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Jurors complain about Fahie’s long trial

Jurors in the trial for former Premier Andrew Fahie have started protesting about the slow pace of the trial and other issues they feel are being overlooked.

Fahie faces several counts of drug smuggling, money laundering and racketeering before a Miami court and is looking at possible life imprisonment if convicted on the charges against him by the United States government.

Testimony in the trial — which has gone on for five days so far — is usually ended by Justice Kathleen Williams after 2 pm each day to accommodate members of the jury who don’t have access to childcare after that time.

But earlier this week, the judge received a note from a juror expressing dissatisfaction that the trial was being drawn out for no reason. There was also a complaint to the judge that witnesses in the courtroom might be watching testimony given by other witnesses.

Justice Williams decided that the jurors were not discussing the trial amongst themselves – a practice that is disallowed before the case is closed, and deliberations have begun.

However, the judge expressed concern about jurors who felt the case should move faster. The juror who was frustrated by the trial’s slow pace confirmed after being questioned in open court that the jury had only discussed “time” issues, not the actual case.

The judge cautioned the jury and urged them to refrain from such discussions in the future. She reminded them that the trial wouldn’t be like any TV shows they had watched and that there would be no reference for them for the amount of time the trial would likely take.

Justice Williams also asked jurors to be patient and said she worked around scheduling issues even though she didn’t have to do this.

In the meantime, the court heard from Fahie’s attorney, Theresa Van Vliet, that the former Premier was unlikely to testify at any stage of the trial, barring any miraculous event.

Forensic evidence was also heard by the court concerning data taken from phones seized by investigators.

It is expected that Fahie’s alleged co-conspirator Oleanvine Maynard, will testify sometime this week as the prosecution’s star witness.


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  1. Smack Dabb says:

    Cost of day care is a primary driver on the judge’s decision to let the hearing out at 230pm. I don’t read into this as an indication of FAHEY’s innocence.

  2. Hmmm says:

    This will work in Fahie’s favor.

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  3. I agree with the Jurors.. says:

    Why is this mqn wasting our time, and the court’s time, 3 of them involved, 2 already pleaded guilty. Why is this stubborn man think that he is innocent..?.That’s what have Jurors upset..

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    • @ I agree with the jurors.. says:

      You do realize the PROSECUTION is presenting its case right now. NOT the other way around! However, I do agree with the jurors too. Let’s move along. I’m more curious to see what facts the defense attorney uses to defend her client. Do we know who’s on the defense witness list yet?

  4. Fair trial? says:

    If jurors are reportedly complaining about the trial being drawn out, it’s reasonable to ask can a defendant get a fair trial under such circumstances? I guess the same can be asked from the Prosecutors perspective.

    Reason being, jurors feeling this way may hurry their decision, perhaps not pay much attention to the case as they just want to get out of there.

    I don’t know. I understand the jurors pain. Jury duty is considered a civic duty. There is no big pay check. They may get some lunch during trial but nothing major to brag about relative to compensation.

    Child care is expensive. I understand their angst, but with those feelings can they still do their job fairly? Would they rush their decision because of those feelings?

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  5. >>> says:

    Too many are caught up emotionally in this case. Fahie will walk free and even if he is guilty once he can afford it he will appeal. The jury just gave him some nice grounds for an appeal if needed as well. Maynard will be ripped apart on the stand and shown to be untrustworthy.

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    • @>>> says:

      She had 3 phones, her son had 3 phones, AF 1 phone…Roxanne said he was going to wait till the plane arrived BVI to report them…Things might be looking lil up for AF. Meanwhile I still want to know what deh hell Blimp and Blimpie were doing with all dem damn phones.

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  6. Yup says:

    They have already concluded that he ifs and or buts and novsympat y for hiim…the worse of the worse in the Caribbean and South America, Wonder what is the makeup of the jury.

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  7. Mistrial coming says:

    The jurors gonna cause this to go mistrial cuz they not wit it. Shoot maybe someone done paid one of em off. In Miami these times who knows. Juror with babysitting issues will def take a lil

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  8. Wtf says:

    Andrew thinks he is special and Above the Law? The Maynards know that they were caught red handed. Fahie knows he is in the same boat so why is he behaving like a pr**k? Oh, I guess it. He was framed. Frame my a**.

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  9. IF YA'LL WANNA CRY says:

    then please go ahead and do so on the privacy of your home , I guess ya’ll miss your master • I’ve got an idea , how about getting together with CSC / THE BISHUP / THE WIGGED ONE along with his loyal followers , CSC with organize some of those SOPHISTICATED BARGES and go up to the USA and PRAY and PROTEST or even be willing to DIE for your master * SAINT ANDREW * as ya’ll be shouting out at the TOP of your voices FREE THE DREW ~ FREE THE DREW ~ FREE THE DREW , somebody bound to hear ALL – YO

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  10. remnant says:

    Fahie will get a mistrial or not guilty verdict.

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  11. Mia says:


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