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International five-star resort coming to BVI

Six Senses Resort and Spa is based in more than 20 other jurisdictions including The Maldives in South Asia.

An internationally-acclaimed five-star resort brand is slated to set up shop in the British Virgin Islands; bringing the promise of more employment opportunities for persons in the local tourism and hospitality sector.

District Representative for the Ninth Electoral District Dr Hubert O’Neal said plans are underway for the development which will be constructed in Virgin Gorda.

“Thanks to your NDP government, there is expected to be a brand new five-star development called Six Senses Resort and Spa at the Blunder Bay area here in North Sound. This development is on the magnitude and scale of Little Dix Bay, and the government has already given the green light for this exciting new development,” Dr O’Neal said at a National Democratic Party (NDP) rally in North Sound, Virgin Gorda on Tuesday.

Dr O’Neal said the new resort would not only present employment but business opportunities for Virgin Gordians.

Resorts scheduled to reopen

Dr O’Neal said several resorts that were closed are now gearing up for their reopening in the district.

He said Bitter End Resort is currently rebuilding and while the villas will take time to be restored, the restaurant and docks will be opened later this year.

He also said that Little Dix Bay hotel and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, more commonly known as YCCS, are also slated to resume operations shortly. Saba Rock is rebuilding and may not begin operations before next year, he noted.

On the other hand, Oil Nut Bay, Necker and Mosquito Island are now reopened.

The Ninth District representative said many of the resorts are hiring.

“I know that there are a number of Virgin Gordians still out of work especially my female friends, but the future looks bright for employment opportunities and other supportive services.”

Plans for Gun Creek

Dr O’Neal said if given another term in office, he would develop the Gun Creek Harbour. He said work has started on the hurricane-ravaged Owen Harrigan Visitor’s Centre at the location.

He said because of the flurry of traffic Gun Creek encounters from the northern private island resorts, plans are afoot to develop adequate parking facilities for the area.

“There is also consideration to extend the present dock. This will provide additional berthing for the ferries that ply from Gun Creek to the resorts in North Sound,” Dr O’Neal said.

He continued: “The original plan was to develop a bulkhead around the entire lagoon with kiosks, shopping, restaurants and gift shops for the local entrepreneurs to conduct business right here in Gun Creek.”

Dr Smith said, if developed, Gun Creek will become a ‘hot spot’ for residents and visitors.

“We can do this if you give me and the NDP team that chance to develop this beautiful gateway at Gun Creek,” he said.

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  1. NDP says:

    PROGRESS! NDP ALL THE WAY!! Compare the last terms of VIP with the terms of NDP. More development and more progress under NDP by far!

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    • Gimmic says:

      Thats an election gimmick… How many local will get jobs there? Even if that resort takes flight, the locals are still sidelined. They will bring all of their staff from overseas and give the locals the janitorial jobs.. This guy is just mouthing for re-election

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      • Gimmick? says:

        Are you referring to the Gimmick the VIP did on the basketball court in the 5th?

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      • @Gimmic says:

        The NDP redeveloped our Technical and Vocational Institution to ensure that our young locals are being trained for such positions. Furthermore, nothing happens overnight. Persons seeking the well paying high-end jobs would need to be trained and qualified in the industry. How many local hospitality professionals do you know right now that are unemployed? Your post is filled with ignorance and short-sightedness. Instead of complaining about jobs let’s put forward solutions with respect to putting proper systems in place to make these things happen. Also you can’t have your cake and eat it too! How many locals are investing heavily in hotels/resorts right now? None as far as I can see. Businesses are run to make profit, not to appease mouth champions like yourself who are constantly negative and have nothing positive to offer.

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      • @Gimmic says:

        Unless Government demand and insist otherwise or take your business else where.

      • harold says:

        Whose houses will they rent to live in?

    • Freesoul says:

      You forgot one thing, DEBT!

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    • Anonymous says:

      For years the VIP took the people of Virgin Gorda for granted.
      The NDP moved in and build the new sport gym, build the Hospital, Fix the dock, Fix the roads and add lights, build the immigration building in North Sound and the list goes on all in 2 terms.
      And yet the wicked pastor is saying they did nothing in Virgin Gorda. Pure bad minds and jealously taking place.

