont know black people participated in slavery and white people fought and died fighting against slavery.

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      • @ Really says:

        Then you really are an idiot who can’t think for themselves

    • @jumbies says:

      Please go exit stage left. You think because he is a governor he is good? You better wake up.

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    • Heads says:

      So just so you accept the governor as a good man (on what basis? the color of his skin); and reject the Premier (implying he is of less integrity). Self-hate is a wicked thing. Jumbies just like to suck it up to the Mother Country. That’s all

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    • @Jumbie says:

      Fahie did not make the recommendations. It was the PSC which was appointed before the VIP won the elections, and the PSC is not appointed by only one group. The Governor, the (then) government, the (then) Opposition and the Public Service all appoint members. So the PSC is an independent body. You need to get your facts straight.

  8. Yeah Gus says:

    Thank you thank you Gus for taking the wheel. All these appointments are getting out of hand by pre-mayor. Somebody got to say enough is enuff. While you are at it, see if you can override some of these board people, tourism, airport, ports, hospital. The only place I see persons qualified and experienced in to be on the boards is the hospital board where it have the 2 doctors, Stevens and Venzen. Other than that, dismantle every blessed thing this guy has been giving to his VIP supporters. We think Fidel, Chavez, Hitler and Maduro were bad? see A.F in action.

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    • @yeah gus says:

      You speak for yourself. I am a public officer that stand by the Premier’s side on this issue. The talk from most public officers is if the governor ignored the psc recommendations in regards to this matter with the Premier then the rest of the public service is DOOMED for any matter pertaining to us that is decided by the PSC because the Governor will over turn it once he doesn’t like it. This is dictatorship. This is NOT GOOD AT ALL!

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    • James says:

      So because the Americans and British say Fidel and Chavez were bad, you buy that too. Do they own the gospel? Yeah Gus, liberate yourself from mental slavery.

  9. Reply says:

    “…and while I have no problem with the governor leaning on his own discretion, I see his actions as an insult to self-reliance, self-determination, modern partnership, mutual respect and the democratic future of the BVI,”

    Interesting. Looks like the Premier got checked by the Governor. I personally do not see this decision as an insult to self-reliance, self-determination, modern partnership, mutual respect and the democratic future of the BVI. Here’s why:

    It’s quite simple: So long as the BVI remains an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom under the current constitutional framework, the governor is in his right to make such a decision like it or not.

    I don’t know how much consultation if any was done between the Premier’s office and Governor’s, prior to these appointments or if they were done unilateral on the governments part, but it seems to me that if their was a collaborate working relationship between both offices relative to such appointments/reshuffling, perhaps the governor would not have found it necessary to take the action he has.

    I am under the impression that some would like to be independent of the U.K. or have as much independence from it as possible, but the tiny yet important problem those people are failing to realize is that you cannot have that independence you seek under the current constitutional frame work.

    If the BVI want’s to do all things solely its way, it has a choice. It can seek its independence from the U.K., continue to work within the current constitutional frame work, or seek a constitutional review relative to such matters.

    Short of that the only option is to work with governors office in a collaborative way and suck it up when unfavorable decisions are made by the governor because that is the constitutional arrangement you (the government) signed onto.

    When I first started blogging here, I used to think that under the right leadership the BVI could have become an independent state with a diversified economy, but I have put those thoughts on hold for some time now, as I have not seen the kind of leader emerged yet with the kind of vision that would be required to do so and lead the way.

    Sorry to say, our most recent leaders have not shown that they are capable of diversifying the economy to keep this country going and self-sufficient post independence, and unfortunately our government has and continue to mismanage our finances….a recipe for disaster should independence be sought.

    Anyway, here is an inconvenient truth Mr. Premier:

    You cannot act independent when you are dependent. It’s like your teenage child who lives at home suddenly feeling themselves and wanting to run the house.

    If you want the independence to make decisions independent of the input of the U.K. representative, then you are in a position to lead the charge Mr. Premier.

