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Job fair coming to reboot govt’s ‘1000 jobs’ programme

With many tourism businesses now actively seeking employees to fill positions, the BVI government is organising a job fair to revitalise its 1,000 Jobs in 1,000 Days initiative through the Department of Labour.

While delivering his budget speech last week, Premier Andrew Fahie said the job fair will be done in order to connect employees and employers, and also to connect them with trade and tourism and other entities. 

Back in April of this year, Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley said a little less than 200 persons have been employed under the government’s jobs programme thus far.

At the time, it was the clearest data given on the success of the programme for which up to 2,920 jobseekers had registered since the programme started on August 21, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Premier said his government is continuing its efforts to get all of the BVI’s tourism sectors back to full functionality while helping as many people in the BVI to be gainfully employed once more. 

“We recognise that we have to bring in some of the labour but we also recognise that we have to make sure and push for our people of the Virgin Islands to get their piece of the economic pie,” the Premier stated during his address.

Tourism strategy expected to be blueprint

Once it is completed in 2022, Premier Fahie said the National Tourism Strategy will be the blueprint for all aspects of shaping and positioning the local tourism industry in the current global landscape. 

He indicated that this strategy will provide even more modern approaches in how to improve, enhance and sustain the BVI’s tourism industry.

In this regard, the Premier said several partners from public and private institutions are working together; emphasising nature tourism which incorporates the BVI’s beaches, diving and snorkelling sites, and its hiking trails. 

The Premier also highlighted the upcoming Anegada Lobster Fest on 27 and 28 November and said he hopes to see everyone on Anegada for the event during that time.

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  1. heckler says:

    We lost 1000 jobs in about 500 days due to an incompetent government but ELECTION COMING SOON

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  2. a bit late don't you thinka/ says:


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  3. What a joke says:

    If you open hotels, restaurants, charter-companies again who have been closed past Irma and restaff them, that is not creating 1000 new jobs.

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  4. PT09 says:

    You are trying to build Tourism but what went down in Nanny Cay last week was uncalled for, there is the right and wrong way to do things but what went down in Nanny Cay last week was very wrong and the BVI will suffer for that. The yachting industry is our biggest part of our Tourist. Yes, you need to enforce the laws of the land but not by showing that kind of approach, Guns, and Dogs are for higher crimes, You keep that up and you will drive the boaters away.

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    • HMMM says:

      No they will not be DRIVEN away, they will SAIL AWAY

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    • Concerned says:

      So you want to enforce the laws no problem but going onto charter boats and terrorizing charter guests is not the way to go, they are the innocent bystanders they don’t own the yacht and license. If that would have happened to me I would not come back and I would tell all my friends to not come here either. Actions of a Dictatorship where you don’t have to account to anybody.

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    • one thing says:

      they need to stop with this machine gun and assault rifle atrocity.

      It took these powerpuff boys a couple assualt rifles to arrest a man who was loitering with a beer. What to me really happen is some suit didnt like him loitering and called the cops to harrass him.

      The mans life flashing before his eyes for next to no reason.

      police egos are sky high with SOME of them swaggering more as a threat to society dressed in black than a professional employed to help the people.

  5. What a joke says:

    Restaffing the Jobs in Tourism for businesses which had been closed after Irma is not creating 1000 new jobs.

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  6. hiphop says:

    Well it’s politics time again, same old tricks!

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  7. patriotic says:


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  8. VI gyal says:

    The last year/leg so campaigning begins

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  9. laugable says:

    Look at those jokers with two left feet each.

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  10. We says:

    Can’t even solve work permit in time, some people have been waiting for 6 months….. I don’t call that create

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  11. What!! says:

    I went to labour and filled in forms looking for belonged staff member they did nothing so I advertised on Facebook and had nine applicants in one day.

  12. son of the soil says:

    Please do not issue any new work permits for the remainder of the year until after all these youth are employed or else we will elect a new government with b@!!$

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  13. But says:

    This government out anyway

  14. no money says:

    this is a joke. So many government offices understaff and have people in lines going to heaven because they don’t have money to hire nobody. This is just a show to save face but not going yield a thing.

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  15. Sorry to say says:

    The majority of belong ears are hard working and gainfully employed. The youth want to ride around on scooters, not abiding by the law. BVI tourism will fail if these youths are relied upon for good work ethics. You turn up for interview on unregistered scooter, no helmet and phone in hand whilst riding and you expect me to employ you. Well no way, no sir.

  16. VIP all di way says:

    NDP blogging gang at it again

  17. Sorry. says:

    Two motivations.
    Ruin economy and restart after all whites and down islan folk who owned biz gone. You take without stealing by suffocating economy and idiot regulations
    Plain stupidity and jealousy. Just mad and ignorant about tourism and economics.
    Either way you are halfway through killing it and every day going by it’s spreading through a fraternity of sailors and boat people that were basically half or more of your economy they’re not coming back because you were already rude they’re not buying the villas that support the beaver Island or through real estate value because you were ahol—

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