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InterCaribbean announces flights to BVI starting July 20

Regional airline InterCaribbean Airways has said international flights to the BVI will resume starting July 20. 

InterCaribbean Airways, which is based in the Turks & Caicos Islands made the announcement on its official Facebook page on Wednesday, July 8.

In a published itinerary consisting of 17 flights scheduled for July, three of InterCaribbean’s listed flights are destined for Tortola from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The flights are scheduled for July 20, 22 and 27, respectively.

Additionally, the airline has also listed two departing flights from the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island with the first to Antigua on July 20 and the second to San Juan on July 22.

The BVI government has made no official announcement regarding any further reopening of the territory’s borders and the airline did not specify whether its upcoming flights would only be for BVI nationals and permanent residents, as is required by local government at this time.

BVIAA to have discussion with airline

When BVI News reached out to Acting Managing Director of the BVI Airport Authority, Clive Smith, he said he had also seen the publication by InterCaribbean but could not comment on the matter until discussions were had with the airline.

Local government has partially reopened the territory’s borders to only allow the reentry of nationals and permanent residents trapped abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the partial reopening of the borders, more than 260 persons have made their way back into the territory, in accordance with the various COVID-19 measures which have been implemented by the government.

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  1. Why? says:

    Why is anyone flying on a regular basis when the Territory is closed. This makes no sense whatsoever. Who is taking these flights and who is coming into the Territory. The policies of the Foy Government seem to apply differently depending on your level of status (money) in the Territory.

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  2. Hottie says:

    Good, we need Inter Caribbean back flying to and from the Territory.

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    • Chak. says:

      Airport is not open yet, we dont want covid importers, intercaribbean will be welcome When we ready.

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      • .... says:

        Citizens and Permanent Residents have been arriving via the airport and persons have been leaving via the airport. This indicates that the airport is in fact open.

  3. 2 weeks vacation turn 7months stay says:

    Hurry Up already! People need to leave as much as people need to get in. I speak on behalf of one whose been stranded here for 7 months now. Persons have their businesses and properties abroad to attend to.

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    • Ken says:

      Whoever you are speaking on behalf of can leave, if he/she so desires. Call the BVI Tourist Board for arrangement. People are leaving all the time. Have you not heard that someone who flew from the BVI to St Vincent tested positive for Covid.

  4. Expat says:

    So when can expat go back to the bvi???

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  5. 2 cents says:

    do they think flying empty is a money maker?

  6. CHAK. says:

    We dont want covid importers, airport is not open yet, Intercaribbean will be welcome when we open back.

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  7. Hmp says:

    Folks want to know when folks who booked with this airline will get back their refund.

  8. Lady A says:

    My friend came only for 2 weeks vacation in February and got stucked due to covid-19, I will like to know when would they be able to flight back to their country.

    • @Lady A says:

      Hmmm, the borders didn’t close until April. So why did your friend overstay his initial 2 weeks? I had friends that came in March and they are not still here.

    • @Lady A says:

      Your friend is free to leave. There is no ban on outgoing travel. There are water taxis doing one way trips and if your friend is truly desperate, he/she can simply charter a flight out of the territory.

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  9. Silly says:

    Well covid will be around for along time so I guess the borders will stay close forever how silly can some people be… as I been saying STOP beg the government to protect you, protect yourself…. when we are going to face reality and realize we just have to live with covid until it vanishes away…The economy needs to restart so I say put the necessary protocols in place and let’s move forward, how long can the government hold the strain or even the banks relaxing payments..

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  10. Anonymous says:

    This airline coming to Grenada

  11. Jan says:

    This airline coming to Grenada

  12. Won says:

    When they gonna open the airport so ppl can fly by to their country?

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