    If indeed you are tired of the ‘British Empire’ tugging on the BVI’s invisible shackles and dictating to the people that they are incompetent and incapable”, then step up and do something about it. Lead..unshackle us.

    If not you are just blowing up as much wind as hurricane Dorian.

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    • youth says:

      Well said

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    • Hurricane Andrew says:

      Blowing up more wind than Hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Andrew winds at 200+

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    • To Reply says:

      It is clear that you are one of the staff of light color down by the governor. No one with sense will see it how you are saying. There are no justification for the Governor’s actions. He cannot justify his actions especially for the PS for his DG. As a senior public officer I am highly insulted by the governor’s actions. He is now showing his true colors.

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      • Reply says:

        Ridiculous! This is not an issue about my skin color or anyone elses. Its a constitutional one. Both the Premier and the Governor have specified roles to play in this reprentative democracy.

        The Premier, while having tremendous lattitude relative to decision making, does not have the power to make all decision on his own. If that was the case, there would be no need for a U.K. Representative.

        Some of you would like to view situations such as these thru the prism of race or the colonial slave master vs the shackled slave. Nothing is further from the truth.

        It is and will continue to be a fruitless approach. The Premier is best advised to develop a mutually respectful working relationship with government house as oppose to seeking a contentious or confrontational one. If he does not, in all probability, he will get checked again.

        I personally believe that whatever the Premier wishes to achieve during his tenure, he will have greater success working with Government House. Doing so does not make him a shackled slave. It would make him smart in that he is working with what he got. If the governor was a black man, the same principle would apply both constituonally and practically.

        And by the way, the Deputy Governor in the “bow tie” is not carrying water for the Governor. IMO, he is doing his job.

        If you can get beyond ones skin color, then my poat will make perfect sense. Try doing so.

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      • Trini says:

        Is the Andrew Cant say why he need a bodyguard with proof of what he said happened why put our governor to give his reasons. Governor well done on that move

        Like 23
      • Wow says:

        He slept for 8 years and now want to wake up

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    • @Reply says:

      Well said and to the point. Our Premier is in over his head. He is in it for control and power.

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    • Heads says:

      Maybe the time has come for us to think about Independence. What is the benefit of this relationship again? Other than to be fed the crumbs off the British table?

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  10. Yes Massah says:

    We better really start looking at moving closer to being Independent. The UK all of a sudden wants the BVI after more than 30 years of silence. And now this? I wonder if a UK national is going to be a PS? In my beautiful virgin islands that i have loved for its ability to act independently and foe the benefit of its people.

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    • Be independent and Die says:

      You can’t survive as an independent nation so let His Excellency Jaspert do his job. He a one of a kind governor my kind governor:)

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    • What says:

      It’s as if you people forgot what happened just two years ago. If another serious disaster hit watch who you’ll be bawling for there intervention. Stop let the premier lead you down the wrong path because of his desire to control.

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    • guess says:

      well i would say before we talk about independent we must ask our self is the BVI have all that it take to stand alone,lets say for the argument.we become independent and some other country decide to invade the BVI because they know the can. what would we do!!

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      Because the man is following his constitutional rights you are upset. First and foremost the B.V.I. cant survive on it’s own. Secondly you think any of these politrickians put the interest of the B.V.I. over there own pocket you are either benefitting from them or your head is buried in the sand.
      Oh and I am not from another island, I was born and raised here so were my parents and their parents and their parents parents and I am over 60

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    • check says:

      yes sir tropical storm andrew has turn into hurricane cat 5 too quick with some twisters along the way. check forget he have a boss check too much nonsense

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    • Not says:

      No no not just up and be independent. Most those independent countries suffer to much hardship.

