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It’s not right! COI should’ve paused hearings amid COVID upsurge

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has complained that his government is still expected to produced thousands of requested documents for the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (COI), despite facing severe constraints.

Many government offices have been shuttered, with staff being forced to work remotely, ever since the BVI began to experience a severe COVID-19 upsurge. This has since led to community spread of the virus and multiple deaths in the last few days.

“The government’s public officers, right now, are barely in office — well, not in office. But are still expected to produce all of the documents being requested by the COI; are still expected — whether they have COVID or they don’t, whether their family member is suffering from COVID or not, whether their family member has died from COVID or not — no matter what they’re going through with COVID, with the spike, with the stress of it, with the psychological effects of it with some of the families; are still being asked to produce [this] information,” the Premier said.

The Premier said the only respectable thing for the COI to have done was to suspend its hearings for at least two months given all that is happening, and given the extension granted to the COI.

He said while his intention is not to be disrespectful, someone needed to stand up and say “this is not right”.

Fahie said he had not spoken out before because he was often told to be careful and be respectful.


According to the Premier, the timeframe being imposed by the COI for submission of the documents was also something he considered unreasonable.

The Premier said his government has produced more than 100,000 pages of documents for the COI, yet they continue to be told that their submissions are incomplete.

Fahie suggested the missing documents likely do not amount to much and said his government will continue to endeavour to produce the requested documents as best as they can.

The COI received a six-month extension to continue its work after complaining that the documents submitted by the government for the Inquiry were in a state of disarray.

Meanwhile, Fahie said his government welcomes a transparent COI but insisted that it must yield a just outcome; this way the BVI can emerge better.

He added that even though the COI was imposed with terms of reference that are “quite questionable and very broad”, his government has nothing to hide and will continue to be transparent and just.

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  1. Agreed 1000Xs says:

    It is absolutely preposterous . COL should have been suspended or terminated altogether.

    Yes we need transparency and good governance but you have got to be reasonable; how on earth is COI helping during these times?

    Are they truly interested in our welfare or are they trying to prove a point .

    It needs to STOP.

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    • @Agreed 1000xs says:

      It sounds like you are a Government worker!!!

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    • Moo moo says:

      They actually did suspend hearings. The next hearings are not until September.

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    • G unit says:

      Shut up you prat !

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    • Lmao says:

      Need time to produce fake documents and destroy ones that they don’t want seen. Foy shut up and take a seat. You are not driving this bus.

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    • Foster says:

      The louder you crow the more guilty government looks. This is something you can’t wish away and would be wise to just get on with it. It’s above your pay scale and you sir should be respectful. There’s a reason this investigation was started.

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    • unconscionable says:

      Finally Nero sticks his head above the parapet while Rome burns, only to renew his personal vendetta with the UK. As the death toll reaches over 20, this failure of leadership is a complete abdication of responsibility. No words about the existential threat to the people of the BVI, just more moaning about paperwork. No plans, no strategy, no vision. The people are literally perishing. He should resign.

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    • Why? says:

      Why? We’re watching the show. Look in this paper to see what they might have missed. It’s a great time.

  2. Local girl says:

    Yeah right, just to please you and all the other co***pt politicians in this place. Your time is at hand my dearest cousin.

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  3. Hello says:

    For years y’all politicians ain’t pausing the robbing so why coi should pause.

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  4. Organized says:

    If the documents were already organized, it would be child’s play to produce them. But when they may not exist, or are not organized, you have chaos, which is what we see. Ever wonder why you are given copies of any process involving Government offices, and why YOU are asked to produce them? The Government should have its own copies, ready to be used in an instant.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Every other administration in the first and second worlds computerized their records years ago.

      Not third world BVI.

      The question arises, why?

      Is it so there are no accurate records of what these politicians have done with our money?

      Meanwhile the infrastructure, roads , schools , government offices are indeed third world standard.

  5. PT9 says:

    You just want the COI to be History, no matter what you say we all know you. Don’t blame the Virus and the deaths on the reason you haven’t given the correct and all the documents you all are playing games.

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  6. YOUTH says:

    I agree with the Premier

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  7. Shut up says:

    We don’t want to hear from you. You only want it to pause so you think up fables to tell the commission. Or then again you probably need to make another trip to your people.

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  8. Public officer says:

    Thanks for this Premier. I know the paid bloggers on this site will try to ridicule you for saying this but you are correct. They are insensitive to what we as public officers are going through now losing many of our co-workers, family and friends to covid.

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    • Another Public Officer says:

      I suspect you are one of the many Public Officers who has made a career out of doing as little as possible. The honest hardworking Officers are fully supportive of the COI.

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  9. Clearly says:

    On this point I agree. The Governor should rethink this one and act accordingly.

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  10. Just Saying says:

    Did the premier allow Covid 19 to spread to try stop the COI ?

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  11. Hmmm says:

    Perhaps if you had taken the reasonable step and lockdown the BVI temporarily you would not have been singing this song. Now go and have a seat.

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  12. Hey says:

    Months long before Covid these requests were made by the COI.
    Admit defeat sir,ask the UKto take over and teach proper functioning. With Internet filing and a computerr and printer in the ,homes,it is easy peasy to get what has been requested. With or without files and papers
    Either way you and others are guilty of mucking up. Not even the buddy bishop contract you can find???? Andrew, save the VI and get outta office if you.please. You are a disappointment and sn embarrassment.

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  13. LB says:

    Shaddap. You had months to put the documents together. Don’t bawl out now, I bet the offices not too shuttered to make sure you get paid on the 15 and 30. Keep the COI pushing forward. Let’s get to bottom of it all. You called for this COI so now deal with it. Nobody sorry for you!

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  14. Enough says:

    Governor come on.

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  15. No No No says:

    Nothing shall be paused….

