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Int’l eyes watch amid delayed assent to medical cannabis bill

File photo of Governor Augustus Jaspert signing paperwork.

As government reports having interested parties ready to receive the BVI’s medical marijuana products, some news organisations internationally are beginning to notice that the territory’s Cannabis Licensing Act is still awaiting assent from Governor Augustus Jaspert after several months.

The Cannabis Licensing Act sets the framework for the establishment of a medical marijuana industry in the BVI.

News media such as the Cannabis Wire in New York are among those that have taken note. So too has the Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily) — a publication for professionals in the recreational and medical cannabis industry in the United States. Some 15 states in that country have already legalised the weed.

MJBizDaily picked up on the governor’s latest response to questions on why he hasn’t yet assented the legislation which the House of Assembly approved in July.

“On the marijuana one (legislation) — that is something I am considering very carefully, as you would expect. You’d also understand that anything that I am discussing, I do first with Cabinet prior to here (in a public forum),” Governor Jaspert said in a media conference last Thursday, December 3.

He was then asked to say what was causing the delay in granting assent. The governor did not give a direct response.

Jaspert, who is expected to demit office some time next month, was also asked whether he plans to assent the bill before he leaves the BVI. But, again, he did not give a direct response.

“These bills are new, novel, and unprecedented bills,” he reasoned. “Its completely right, and I would not be doing my duty if I didn’t consider them fully. My duty is to consider those [and] that’s what I’m doing.”

Premier Andrew Fahie has described the delay for assent as “unnecessary and unsubstantiated”. He also said the BVI is losing significant revenue as it waits for the governor’s proverbial stamp of approval.

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  1. Doh says:

    BVI would and does not have the scale to develop a mass medical cannabis product. Boutique maybe

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    • Guv wont sign says:

      The Guv won’t sign, and it will be left for the new Guv. The outgoing (recalled) Guv is worried that signing the bill will hinder his career prospects in the national security service back in the UK. He is putting his self interest above the territory.

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    • Propaganda says:

      So a couple of weed trade sites talk about the BVI and you make out the international community is watching what we do? Grow up.

  2. Augustine says:

    While we wait for Governor Jaspert to ascent the Legal Weed Act, let the legislators pass the Consumer Act first.

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  3. VIsLander says:

    He’s part of an agenda to cripple us economically & creating a narrative that we are a criminal society and that’s how we survive. Maybe they remember their pirates and the problems they had with them and are casting us in that role. That we’re taking coin from the crown with our criminal conduct. So to be part of validating the once unfairly outlawed cannabis would make the narrative hypocritical in the eyes of many.
    He will delay it until it’s no longer his problem meanwhile casting doubt on the government & territory’s legitimacy. This is not true but it is the narrative that he is trying to push. This is because it is not common to find what we have in the BVI among other former enslaved or colonized societies, despite ours being less specialized and industrialized.

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    • Ding Ding DIng says:

      My sentiments exactly. Uk is trying to hinder us from establishing another financial pillar. And push a corrupt BVI agenda to create a path towards control of the BVI.

      Gus is trying to delay the ascent so that its not his problem and then it becomes the problem of the new governor.

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  4. Objective Opinion says:

    Personally I’m not against legalization but I’m not a fan of how the government intends to go about it either. However, The governor just dragging his foot and not even giving a tangible explanation for why it is taking this long for a yes or no is unacceptable. If you not signing it just say you not signing it and why. Months down the line now you still carefully reviewing with no estimation on when you will have a opinion that can be shared with the public is unacceptable.

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    • @Objective Opinion says:

      How do you know what mechanism the Governor is using to assess the bill? Do you know if he is seeking expert advice or other consultation?

      Give me a break, your opinion is very subjective as it has no basis.

  5. pass says:

    It will pass,

    While we wait consider ailments people experience that may be positively affected by the benefits of therapeutic cannabis: arthritis, insomnia, anxiety stress, glaucoma, seizures, appetite stimulation, Alzheimer’s, menstrual discomfort… The list goes on.

    And all we hear is how much money is being lost what about how many people are not able to access this medicine along with the otherwise law abiding non-violent consenting adults still being jailed for a plant of therapeutic & cultural significance? Both of which are an more specific arguments for its assent.

    Money comes from all over, the therapeutic & spiritual benefits come from this plant.

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  6. Legal BVI weed says:

    Assent clock ticking for 6 months now. Odds of an assent are diminishing every day.

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  7. uk says:

    who the hell want can take note, the governor will not be moved.

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