      We can plan for it on 2029. We have 10 long years to plan

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    • Sighhhhhhh says:

      i really hate asinine comments like this.

      what is your plan logistically for independence?
      For national security?
      For a currency that will not become worthless, should say the US agreement gets cancelled because there is no benefit to a relationship with us that is not tied to its relationship with the UK?
      For aid? We going continue to get loans and sink ourselves further into debt? and by the way, who going guarantee the loans? Will we compromise ourselves to an extent that we cannot recover to other nations to get those guarantees?

      who are we going to find ourselves in partnership with?

      what will you do if FS happens to take a severe nose dive and crashes our economy? Hell is a question we are facing now.

      i really really hate when people make these plans and they cannot articulate how we will transition and survive but do so for the glory of making such statements……

      just stop it! Everything requires a plan, Have you got one Massah!?

  11. Independent says:

    YEah, lets do that so we can spend all the money in the cookie jar!

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    • To independent says:

      Persons like you don’t get it. These same people you have in high regard and transparent are the very ones who are setting up regimes to go with our money in ways that we will not see until after it is gone. Boy oh boy people really don’t study history so we always get enslaved over and over again by falling for the same tricks but in a modern form. I stand firmly with the Premier.

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  12. Bigger man says:

    Seize the time from lamblike beast.

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  13. CW says:

    Rubbish and STRUPE COMMENTS

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  14. Forward ever Backward never says:

    Thank you governor Jaspert. Please take this territory and it’s people Forward Ever, Backward Never. Nepotism, Cronyism or no Ism have any place in a Democracy.

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    • To Forward ever, backward never says:

      I hope when it hit home to you then you say the same thing. Stop making wrong look like it is right. The Governor is wrong and he needs to stop it.

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  15. Um says:

    If the final decision rests with the Governor did anyone actually consult him BEFORE they released the press release?? It just seems that if the government wasn’t trying to pull a fast one they would have consulted the Gov first.

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  16. fromafar says:

    So what is wrong with the reorganization of the PSs’ I seems as if though it is the Governor’s right, I am a little taken back by his position to allow the Premier a free hand in his decisions to run the government and his oposition on the intent of the RDA.

  17. SMDH says:

    The Governor is out of order

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  18. People says:

    Stay awoke. Watch this governor. He is not up to anything good. He doesn’t fool the majority of us. We know what history has taught us about persons like him who come across as nice on the outside but only if we can see the evil on the inside.

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  19. Only now says:

    The ndp did the world of wrong but the governor did not interfere. He made no changes to the PS in the ministries. Now the new government is in here he comes to interfere. This is of great concern.

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  20. Question says:

    The few that are blogging over and over about praise for the Governor and trying to put down our Premier let me ask you a question: The Governor can pick the PS and staff for the Premier & Ministers but who selects the staff down at the Governor’s Office? Food for thought. We are being hoodwinked.

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    • yes says:

      yes we are but who is doing the hoodwinking?
      are you so prejudiced by the beam of color bias in your eye, that you cannot see that our own is hoodwinking us and had been before he even go into bloody office?

      i already know what to expect from the governor, we already know the consequences that he can enact if our own does not behave as if they have any damm commonsense, than to invite the very thing they say they do not want! – it is that wolf in sheep clothing that i am afraid off, he is currently becoming a fatter wolf and he cant stop eating!

      dont be a sheeple!

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  21. Truth says:

    Once the governor ignored the Public Service Commission in this manner then this is a very serious matter. It is troubling and not in the spirit of good governance.

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  22. Youth man says:

    How come there are more people from the UK working with the governor than there are our V.I. or caribbean people? Who selects them? Something is wrong with this picture.

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  23. Hold on says:

    Most persons tend to forget that there’s a bow tie house slave helping the governor to conquer us. This is the real problem.

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  24. VG MAN says:

    Can the governor tell us what process he used to determine that the Public service commission recommendation was not worthy? Can someone tell us what process he used to select the new permanent secretary in the deputy governor’s office seeing that there are so many other worthy senior public officers including the deputy permanent Secretary in the same DG office that were not given q fair chance or opportunity by the governor? I need the governor to answer these questions.