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    • VG People says:

      For years the VIP took the people of Virgin Gorda for granted.
      The NDP moved in and build the new sport gym, build the Hospital, Fix the dock, Fix the roads and add lights, build the immigration building in North Sound and the list goes on all in 2 terms.
      And yet the wicked pastor is saying they did nothing in Virgin Gorda. Pure bad minds and jealously taking place.

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  2. Sandy says:

    Nice thought anyway.

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    • Not2Sure says:

      It seems every few weeks we read about a politician saying that a large international brand will be opening a 5 star resort in BVI.

      1. The resort chain who is going to be making this investment is never named.
      2. The hotel itself never seems to end up getting built for some reason.

      Maybe this one will be different. But I doubt it.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    And $-6 minimum wage jobs for local and other Black and Brown people for the next 40-60 years, and high paying wages for Europeans and Brits.

    Unless government insist on fair wages for all. At the beginning of the hotel and tourism industry, the VIP party allowed the hotel and other industry to get away with literally slave wages for lover 60 years.

    That should not be allowed to continue into the 21st century. Hope we have and will get better stewarts and managers of our labour and interest in government going forward.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      So our people should be paid on the basis of their skin color and nationality? When a local starts a business do we have these same rules for them or it’s just when perceived rich white people come to open a business we start making sh-t up? Little Dix, Long Bay and many other resorts here have had locals in the high management positions so stop with the fear mongering. You do not become a top exec in the hospitality industry by just getting a few certificates, it comes with experience. There are many head chefs, managers etc. that are local and many more will become qualified as a result of investments made by the NDP in the Technical and Vocational Institution offering many needed courses in hospitality and others. The ignorance that you are displaying is what’s wrong with the BVI. What the hell is wrong with anybody starting from the bottom of an organization and working their way up or even using their experience to branch out and start their own business?

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      • @@Anonymous says:

        No, no no. You fully well well know understand the meaning of those words, but you chose to put a racial connotation septic tank degrading meaningless illiterate meaning to them.

        Again, if we are going to import “international hotel” accommodations into our international environment and be generous with our international hospitality, then by all means, we expect international salaries and international wages from bottom to top and back down.

        The days of slave wages and mega profits at the expense of Black and Brown labour is coming to an end, period!!

        Fair wages for fair labour is the new game of the new day.

        Our government, elected leaders, civic oriented men and women, nationalistic minded men and women, union minded men and women need to wake up and organize to begin to protect our natural resources from continued foreign capitalist exploitation that is not in our or our country’s or our peoples best interest.

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        • @Anonymous says:

          Why isn’t this applied to when locals are developing or starting businesses? That’s all I want to know. It seems okay to import Asian and other cheap labour as long as you’re a local businessman/woman but frowned upon when it’s expats/investors doing so. The point is, we can talk from here to Anegada unless our people are trained to take up certain employments the labour department will be processing permits, no talk and black power movement will change that, action will.

          • @@anonymous says:

            We are much aware of that problem, but do not speak down to us as as though we are the cause of if. We are are against all unfair wage discriminatory practices against Black and Brown people.

            Perhaps your comprehension needs a bit improving?

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        • Ok says:

          What about personal responsibility? Why is that always missing from the puzzle?

    • Oh brother! says:

      Not because a minimum wage is set means that a business must pay minimum wage and people must accept minimum wage. Geesh

    • Jus saying says:

      With those wages guests will not receive 5 star service.

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  4. unfortunately says:


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    • Be careful says:

      The same V—— that declared bankruptcy for his businesses in — and was found to not have paid his employees social security contributions?

      Be careful who you’ll want to put to represent you!!!!

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  5. mmario says:

    To Anonymous.

    $6 wages in the BVI? with such wages you will only make it if you live under a cardboard box somewhere on the bay.

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    • Stupidity says:

      Globally hospitality main salaries are on the low end but depending on the institution the gratuities make up for that in a big way. Stop talking nonsense. These businesses are very tight margin and don’t pay heavy salaries to the main workers. It’s no different to the jewellery stores that pay a base salary and commission/gratuities make up the shortfall. Sometimes I think we act wilfully dumb as an excuse to play victim. BVIslanders are NOT stupid people.

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  6. Call Me Ishmael says:

    The real challenge that we are facing today is related to the lack of focus on education. Thomas Friedman today writes that according to the College Board, the most critical things are children can learn today are computer programming and the constitution.

    We need to start programs at very early ages on computer programming. And we need to get our children to understand and trust our own constitution and government. Many elected officials have taken advantage of the lack of transparency laws here and the general lack of understanding of our own constitution and governing laws.

