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Johnny left in dilemma as marriage rekindles

The surety who had helped to secure bail for Trevon Johnny has withdrawn her signature from the bond.

That happened after she found out that Johnny is back with his wife, whom he is accused of choking.

The surety, whose name was not mentioned in open court last Friday, signed the $20,000 bond earlier this year when Johnny appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on charges of common assault, being armed with an offensive weapon, and criminal damage.

By signing the bond, the surety effectively committed to ensuring the accused does not violate any of his bail conditions. Violations usually include re-offending and not showing up for court.

The surety would have been forced to pay $20,000 if Johnny had violated the bail conditions.

The surety, in explaining her decision to no longer stick to the commitment, told the court: “I understand that he (Johnny) is back with his wife, and I don’t want anything to do with the situation.”

She was subsequently removed as surety.

Johnny, in the meantime, requested for his wife to sign his bail bond.

“No. Your wife who you are accused of beating can’t sign bail for you,” Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo responded.

The magistrate however gave the accused man one week to find a new surety to sign his bond. “If you don’t [find a new surety], then unfortunately I will have no choice but to send you up to [Her Majesty’s Prison at] Balsum Ghut,” the magistrate said.

Johnny is scheduled to return to court on May 19.


The court previously heard that, on August 29 last year, the now reunited couple was at their Horsepath residence when the wife received a call from a friend.

When she answered the phone, the accused allegedly grabbed the device and started to read the text messages.

The wife tried to retrieve the phone, and a scuffle ensued. The accused then allegedly damaged the gadget.

Further allegations are that the wife began to leave the home, and her Tablet started to ring. The husband also smashed this device, the court heard.

The accused allegedly grabbed his wife in a choke-hold, pointed a knife at her, and threatened her.

The matter was reported to the police and the husband was taken into custody and charged.
The 36-year-old accused previously pleaded guilty to criminal damage, but not guilty to the charges of common assault, and being armed with an offensive weapon.

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