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Irma Diaries touring US | Heightened BVI awareness

Author Angela Burnett during her Irma Diaries tour in the United States. (Photo provided)

Author of The Irma Diaries, Angela Burnett is on an international mission to ‘spread the word’ that climate change is real and it is time for action.

The Irma Diaries is a collection of 25 survivor stories based on first-hand interviews with survivors on the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada.

Burnett is currently in the United States on a book tour covering a total of five northeastern states with her message; capitalizing on her opportunity to highlight the Virgin Islands as a country on the frontlines of climate change.

“I am advocating for policymakers in Washington DC to take serious action on climate change.  Studies indicate inaction on climate change is mainly due to people feeling disconnected from the issue – seeing it as abstract, vague, and not happening now or hurting anybody,” Burnett said.

“The Irma Diaries will hopefully change that by drawing people into our experience as small islands on the frontlines of climate change, which is happening now and having major impacts. The USA Book Tour is an opportunity to bring the platform of The Irma Diaries to life.”


Her tour began on April 12 at the Ivy-league Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where she appeared on a panel with leading authors, storytellers, and poets.

She has already addressed hundreds who attended this year’s March for Science in Boston, sharing the platform with Massachusetts State Senator Marc Pacheco, who is one of the leaders on climate change.

She is scheduled to address the Massachusetts Climate Leadership Summit at UMass Amherst this week, making various stops at Smith College and Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Rutgers University in New Jersey, and the University of Maryland.

Irma Diaries gets cover feature in magazine

Additionally, Burnett is expected to be the keynote speaker at the launch of Paperbark Magazine, which will feature The Irma Diaries on its first cover.

Other stops will include the local author appearing as a panellist at Ivy-league Columbia University in New York, discussing Climate Change and Small Island Developing States.

Also on her agenda will be to promote the newly established Virgin Islands Climate Change Trust Fund, which was designed to finance climate change projects.

She is donating 25 percent of profits from the sale of the book towards the fund, while an additional 25 percent will go to the survivors she interviewed for the book.

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  1. The Nation says:

    Sorry Angela, our problem is not a climate change problem – it’s a SIN problem.

  2. Cheers says:

    Wonderful news!

  3. Gumption. Official says:

    Proud of you Angie. Until people make it personal it’s just another thing. Keep it up!

  4. Tmug says:

    Most people do not understand that the Caribbean is no the front line of Climate change. The warmer the planet gets the stronger and more frequent the Hurricanes. Thou the Caribbean contribution to global warming is nothing we would be the ones to suffer most. People don’t generally care about something until you make it personal. After reading your book you feel it. Thank you Angle keep up the good work.

  5. Rubber Duck says:

    The hurricanes had nothing whatsoever to do with so called climate change and the myth that man can cause it. There have been hurricanes for millions of years.

    • Science says says:

      I would encourage you to look at the data. Of course there have always been hurricanes – no one disputes that. What is unprecendented is the strength of these hurricanes. You just have to do a simple analysis of the Atlantic hurricane season record and the data is so clear – hurricanes are getting stronger, period. The physics is simple – warmer waters fuel stronger hurricanes. Moreover- the science of climate change is simple. Certain gases like carbon dioxide which man is constantly pumping into our atmosphere in massive amounts trap more of the Sun’s heat in our atmosphere – warming the air and our oceans. You can deny it all you want…this is not theory – the data records show both an increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and a warming on our planet!

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Simply not true. There have been fewer hurricanes since climate change alarmism and hysteria took off. And there was no way to record the power of hurricanes until very recently so you simply do not know if they are stronger or not.

        There is no evidence whatsoever that man is affecting the climate. The percentage of of co2 in the atmosphere is currently ..what do you think , 10% , 5%? No it’s 0.04% and has been way higher in the past. And we have had many ice ages and subsequent warming’s throughout history without any influence from man.

  6. Thank you says:

    It’s a very educational well-written book! Thank you Angie for all of your dedication and inspiration. Keep spreading the truth and suggesting solutions!

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