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  25. Shorty says:

    I really fail to see the issue because the Governor is within his rights as he has the final say of any and all documents from the psc. Every single public servant that is hired is done so through the Governors signature. PSC makes a recommendation passes the file with all relevant information to the governors office for final approval he has the responsibility to approve, deny or send it back to the drawing board. Neuromuscular times in the past psc recommends someone for the job and past Governors denied the individual for the job, denied them right to stay after petitioning deportation and denied people parole after the parole board signed approved. It’s within their duties and rights. Any sitting Governor isn’t there just to sign approved on every single matter. BVI got bigger issues to worry about sorry.

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    • So! says:

      So in essence you are saying that the governor is carrying out his profile of direction over the civil servants AND service? is that what you are saying?
      i think thats what you are saying and you would be right.

      we forget that we aren’t just BVIslanders, we are also British Citizens.

      you cant have the clout that goes with calling yourself a British Citizen when its suits you with out the burden too….
      reflect upon that

  26. :) says:

    It puzzles me a lot to see some of the comments on this issue. Maybe y’all know something I don’t know because the way people are agreeing with the governor it would imply that the people that were chosen are unsuitable or unqualified for the job. Do let me know what was wrong with the people that were selected. I hope the governor provides some information in the name of transparency.

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    • Because says:


  27. Clearly says:

    I am now clearer than ever that the governor has his gang blogging to try to make his wrong sound right.

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  28. Staying says:

    I am glad like h**l I cannot see a Jamaican running our Labour and Immigration no sah no way.Hats offand thumbs up to the Governor.

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  29. Tralalalalaaaaa says:

    He rejected the PSC recommendations just to ensure Dab**o had s spot. An insult to all deputy secretaries who wasn’t given a thought to be promoted to PS. The DG wanted his aunt moved because of nepotism but she was moved from working with her nephew to work with her husband. Give me a break!!

  30. @staying says:

    That’s exactly where the governor assigned the Jamaican to Immigration and Labour

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  31. Get the Facts says:

    Appointments by the Governor:

    Ministry of Education – Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe
    Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour & Immigration – Marcia Potter
    Ministry of Health – Petrona Davies
    Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities – Ronald Berkeley
    Premier’s Office – Kedrick Malone
    Deputy Governor’s Office – Sharlene Dabreo

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  32. Son of the Soil says:

    As a BVIslander who cares for the well-being of this beloved little territory, we not mature enough to handle our own affairs, hence I am grateful to the U.K. for being there in the capacity that it is. I can’t begin to imagine what the BVI would be like if we were independent.

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  33. Ha, ha. I told you so. says:

    I agree with the Govoner 100%. Dr. Potters expertise is in education. What does she know about Labour relations and likewise for the other reassigned PS. With a new government full of rookies, you need strong, experienced PS knowledgeable in the ministry in which they are assigned. Assignments must be based on merit and qualifications.

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  34. Time for a Change says:

    I think they need to be shuffled…they are there too long in the post…Especially B*****y…He needs to go!

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    • Let's see says:

      If his advisor C**ne is going to go on a rant over this. Andrew, your popularity is sinking to a all time low. I guess it’s just you and your mall cop bodyguards now.

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    • @Time for a change says:

      I do agree, it is time for B*****y to vacate the seat.He got to comfortable in the seat. Not personal B*****y, just business. Time for you to be escorted to the curb.

  35. And the DG says:

    So the DG was left in the dark? Did he know about the Gov’s decision before making public comments about the alleged new appointments? I thought they were buddy buddy. I guess the Gov reminding him who run things. More in the mortar than the pestle!

  36. Speech says:

    That damning speech by V@#+€£pool in the court yard seems to be having some effect…..did you all forget? I guess the Gov did not.

  37. Meh son says:

    We think slavery is over but it is not. The white man wants to keep us in line so he crack his whip. Look at us colored and negros ready to skin each other alive. A house divided can never stand.

