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Junior Peters’ death ruled an accident | Funeral this Saturday

Junior Peters, the Jamaican landscaper found dead a week after vanishing, died by accident, a post-mortem examination has revealed.

Peters’ decomposing body was found in Horse Path bushes last month.

“The preliminary investigation is that it was an accident. When he fell, he hit his head, got disoriented, and wandered off in the bush. That’s what the autopsy said,” the deceased man’s brother, Direau Ricketts explained.

Ricketts said the body of his brother will be cremated after a closed-casket funeral service slated to be held 10 am at the New Testament Church of God International Worship Centre in Baugher’s Bay on Saturday.

The final ‘wake’

A final ‘wake’ or get-together for Peters was held on Thursday night at Ricketts’ business place, Dareos Jerk Centre in Road Town.

He said the hundreds who turned out for the event was expected.

“It’s because of the type of person he (my brother) was. Everybody loved him, and I am glad to see the turnout like this,” Ricketts said.

Legislator pays respect

In the meantime, government legislator Carvin Malone shared kind words about Peters at Thursday’s event.

Malone said Ricketts is married to his sister and that made Peters his brother-in-law.

“Junior was one of those guys that everybody would love. And by the show of support that you see here tonight, it is evident of the kind of love and support he gave throughout the community,” Malone stated.

“He would go out of his way to help everyone, and he made sure that when you came to the jerk stand, whether you wanted ribs or pork, he’s the man. So ’nuff’ respect to him for all that he has done while he was here. It was unfortunate that he had to pass that way. But I think his legacy will live on in terms of his kindness and his giving nature,” he added.

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  1. Condolences to his family says:

    “The preliminary investigation is that it was an accident. When he fell, he hit his head, got disoriented, and wandered off in the bush. That’s what the autopsy said,” the deceased man’s brother, Direau Ricketts explained.

    Said the exact thing.

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  2. Yes says:

    Will keep the family in my prays….

  3. Concern says:

    I’m no forensic expert – but how can an autopsy tell me if a person got disoriented and wondered off. Did they find an area or rock with blood where he hit his head -did they identify a part where he wondered through with a blood spatter… Family please ask more questions and ask for evidence.

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    • Want says:

      You want the local forensic specialists and the autopsy doctors to be able to find blood splatter to corroborate their finds? They can’t find their bathroom in the morning when they wake up. No matter. He was a down islander. How he died or what happened is of no consequence to the locals. Not one of theirs and it doesn’t matter. So sad for the family.

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      • Smh says:

        You sound so ignorant the pathologist isn’t even local. He’s from the Philippines,and his assistant is from SVG so what are you really saying. Ayo love to hate the same locals and country that you live in. no wonder there is a divide smh

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        • For sure says:

          Not to forget the police officers who searched the area and did not find the body, where are they from since the local/expat argument is being used. SMH.

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        • Not true says:

          The pathologist is from grenada dear and is assistant is from west end tortola

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    Concern I was wondering the same thing. An autopsy must state facts not speculations. How did the doctor know he became disoriented. How did he know that he wondered off. Is this not mere speculation. Tortola must stop this embacilica nonsense. Tell me who is really down island.

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  5. Reply says:

    Not every death is a crime. I know in these neck of the woods, its easy to conclude this, and your concern is understandable. However, the deceased brother is just paraphrasing what was told to him.

    Certainly, the autopsy cannot categorically say that Mr. Peters wandered off after he became disoriented upon hitting his head without eye witnesses.

    It’s an inference and a reasonable conclusion drawn based on what was found during the autopsy combined with the death scene investigation. Note I say death scene as oppose to a crime scene.

    In all likelihood, the autopsy showed that there was some sort of brain injury (severe contusion, epidural, or subdural hematoma) serious enough to have caused disorientation under any circumstances.

    When taken in context with the outcome of the death scene investigation, the medical examiner came to the conclusion that Mr. Peter’s death was most likely due to a head injury.

    As someone in the know, based on what is being reported here, I’m certain that the autopsy report would state the specific cause of his head injury. The disorientation cited is mostly likely not mentioned on the report as it’s just speculation and a plausible explanation consistent with all the findings.

    It’s just the pathologists interpretation of the sequence of events that led up to Mr Peter’s untimely death.

    At any rate, it appears Mr. Peters was a very likable man and a good person. That’s a complement in a world where so many can be just ugly and wicked. There is a saying the good ones tend to go early while the evil and wicked ones keep living.

    Mr. Peters from all reports appears to have been one of the good ones who has gone too soon.

    May he rest peacefully with the Almighty, and may his family and friends take comfort in the good times you shared with him in his short time here on earth.

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  6. Investigation says:

    If Mr Peters wandered off why was he not found earlier? What if he had been found straight away. There needs to be a review of search procedures

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    • @investigation says:

      There was surely a big fowl up. I wonder if the autopsy could have determined how many days he may have died before the remains were found. Something tell me he might not have died the same day he went missing and if they were searching thoroughly early, he might have been found alive. Chop down the bush and sift. That’s how you search. Yes, drones and dogs good, but take a cutlass and work the search. Jah knows and sh..t happens in life.

      Junior was a decent young man. Never one day pass me without saying hello. Rest well

  7. white house says:

    hope he was not killed

  8. Mick says:

    So sorry for his family at this time. Look up, look up. He is with the angels.

  9. What the fudge? says:

    You see, this is why we need to ban the sale of Cracker Jacks in the Territory. Too many badges in those boxes. What type of crap is that, fell, hit head, wandered off? Pathologist certainly could not say that.

  10. Local girl says:

    All BS, I smell a cover up, after all this is my BVI. May God help these people.
    Sleep soundly now my brother.
    Kill the body but can’t kill the spirit.
    Give God thanks for he does not sleep neither slumber.

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