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It’s now official! No more free trade, travel for BVI as Brexit takes effect

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As of January 1, 2021, the UK officially transitioned from the European Union (EU), a move which has snatched away a number of benefits that the BVI previously enjoyed under that economic bloc.

According to a statement from Premier Andrew Fahie, three of the main areas in which the BVI will see change are travel, trade, and access to EU funding.

This article will discuss the implications for trade and travel while a subsequent article will outline the implications for EU funding.

Freedom of Movement will end

Premier Fahie said British Citizens will no longer retain the right to move freely across the European Member States. 

But holders of British Passports and British Overseas Territories (BOTC) passports travelling as tourists will now have visa-free travel for up to 90 days in any 180-day period, while travelling within the Schengen Area.

The Schengen Area covers most of the EU countries, except Ireland. However, it also includes countries such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Persons planning longer stays for work, to study, or to conduct business in the EU, are advised to check the requirements as they will be subjected to the immigration controls of each individual EU Member State.

BVIslanders should note that persons should be prepared to answer questions regarding the reasons for their visit and their financial capacity to sustain themselves while in Europe. In this regard, British Citizens will now be required to meet the entry requirements set out by each individual country.

Persons travelling for work, secondment, or to study, may now be required to obtain a work permit or student visa for that country.

Holders of the burgundy UK passports with the words ‘European Union’ on the cover, are advised that these passports will continue to be valid until the stated expiration date, and will be replaced with dark blue British Passport when submitted for renewal. 


From January 1, 2021, the Overseas Territories will no longer enjoy tariff-free and quota-free access when exporting goods to the EU Market.  

The new UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement provide for tariff-free and quota-free trade in goods, between the UK and the EU. 

But Overseas Territories are not included in this arrangement, with the exception of Tristan Da Cunha for the export of Lobster into the EU market. 

As the BVI and other Overseas Territories had non–reciprocal access to the EU market, goods imported from the EU will not be affected.

Financial services not affected

The new UK-EU Trade and Cooperation agreement does not cover Trade in Services, including Financial Services, which will be addressed in a subsequent agreement at a later date. 

As the EU conducts trade with the BVI as a third country, the BVI’s trade-in services with the EU will not be affected by the new arrangement.


The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU in June 2016 by a referendum.

The country officially left the EU on January 31, 2020, and entered into a transition period while they negotiated the terms of the future relationship.

That transition period officially ended on December 31, 2020, thus BVI and other OTs will start to see changes in their relationship with EU countries.

The UK leaving the EU has been termed ‘Brexit’, which was abbreviated from the term ‘British Exit’.

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  1. HRMPH says:

    At last the UK and the BVI are free from the EU shackles – rock on!

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      And immediately the U.K. sprang into action to remove the shackles of the EU. What have they done so far? Removed the VAT on tampons. Yes that’s it. That’s the great economic move they were waiting to make. What else have they changed? Nothing.

      This was the greatest example of turkeys voting for Xmas ever.

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      • @rubberduck says:

        Clearly you are a very sore loser.
        Watch the UK continually do better than the sinking EU. Vaccine approval and roll out is the first example.

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    • Point says:

      Exactly! The headline says there’s an end to free trade but the EU is exactly the opposite to free trade. It is a protection racket. It’s also racist because in the case of Britain it allowed predominantly white Europeans to work in Britain to the exclusion of other races eg from Africa.

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      • @Point says:

        Don’t be a bloody idiot. Britian was part of the EU so of course other Europeans could work in Britian. Last time I checked Africa was not part of the EU so they could not enjoy the same benefits as EU citizens.

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        • Hanna says:

          I think you’re missing Point’s point! If Britain had not been in the EU she would have been able to attract people from all over the world based on merit rather than just being from one group of countries which are mainly white ones. From now on Britain will be able to have a fairer policy. At least that what I think Point’s argument was. I’d not thought about that before but it actually makes sense.

  2. Lmao says:

    The poor BVIslander is concerned about their ability to travel yet they restrict the people from the UK that support their lazy a**es. What a crock

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    • How stupid can ya be? says:

      It’s the U.K who made the law to restrict travel to the overseas territories dumba$$. Do your research.

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      • Done says:

        Ok. I did my research and the answer is the UK government has never prevented uk citizens from going to BVi. Any restrictions have come from the BVi. Now, I don’t have a problem with that but let’s get our facts right. After all, why would the uk care if people want to go from there to other countries if they choose to?

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        • Selective information says:

          The U.K removed the ability for us to move thefe in 1981 or 1982 when they switched our status to British dependants. We were British Crown Colony Citizens before. We weren’t allowed to move there until 2002. We never did anything. The U.K is who switched the laws. They switched our status ro British overseas citizens in 2002 a second time. You obviously being selective.

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          • Error says:

            But you wrote “It’s the U.K who made the law to restrict travel to the overseas territories “. Perhaps you meant to write “It’s the U.K who made the law to restrict travel FROM the overseas territories”.
            That would make sense but that’s not what you wrote.

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  3. money says:

    Mr skelton cline take that your loud mouth help put us in trouble hope you cool out now what help are you now see how stupid it look now keep your ass quiet england is still in control what you buy you wear why you donot preach the word of the lord and gain souls

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