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  38. vip heckler says:

    Like i told you all before, the governor is the boss and the premier is only a supervisor

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  39. Thank you Governour says:


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  40. Well Sah says:

    A week Island boy hiding behind 24 hour bodyguards. Mr.Premier, you are the butt of some serious jokes. If someone is after you like you said, just take off running, cut through Zion hill until you get to the main road and flag down a ride.LOL.

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  41. Thanks Guv says:

    Well done Jaspert. You are keeping the freed ni**ers in line. Teach them their place.

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  42. Tcarags says:

    Watch out.

    England wants the BVI
    This is another step to ensure that it happens.
    Yes there is corruption
    But take your pick
    Local hacks or the white ruling class from overseas.
    Be careful

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    • Forward ever Backward never says:

      England wants the BVI? The BVI belongs to England. I more think that England wants to unload the BVI.

  43. Why all this? says:

    Maybe the change of government is affecting Jaspert’s interests.

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    • @why all this says:

      Thank you. What happens in darkness will come to light. You all will get the diarrhea when you hear about this perfect Governor. Time longer than twine

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  44. Mr. Carter says:

    I’m not sure what to think about the governor. He is England’s representative not ours that being said I will always watch everything he does and says carefully. However I KNOW for a fact I cant really trust anything my Premier says. Fact check everything he says like trump and you’re gonna notice he rarely tells the whole story or the whole truth.

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  45. Local says:

    The bvi full of house n*^^#%+ y’all reminds me of Samuel Jackson in Jango smh.

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  46. We know says:

    He placed a certain PS where his interests are to ensure his pockets get full. Not this time. We are twenty steps ahead of you.

  47. Quiet Warrior says:

    The Governor is exercising misguided use of his reserved constitutional powers. Using reserved constitutional powers to override local government’s should fall under the province of national emergencies, ie, public health and safety, financial fiduciary responsibility, internal security……etc. The Governor is probably exercising abuse of power with his current unprecedented action. Nonetheless, the people asked for this type of action, for the people’s reps. poorly negotiated constitutional reforms.

    The Governor and UK government is playing games and up to something. Is it that it thinks that the BVI people (most of whom are of African descent) are getting too uppity. In any country, a small percentage of civil service positions are political positions and are appointed by the sitting government. A sitting government must have the freedom to appoint person(s) of their choice to these political positions. A permanent secretary is a top civil servant and close advisor to ministers. As such, ministers must have a high comfort level with person(s) serving in these positions. The UK government has PSs and ministers/secretarys have a strong input in their selection.

    Moreover, at this juncture, I’m not agitating for political independence but I’m strongly agitating for constitutional reform(s). The local government, the people’s reps, must have more say in civil servants recruiting, performance, production, behaviour, discipline, training, retraining…..etc. The local taxpayers pay civil servants salaries yet have little say in their leadership/management. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Currently, civil service falls under the Governor, the Crown’s rep; it needs to fall under the local government with effective checks and balances. Should BVI voters be disappointed in Gov Jaspert overreach and power grab? The BVI people is reaping what it sowed. The UK always look out for the UK’s interest. Similarly, the V.I. must look out the VI’s best interest. We must let go of the false notion the M….a knows what best for us and will look for our interest. It is folly to think so. It is 2019, not 1834. Perhaps it is time for the Guv to give up his tropical vacation. Clearly, the power has gone to his head and he is acting irrationally. Guv, bon voyage!

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    • Quiet Rebel says:

      Clearly, the Governor has an agenda and has no confidence in the PSC. Under this flawed system, the Governor lacking confidence in the PSC means it should be scrapped and reconstituted with English men. Personnel should fall under local government. What M…. S….t negotiated this deal. The UK is angling to take over the BVI. The RDA, sh..g on the PSC, the childish letter from Ahmad……etc.

  48. Hmmm says:


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