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Job seekers flock career expo, 30+ businesses participate

Scene from Friday’s career expo.

More than 30 exhibitors were present at the HireBVI Career Exposition which had an unexpectedly overwhelming turnout of job seekers.

This according to Managing Director of HireBVI, Rekeema Turnbull who said there was a high probability of attendees attaining a job afterwards.

“About 20 of them (exhibitors) did tell us that they have jobs available, so I should say that many today (Friday, May 31) will walk away with a chance of having a job by next week Monday,” Turnbull said.

She further said: “The outcome is amazing, I am very much impressed. I did not expect to see this many people here today especially given the weather. It tells me that there are many unemployed and there are also those that want to learn more about careers in the BVI as well.”

With some persons reportedly travelling into the island mainly for this event, Manager Turnbull stated: “It means for us there is obviously a larger diversity of skillsets coming into the BVI and that adds facets of what we have already in the BVI.”

The timing of the event coincides with one of government’s employment initiatives but Turnbull said the exposition is solely one of the company’s mandates.

“While it does fall in line with government’s 1,000 jobs in 1,000 days this is our own initiative as well as part as what we do at HireBVI. We connect job seekers so this is an event that will be here even long after” the Managing Director said.

The theme of the event held last Friday was ‘Show Me The Way: A Road To Employment’.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    New work permits should not be given out between the months of july thru september. This is to make sure recent graduates are given first preference to jobs

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    • Jill says:

      New work permits should not be given out period because those expats in the BVI already have work permits, or should have. If it is found that a number of people who need work permits were at this expo, then Immigration and Labour need to step in.

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  2. well sah says:


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    • hmm says:

      i understand what u saying but the island ppl working for the SAME local. so its the local that put local in that position do not put the blame on the island people.

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    • A list? says:

      It’s called APPLYING, you moron, and everybody has to do it, no matter where you were born. Nowhere in the BVI or anywhere on the planet is somebody entitled to be given a job simply for existing.

  3. Hmmm says:

    no new permit who are already are enough to do the jobs. school leaving kids needs to work too.

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  4. Disgusting says:

    This was a job fair designed to HELP employ BVIslanders. Why these comments are using it as just another chance to bash expats I haven’t a clue. What have YOU done to help employ your fellow countrymen?

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  5. Wrong!!@ A list says:

    Its not called applying its called “who you know!!”

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  6. CW says:

    Oh this must be all those millions of QUALIFIED LOCALS I keep hearing used as an excuse to discriminate against expats (without whom you would not have banking or TOURISM)

    Good luck BVI, thousands of EXPERTS talking online about being QUALIFIED FOR NOTHING lol

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  7. Hmm says:

    People free yourselves from this slavery mentality fighting against each other… It’s frankly sickening to read, listen to and watch!!

  8. @hmm says:

    That’s true they need to stop it. They curse each other for everything.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is a couple salon need people to work can local need to full position also the Spanish bar need worker local own bar can local apply.

  10. Born here says:

    Can local apply at Spanish bar and strip club need urgent where all big boy hang out there are local and island people own bar.

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