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Jerry weakens | Territory still forecast to get heavy wind, rain

Jerry has now weakened from a category two to a category one hurricane.

Despite this, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) said in its latest weather advisory that the territory will still be affected.

“At this current speed, the hurricane is expected to pass north of the BVI around Saturday. Aircraft reconnaissance has indicated maximum sustained winds have decreased to 85 miles per hour, making Jerry a category one hurricane. Hurricane-force winds extend 15 miles from the centre with tropical-storm-force winds extending out 80 miles from the centre,” the DDM said.

It continued: “Although the hurricane is expected to pass north of the BVI, forecasters maintain the potential for heavy rainfall across the territory with isolated amounts between four to six inches possible in Anegada and one to three inches in other parts of the territory.”

In the meantime, hazardous seas this afternoon is also likely, the advisory indicated.

“The High Surf Warning that was issued from this morning is still in effect. There is also the potential that gusty winds from rain bands could be experienced as Hurricane Jerry passes north of the Territory,” it added.

As of 11 am on Friday, Hurricane Jerry was located at latitude 18.8 North, longitude 60.3 West or approximately 270 miles away from the British Virgin Islands.

It is currently moving at 17 miles per hour.

“Persons should continue to monitor the hurricane as it progresses. Beach users should exercise extreme caution and avoid swimming activities as the potential for rip currents, and other dangerous sea conditions exist,” the DDM advised.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    This country lost a whole day of business, schooling etc etc all because of a premature amateurish call

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  2. sheer assishness says:


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  3. lol says:

    wolf! wolf! wolf!

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  4. Citizen says:

    Will the BVI ever show some consideration for its citizen? Hurricane is not even in the making to affect the territory. But water is off!!!
    IS there a reason why water is off today at East End?

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    • Irritated says:

      They explained that the water will be off and they gave a schedule so that you can fill up before hand

      They explained that to keep the water system functioning at optimum levels and for quicker return of water after the storm this will be done

      Quit finding things to be angry about and find gratitude for life health and strength pray for wisdom and patience

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      • Tell me says:

        @ Irritated, I believe you need to pray and have some consideration, they said the storm will not affect the territory, what’s about all the days water is taken with no explanation. Its time that you serve the community better with some pride and don’t make nonsense excuses. excesses for every thing, water was taken about 12 noon this has nothing to do with hurricane it is Bad mind you have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well it wont be dabreo this time to blame……It got to be bow tie

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  6. DDM says:

    Needs to go do some training…what a waste of day!

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    • Joseph w says:

      You hit the nail right on point Irritated.
      Some people just need some wisdom. Further more, Government has a big responsibility on hand

  7. Irritated says:

    Y’all need to damn well stop. If the storm had strengthened to while over the warm waters and became a category five like Irma and Maria did all in under 24 hours and it hit you with that kind of rage an velocity again you would be singing a different tune about how you ain had time to prepare. These things are unpredictable as Dorian tried to show you but still this is the way you repay… I am thankful that the government did decide to err on the side of caution I appreciate that they saw it fit to see that we as ppl were prepared
    Thank you for valuing your people and trying to avoid a repeat for potential damage as we faced before.
    This storm may be or may not be … what was expected but the forecast can also be wrong we cannot trust those things whole heartedly that’s why we monitor… do you prefer to have had a regular day and the storm crept up on us like a thief in the night again like Dorian. People wake up … our money hustle taking too much of our values. I prefer to be safe and live another day by the grace and mercy of the almighty

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    • shame shame says:

      yo chatting bull because we were told from the beginning that the storm was passing way north of us but some gennyass decided to close the country down

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  8. Big show says:

    Shut up dummies it’s better to be safe than sorry ayo sound so stupid but waste of a day hurricanes shift without warning gd job governor and DDM

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  9. Strpz says:

    Them need go turn on water people wash them sour cratches

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  10. Big picture says:

    I for one respect the decision to take precaution and let people prepare. One main problem with Irma qmwas ppl became too complacent with these storms. Even if the storm is not strong there will be flooding and land slide damage. So I for one am happy to see the country take this seriously.

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  11. CW says:

    STRUPE COMMENTS MADE BY INDIVIDUALS WITH ZERO UNDERSTANDING OF WEATHER. I bet you think you could run the territory too. All you do is complain about whatever the gov does, good, bad, or even ( see especially) IF IT DOESNT IMPACT YOU. THE PEOPLE OF BVI FIGHTING TO BE POPULAR WILL BE WHAT DESTROYS BVI WORSE THAN ANY STORM.


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  12. Can’t even predict says:

    Not a single drop of rain… well well?

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  13. Hah says:

    It seems like some people need another Irma wake up call. People are complaining about schools and work being closed instead of being thankful that we were not affected. I am grateful that we erred on the side of caution. There was an article not too long ago about a lady who was delivering newspapers during flash flood conditions and her car got washed away and she drowned while waiting for help. The story was popular because of how the 911 operator treated her while she was obviously panicking and in distress. While she was watching her life slip away, the operator told her “This will teach you next time don’t drive in the water”

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