    A more educated population would stand up against these issues and elected officials who abuse the system.

    A more highly educated population would have great jobs and encourage business to move here to employ them.

    • Yes says:

      I agree Ishmael and this is why I am voting for Walwyn and the entire NDP team! They have their downfalls but what I have seen with our education system especially with technical and vocational studies given top priority I cannot wait to see what they will offer with Myron as Premier. Education is the key to empowering our people and I love the strides made so far under the NDP Government. Surprising to me no other party has campaigned on doing anything in education, especially the technical/trade areas. Talk is cheap and action speaks. The NDP has put our youth first with the YES program, enhanced programs at high school, mandatory CXCs and accredited Technical school. They got my vote!

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      • Call Me Ishmael says:

        @yes Thank you for supporting education but I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.

        If our children have the capacity to understand our system of government and comparative systems of governments they will likely be able to avoid being taken advantage of in the future by people like the The Hon Myron who has set a bad example in governance. His track record in maintaining our schools is well known to anyone who happens to drive by one of many that are still missing roofs and windows.

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  7. Sprauve says:

    No more years. Enough of this 4 more years mentality.

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  8. Yes Yes Yes says:

    People must not be bias and fair despite of party as a registered voter for years. I must say I must give jacket his jacket the NDP did far more in 8 years than VIP which has been there for 20 plus years.

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    • 9th District says:

      I live in the district and it is the truth. I am not a fan of Bertie but the NDP on a whole has done some very good things for the BVI and it seems that we have forgotten. What has Hon. Fahie done for the 8 years he was in Education for example and let’s compare it to the Myron’s 8 years. Further, this is not a time for inexperienced people, the NDP has 5 persons who has been in Government before and VIP only has Fahie. We cannot experiment with the future of the Territory, we need a group who can hit the ground running. The 9th District and the entire BVI will do much better under the NDP than any other that I have seen contesting elections so far. PVIM doesn’t sound bad but I cannot vote for Jose and I don’t like the basis under which PVIM was formed.

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      • Concern says:

        @9th District – but you forgot the biggest issue with NDP – transparency. We need answers regarding BVI Airways and overspent Ports, until we get real answers, we will continue to assume it was kick backs to the NDP – we need a new government in there to get these answers, as NDP will never shine the light on the issues of our finances.

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        • @Concern says:

          What overspend on ports? The recent information that was made public shows the initial budget of $79 mil and a cost of $84 mil to date. For a project of that magnitude I think the difference of $5mil + isn’t bad? The park was built to accommodate ships that couldn’t come here before and they’re coming and contributing $25 per head to govt directly and patronizing the local stores, tours, small businesses. BVI Airways was a bad deal and cannot be explained away. Transparency is relative. No government anywhere in the world can tell everyone, every single thing it just doesn’t work like that. What we need is stronger internal systems with checks and balances and procedures where favoritism isn’t the order of the day. Funny how many of us preach about this but get upset when we don’t get our way when trying to get ‘side deals’ because of who ‘we know’.

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  9. sensealo says:

    Lies. Only ndp supporters can’t see that bc they desperately want it to be true

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    • Jokes on you! says:

      You’re the only blinded one here. The NDP’s record speaks for itself. Both NDP and VIP have their black areas but when you take a broad look at the VIP’s last terms vs the NDP’s last terms the choice is crystal clear:

      – Cruise Pier Development: Despite all the overrun talk, the records show the initial budget was $79mil and not the $50 mil that the disgruntled white man was pushing because he is upset his cake was baked and he didn’t even get to lick the pan. For the first time our taxi men, tour operators, craft alive vendors and many more have consistent revenue from ships all year round.

      – Technical and Vocational School: Upgraded and now people are proud to send their kids there. It’s no longer a dumping ground for ‘not so smart’ kids but rather a real place for our kids to hone their technical skills like never before

      – Small Business Bureau: Funded and put into action by the NDP Government and has helped so many small businesses in the Territory to get off the ground

      – YES Program: Program to help the youth prepare for the working world and learn interview, resume building and standard work ethic to ensure that they take their rightful place in the development of the territory.

      – Introduction of cultural dress and Territorial song making it ‘cool’ to sport our cultural wear for all to see and proud to sing our own song. May seem small to some but that’s how we build patriotism and teach the kids to respect and honor the Territory.

