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Is BVI ready to add another gov’t minister?

Members of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) have stated that the BVI has reached a point where a sixth minister of government is needed to handle the territory’s affairs.

There are five ministerial posts within the BVI government and two junior minister posts. Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) Lisa Penn Lettsome said she doesn’t think another ministry is necessary but stated that another minister would reduce the portfolio responsibilities that each Cabinet member carries.

“Frankly, I believe we reached this stage a long time ago. Right now, I think we have one minister with about three ministries,” Penn-Lettsome said recently on the Omoja radio show.

Agreeing with Penn Lettsome, Shaina Smith-Archer who was also part of the discussion said some residents may feel that the BVI is a small country that doesn’t need additional ministerial portfolios. But she said because of the BVI’s position in the world, many subject matters have emerged and need to be addressed by the government.

“I remember someone asking if we have that amount of work. The titles of the ministers currently don’t reflect the number of portfolios they have. The appointment letter that the Governor’s Office issues is what actually has the full list (of responsibilities), so there is more than enough work when it comes to running our little country,” Smith-Archer explained. “We have grown to the place in the world where a lot of subject matters that maybe didn’t exist 50 years ago. Expecting one person to manage that level of work in a particular ministry, it creates inefficiencies.”

Over the years, elected leaders have generally agreed that there needs to be additional ministerial posts within the BVI Cabinet. However, they’ve always cautioned that such a change could only come when the territory’s constitution review is undertaken.

In the meantime, some residents believe that additional ministerial posts aren’t needed. Instead, they call for the government to utilize their resources to get the territory’s desired outcomes.


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  1. HELL NO! says:


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  2. Smh says:

    There is an overlap of BVIFSC/BVITB with the Ministry of Financial services etc. and Ministry of Tourism. How much more money are we going to waste?

  3. Truth says:

    In contemplating the call for a sixth ministerial post, it is prudent to remember that the quantity of governance does not necessarily equate to its quality. As inhabitants of a small territory with a population of merely 30,000, we must recognize the danger of overextension. Let us consider the case of the US Virgin Islands, with its GDP of 4.44 billion and a population of 100,000, yet managing with 15 senators and 1 representative. With our GDP standing at 1.7 billion and a significantly smaller population, it becomes evident that our current representation is disproportionate. Instead of succumbing to the allure of additional bureaucracy, we should prioritize the refinement of delegation and oversight mechanisms to enhance efficiency.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Gov’t need to focus on implementing a government run construction company that can work on roadways rather then another leader who is overpaid and gets paid to just show up.

  5. Really??? says:

    For what purpose? Unless you would name them “Minister of Parties?”. There are already five Ministers, ALL doing SH#T and now to add another? HELL NO.

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  6. WEW says:

    Nothing gets done with ones we have. I guess there’s another relative that want to participate in the nepotism.

  7. hmm says:

    Leave it to our government to either find ways to hire ten man to do the work of five or rent somebody else property instead of fix up its own.

  8. My comment says:


  9. Straight Talk says:

    Aren’t the permanent secretaries the ones actually lifting the heavyweight? We don’t need another duncehead carting away free money while we suffering.

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