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JVD and Anegada each need individual representatives

Opposition legislator Mark Vanterpool is calling for the sister islands of Anegada and Jost Van Dyke to have their own exclusive representatives under the British Virgin Islands’ newly proposed constitution.

Vanterpool said he believes having a representative from all of the sister islands will give each them proper individual representation.

“I’m in support that we have to prepare and plan for better representation in the sister islands. So I am supportive of a legislature that represents at least 15 members that has representation in there for Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.”

“So maybe time is coming when we should have a representative for Anegada and one for Jost Van Dyke, just like we have one for Virgin Gorda … And maybe that representative will help to go and develop Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.”

No Excuses

Vanterpool, who is also the Fourth District Representative, also said there is no justifiable argument against giving these sister islands the needed personal representation at this junctuure.

“Anegada is an island that has great potential, Jost Van Dyke is an island that is showing its growth. Don’t say because they are small and have a small population, they can’t be represented by themselves, they can represent themselves,” he argued.

“Don’t come and tell me about the cost and all kinds of things right now. The representation is important. Somebody in Anegada needs to be looking out for Anegada and not wait until the member from Virgin Gorda runs over to Anegada every week or every now and again. He needs to be there to represent Anegada and somebody on Jost Van Dyke needs to be over on Jost Van Dyke representing Jost Van Dyke,” Vanterpool argued.

Historic Move

The Opposition legislator further said the move would be fitting one under the newly proposed constitution.

Responding to the suggestions in the summary of the debate, Premier Andrew Fahie agreed that the two sisters need there own representation.


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  1. anegadian says:


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  2. Disillusioned says:

    In the political arena, voting change for the sake of change has never manifested what the change sought.

    Change will not come from electing revolutionaries and or green apples to power, but from enlightened peasants that will vote the right minds to change elective politics in favor of them.

  3. Please says:

    Mark thats nonsense.

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  4. Disinterested says:

    Nonsense! What Anegada and JVD needs is more effective representation. Anegada is in relatively close proximity to and align with VG. Similarly, JVD too is in close proximity to and align with District 2. Suggest adding JVD and Anegada councils.

    The 59 sq mile VI with an approx population of 34,000 has 9 districts reps and 4 At Large rep. At the district level, that 1 rep per 3778 person; at the At Large, that is 1 rep per 8500 persons. Too small of ratios. The number of rep needs to be reduced. For example, why is East and Long Look to separate districts. Pure nonsense.

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  5. SMH says:

    What a crock of F***! Let the At-Large do their damn jobs and we won’t be wasting time in HOA talking F***RY! Now you see why people like the Governor and do not trust the local politicians? Do something with sense so that the people will regain trust in you like we did with H.L. Stoutt and a few others back in the day! So sick and tired of the idiocy.

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    • Diaspora says:

      @SMH, real talk. JVD has 5 reps, ie, Turnbull, Smith, Malone, Flax-Charles, and de Castro. Anegada has Wheatley, Smith, Malone, Flax-Charles and de Castro. Additionally, Premier Fahie has to represent all the people. Anegada has a population of 285 and Jost Van Dyke 297. Are 1 to 285 and 1 to 297 reasonable ratio. As Disinterested noted, add a Council to Anegada to JVD representation. The Council can consist of 3 elected reps who can work closely with the District and At Large reps. The At Large seats were intended to serve as “swing votes” but currently they are “fifth wheels.” The At Large representation role needs to be revamped or cast it on the dung heap.

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  6. Pandora's Box says:

    How about you focus on our economy and getting people back to work and money in their accounts before you children start to bicker over this $hit?! For the love of God have some urgency … not many of us give a damn about this current discussion!
    How the news is dominated by this I have no idea!

  7. Virgin Islander says:

    My suggestion would be to reduce the number of At-Large reps to two and give one to Anegada and one to Jost Van Dyke. I do not agree with the way the At-large system is working and I don’t think it was intended to work that way. Just my thought. How often do you see your At – Large Reps?

  8. Virgin Islander says:

    My suggestion would be to reduce the number of At-Large reps to two and give one to Anegada and one to Jost Van Dyke. I do not agree with the way the At-large system is working and I don’t think it was intended to work that way. Just my thought. How often do you see your At-Large Reps?

  9. free advice says:

    Cut out the 4 atlarge seats….Insist that all who want to be premier run atlarge

  10. free advice says:

    So then it will be 12 districts and the premier atlarge

  11. Chad Norman says:

    I second the motion.
    Agreed, although Vincent Wheatley is doing a great job.

  12. Fact says:

    Flax Charles is the only At Large we see in a regular. . The others don’t even know we exist

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