      – Sports facility in VG after years of talking VG finally got a covered recreational facility

      – Completion of Peebles Hospital after years of VIP digging and dumping costing unnecessary millions

      – Completion of VG Hospital after years of promises by past reps and Governments

      – Completion of the Stikett project which is now a main tourist attraction on the east side

      – Development of Long Bay Beef Island to accommodate tourists thereby giving tour operators and local vendors a chance to share in the economic pie provided by cruise ships as opposed to having all traffic heading to cane garden bay.

      – Completion of phase 5 project at BVIEC after years and years of talk and promises. This was done.

      – Introduction of green energy legislation

      – Introduction of CXC, additional year and technology in the schools. Our kids are ranked in the top percentiles within the Region

      – Introduction of NHI. Though controversial at first, many lives have been saved as a result of the scheme and with a bit of tweaking it will save many more lives in the years to come. NDP was the brave Government (give credit to Skelton as well) to push this forward for the people.

      – Planting electrical infrastructure within the capital/business district underground which enabled the city to recover quickly after hurricane Irma

      – Introduction of the GED program allowing even older persons to now enhance their skills with their high school certificate with a flexible program

      These and many more by the NDP Government. How can people say they did nothing? That’s a bold face lie and I wish the Government would be more forceful in defending their record instead of letting the crazies rewrite history.

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  10. CW says:

    This is wonderful news for the BVI and VG especially. Anybody complaining about this should try making a difference themselves, instead of tearing down those trying. If it helps the territory you should support help the territory and so does visibility from having a 6 senses property.

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  11. Mona says:

    Does this mean we have to vote for NDP if we want this plan? will it take another 4 years to be built?

    Leakage is what is going to happen to with this

    Employment on what level, the cleaners? receptionists?

    Who is going to get the contract to build? locals? if so, who – Jamesey

    Sustainability, is it going to be built with renewable energy?

    Will Locals still have access to the beach???

    Did NDP bring this plans to the people of North Sound?? That community is most affected.

    Two pillars they focus on, right now the main pillar is being attacked, is all on tourism now?

    Election is coming up, why now all these plans?

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    • @ Mona says:

      Really? Name one place where BVIslanders are cleaners, NAME ONE!!!! I will wait for your response.

      You guys speak as if locals have never held management positions anywhere in this Territory and it is sickening. What is wrong with being a cleaner or receptionist? Most senior/upper level persons that come here on permits for top jobs, check their resume and 9 times out of 10 they all started at rock bottom. What message are you sending to people when you talk about cleaners or receptionists? So you are telling young people that if they’re unemployed they should not accept a job as a cleaner or receptionist because they’re local? How can they become senior persons at any institution if they cannot understand and appreciate how the entire structure works? The only question that you should be asking is whether there are measures in place for these resorts to provide training for locals who can some day through HARD WORK AND DEDICATION can move up the ladder at some point.

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  12. real says:

    sounds good but can we locals afford to go there.
    i just buy two giuness at a Road Town restaurant for $12.00 you do the maths for a more expensive place.

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    • LOL says:

      So let me get this straight. You want establishments to pay top dollar for local spaces, pay top dollar for local staff, pay top dollar to local suppliers while selling their goods/services for bottom dollar to locals? This makes so much sense, I never looked at it this way!

      *Sarcasm off**

      We really need to start teaching basic principles of business in our schools from the primary school level. I swear!

    • @Real says:

      What are you complaining about.I was in the States a couple of weeks ago, I paid $10.00 for a bottle of Coors ????.

  13. Diaspora says:

    The timing is suspect. Is this pure unadulterated politics? This was top secret until now. When is it going to brought to the HOA?

  14. check says:

    it dont show on six sense web site. just show STK project

  15. Ausar says:

    Too bad such enhancements are slated only in the ninth district..

    The other districts are just not up to snuff to attract such enhancements, eh.

    How sad,

    Truly sad!

  16. Django says:

    Rather than destroy even more of our natural environment, why don’t we improve the hotels we already have?

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  17. hmmm says:

    if this is true, who will go anywhere else in the BVI to stay! people don’t leave 5 star resorts on holiday, so nothing will come to the rest of the islands.

  18. Yes says:

    I know if its under NDP it will surely get done but not sure, but with the other parties from their records don’t know if that will ever happen.

  19. @Real says:

    What are you complaining about.I was in the States a couple of weeks ago, I paid $10.00 for a bottle of Coors ????.

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