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  16. Total says:

    Hon. Fahie go take a seat with your foolishness. We are in this mess because of your n***y attitude and for running the Territory as if it’s your little personal treasure chest. The information being requested by the COI were done so long before the surge and should be easily accessable by the officers involved. The COVID surge is a sad time but I see no reason for the COI to have stopped. If a witness lost a loved one/friend, I can see them asking to be excused and delay their appearance for a later date. The COI requested information since early June and here you are seeking sympathy about a COVID surge that happened 2 weeks ago partly thanks to your Government opening the borders freely without beefing up the health facilities and supporting agencies. You are the WORST GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS AND SHOULD RESIGN RIGHT AWAY!

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  17. Eagle Eye 👁. says:

    Full speed ahead. Covid not pausing so why should the COI?

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  18. PT9 says:

    @Total, I wish I could dive you 100 thumbs up because you hit the nail on the head.

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  19. Responsible says:

    Since COVID reached the BVI the Premier has rejected all offers of assistance from the UK. If he had accepted the offer to help secure the boarders we would not be in the mess we are now! Once again the Premier has to accept full responsibility.

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    • Ethics says:

      It’s also not right that hundreds of millions from the public purse have been squandered and or pocketed. If elected politicians had instead made a reasonable effort to work on issues like education, access to decent health care, housing, energy, waste management, job creation, and dealing with large scale drug trafficking, corruption, etc., there wouldn’t have been a need for a CoI in the first place.

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    • True says:

      US VI public health service also reached out in March 2019 inviting BVIs to be part of the same bubble, an offer that was rejected. Compare and contrast how it played out there vs. here 16 months later.

    • to responsible says:

      “this is your government working for you”

  20. Unbelievable says:

    We lost some folks to covid, really too many. You are not shutting down the island but you want the COI shut down. Private businesses open for business, why the public service have to close down. The affairs of the country must continue. The truth is Mr Premier you doth protest too much.

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  21. not right says:

    The only thing that is not right, is you and your cronies’ cor***tion and big-minded supporter who think you can get away with this mess.

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  22. BVI Future says:

    What does this pandemic have to do with the COI? The virus would spread whether the COI is in the BVI or in the UK.
    All these politicians have private secretaries, office managers and administrative assistants who can make the darn copies.
    Since government offices are close, have employees- one at a time- to rotate schedule, to keep social distancing- and to make the Ficking copies that the COI requested. The problem here is that these politicians think in a box and are not visionary. It is acceptable for you to blame the COI instead of being proactive. The time it took to call CARICOM, you could have made the copies. Fahie stated “the missing documents likely do not amount to much.” Make the copies and let the COI determine the relevancy of the documents.”
    Stop crying and man up. You are not doing your job as Premier. The COI is here to do his job and let him do it.

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  23. NB says:

    Thank you Mr. Fahie for my daily dose of laughter

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  24. Oh Please says:

    The same staff out food shopping but can’t go to the offices alone?

    Please stop this nonsense babble.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s also not right that hundreds of millions from the public purse have been squandered and or pocketed. If elected politicians had instead made a reasonable effort to work on issues like education, access to decent health care, housing, energy, waste management, job creation, and dealing with large scale drug trafficking, corruption, etc., there wouldn’t have been a need for a CoI in the first place.

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  26. Born Here says:

    Our leadership is what is not right; Imagine we spend all this stupid money; millions in the name of covid… and it still only have 12 ventilators for the whole country.

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  27. Wrong Priority says:

    The Covid Situation should be more of a concern to you as Premier, than the COI..People are dropping down like flies..Yet, We hardly hearing much from our leader/s..The COI will work itself out. Focus on the Covid situation. Get it under control

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  28. L@@k says:

    My toddler has more brains than this i***t, suck it up and get on with it, if you were doing your job properly in the first place you wouldn’t be being investigated……..

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  29. Lodger says:

    Something wrong here. They announced suspension for the month of August yesterday. Didnt the premier know.

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  30. Archie says:

    Isolation is not Vacation.

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  31. Island Peeps says:

    Any responsible BVI business, especially after Irma, has all its documents organized and scanned, and has most of its staff equipped to work from home remotely. That the BVI Government and civil service is still acting like it’s the middle of the 20th century is no surprise. The chickens have now come home to roost.

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  32. Captain Flint says:

    I disagree. Why should the CoI be stopped just because some people decided not to have the vaccine? It has not bearing. If anything the CoI should continue at a faster pace to get it over and done with. All of the court hearings are being held virtually so why can’t CoI? Have any fo the people that have died been close family members of any of the people involved? If anything maybe the Governor should declare a state of emergency!

  33. Carrot Bay says:

    He is trying to grab more red herrings than a fisherman. Covid upsurge won’t save you. An innocent man wouldn’t care less

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  34. Hypocrite says:

    Why!? Covid didn’t stop you holding hands and group praying with no mask on the morning after telling us all to not see anyone or leave our house unless absolutely critical!!!

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  35. WTF says:

    Public servants still getting paid, so they can still work. If they are unable to work, stop paying them with our tax money. I don’t get paid if I don’t go to work.

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  36. More speed says:

    These protests against the COI sound unreasonable and desperate.

    I think the COI should resume even faster (with video conferencing) and apply even more pressure to get the missing documents. The Governor should use his powers to help.

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  37. PAUSED ? 🤔 says:


  38. @ MOOMO says:


  39. Forward March... says:


  40. Why? says:

    Why? We’re watching the show. Look in this paper to see what they might have missed. It’s a great time.

  41. Big Baby says:

    Sir, you the one who called for the COI!
    Why are you acting like a baby? Man the f##k up!

  42. The Man says:

    This coming from the only man in the islands who has a body guard. Cr**ked from the top down.

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