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Kalik Aaron found not guilty of 2016 attempted murder

Kalik Aaron has been acquitted of all charges concerning the attempted murder of Cheltenham back in 2016.

Kalik Aaron, the man who was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and the attempted murder of Dhakeme Cheltenham back in 2016 has been acquitted.

Aaron was freed after the nine-member jury involved in his trial returned with an eight-to-one majority verdict at the High Court on Wednesday.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Kim Hollis had based her case on CCTV footage which allegedly showed Aaron as the so-called getaway driver of a yellow truck moments after Cheltenham was shot outside the UP’s Cineplex.

However, Aaron’s attorneys Patrick Thompson and Reynela Rawlins successfully argued that the CCTV footage was not supported by any other evidence.

They noted the absence of DNA evidence, identification, and physical evidence.

Jurors, who were seemingly not convinced that Aaron participated in the joint enterprise with the shooter to kill Cheltenham, subsequently moved to a acquit the accused man.

What was alleged

The court heard that at roughly 5 am on October 29, 2016, Cheltenham and Aaron, as well as the gunman and others, were at Da Basement nightclub at UP’s Cineplex in Road Town.

A Halloween party had just ended and Cheltenham walked across the road in the vicinity of a car rental company to urinate.

It was alleged that a CCTV camera captured the shooter, as well as Aaron and a few others exiting the aforementioned yellow truck hours before the shooting. The same group were also seen loitering outside the building moments before the incident took place.

The court had also heard that a lone gunman followed Cheltenham and fired five shots at him outside the club.

Aaron was accused of ‘rushing’ to the same yellow truck and driving away some 10 seconds later. The gunman is said to have remained behind while the vehicle reportedly headed in the direction of the Road Town Police Station.

The shooter then made good his escape on foot, in the direction of the High Court which the Crown claimed was a mistake as he was not familiar with the area.

The DPP had also alleged that the men in the same truck were seen back on the scene sometime later. The DPP claimed that they were trying to locate the shooter who was eventually found in the vicinity of Scotiabank.


Aaron reportedly had said that he merely gave the men a ride to the club and he was also the one who drove the vehicle home.

He denied that he was in the company of the shooter.

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  1. lol says:

    that mean these cctv cameras aint serving no purpose. smh

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    • Jaigon says:

      @lol, did you read that it was because of certain cctv captures why this man was arrested so how are they not serving any purpose. Sometimes base on who you are, what family you belong to, jurors let you off scotch free. He admitted that he drop the guys to the party but yet he is saying he was not in the company of the shooter, how interesting.

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  2. Windy says:

    Another for DPP … lost

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  3. Real says:

    Realll ppl do real things, big up king man, unlike them soft dudes who never do ntn out this situation

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  4. Scatliffe says:

    Them boy the softest set of s*******e, just about that Facebook life

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  5. huh says:

    So how should the other mother feel now?

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    • Suga says:

      She should feel blessed to have her child alive. … others kidnapped and took an innocent man’s life. You should ask how does that man’s mother feel.

  6. For real says:

    From what I gather it appears that this —- and —- family have kind of curse on them good riddims

  7. read it properly says:

    Found not guilty, not proved innocent

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  8. Wow says:

    Boy Enos I need the number of you O*** Man. If you can keep getting off your children. Wow

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  9. Khadin says:

    Aye be on your toes now, god give u a second chance. Sorry for ratting out the big man

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  10. @ khadin says:

    Whoever u is stop f***ing around with ppl name .

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  11. Friend says:

    Ayo easy off my nigga khadin wid this stupid rat talk .if a man rat how come he doin 86months an on top of that he get 5 more months than his accomplice who get 81 months soo who his accomplice rat on lolol . Real men do hard time,rats does none.not everything glitter is gold stop believing everything u see. Who know my dawg know better he wud never sell out his boys dem

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  12. Who we kidding? says:

    The Other Brother would Get off Too. Ta—. M— to long for Jail

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