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Over 15 kilos | Visitor hides cocaine in suitcase, court hears

Jillany Mullings being escorted to court on Monday, April 23.

A Jamaican visitor who was held last week trying to smuggle more than 15 kilograms of cocaine through the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport has made an appearance in the Magistrate’s Court.

Twenty-two-year-old Jillany Mullings is charged with importation of a controlled drug, as well as supplying or offering to supply a controlled drug.

It is alleged that the accused man arrived in the territory ahead of his luggage on April 14.

It is reported that Mullings returned to the airport on April 18 to collect his five suitcases, which had been in transit.

The court heard that while conducting a routine inspection of the luggage, Customs Officers noticed a white powdery substance seeping from one of the suitcases.

Further checks allegedly uncovered a relatively large quantity of the substance wrapped in carbon paper and concealed in the lining of the suitcase.

Mullings was subsequently detained and police summoned. The drugs amounted to 15.9 kilograms, the court heard.

During a police interview sometime after, the accused man allegedly admitted to being aware of transporting the illicit substance.

He reportedly told police he imported the drugs for ‘personal reasons’.

Mullings is scheduled to return to court on Friday when he will answer to the charges.

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  1. Bvislander says:

    These kind of things are just darn bad for the country. When these type of people enter they create bad names for others who just want to visit or find work. They don’t realize that they representing there country and making it look bad. He need to be imprisoned, pay a fine and when deported, his own country need to make him pay another fine for insulting his country. S*^t man!!!

  2. Wow says:

    2,000 grams for personal use. That’s some habit.

  3. wow says:


  4. Richgdgy says:

    Get used to it!You have a Lib culture that accepts drugs!The GOOD people of the BVI have to fight back to save your country.

  5. Lost says:

    Where are our drug sniffing dogs? What if it wasn’t leaking then would he have succeeded in getting the drugs through? Great possibility I think.

  6. . says:

    Why are these c——- coming to our country? They cannot go to America and UK because so they are coming here because our doors are open wide to all c———-, r—–t no name it, thanks to the Premier, all he cares about is expats.

  7. For real says:

    They come here because this Country,Tortola is free for all. America don’t want them in their Country. Tortola is full of the trash that other Countries don’t want.

  8. Ace in the hole says:

    Poor Tortola, these people don’t respect their own Country so they are not going to respect ours.The worst of the worst comes here.All the bull#!it that is allowed here, America,will not tolerate from these people. Get mad if you want but, as soon as outsiders started coming into the Country, things started going out of control.

  9. Pig Head Souse says:

    All that cocaine and sporting a $8.99 AERO polo?

  10. Knock off says:

    @Pig head Spouse, $8.99 Polo Aero? That shirt is such a knock off bootleg, you can smell the dye through the screen.

  11. rastarite says:

    The worrying ting is… How much gets thru. They only spotted this at customs because of all the seepage of white powder…

  12. Brad Boynes says:

    Seize the time. The BVI getting what they asked for.

  13. Keen Observant says:

    A staggering amount it can be argued, but pails in comparison to the reality of the trade here in the BVI.

    There are multiple segregated communities and privately owned islands and islets, yachts, luxury cruisers and other coming and going daily.

    However, those communities are clearly excluded from the law. There are never any surveillance, policing or interruptions within those communities.

    And one wonders why not given that they are equally prone to usage, smuggling and selling as any other. In fact, cocaine powder is still, despite dogma to the contrary, a rich man’s drug.

    It is the highly diluted form that the poor user has to settle for.

    When privilege, particularly in the execution of the law, is given to one class of people and not the other, folk begin to notice and question, why.

  14. DONALD F ROYER says:

    He appears to be the conduit . We need to find out who the receivers are ? That is a lot of money !

  15. Liddy says:

    That shows how much respect this individual has for this country. He thinks so very little of the customs that he could allegedly pack such nonsense in his luggage and think they are to slack to find it. Make an example out of him.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So why. Blur outs the officers face and not his yo country ain’t shot still so y’all need to calm dowm

  17. Stfu says:

    All a yall come on here judging wtf is wrong with u ppl uno need fi go find sunn do wid uno time other than try to bash ppl @pig head sauce u properly ugly as a mtf u out here trying to make other ppl look bad u c**t as for the rest of yall Amma pray 4 u

  18. Suck unnu mumma says:

    All a who a try style di man and discriminate, guh suck u madda. No man nuh perfect. We all sin. Suh tru my friend get caught. Whole a unnu a do unnu wrongs too. Suck unnu mumma

  19. Anonymous says:

    Discriminators will always be discriminators to y’all giving those comments just hope to god you never Fall in situations in life that causes you to do things …..mankind ain’t perfect and no man has the right to judge cause y’all have dirty deeds buts its only the few that goes viral are crucified……

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