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Keep off AO Shirley Grounds, facility closed for repairs

FILE PHOTO: The AO Shirley grounds before the 2017 hurricanes.

The AO Shirley Recreational Grounds in Road Town is closed to the public.

This is to facilitate works that just commenced at the sporting facility. These works are expected to last approximately four weeks, the ministry responsible for education, sports, and culture has said.

Works are expected to be done on the track and on the bathroom facilities at the grounds. These repairs are being done through the Recovery and Development Agency under the guidance of the BVI Athletic Association and the BVI Olympic Committee.

“I am indeed happy to see the commencement of this project. Our athletes will once again be able to practice and develop their skills in a space that is conducive to do so. During this time of reconstruction, however, the AO Shirley Grounds will not be open for use by anyone. This precautionary measure is to ensure the safety of the public and the ease in carrying out the works that will result in an improved track,” said Dr Marcia Potter, the Permanent Secretary in the aforementioned ministry.

The facility has therefore been cordoned while works are ongoing. This, the ministry said, is also to keep the track protected and to prevent persons from using the facility as a thoroughfare.

“Trainers, athletes and other persons as asked to refrain from using the recreation grounds while the works are being carried out,” the ministry reiterated in a media release on Thursday. “Once completed, the refurbished track will once again be suitable for training and recreation, and be of the standard to host regional and international competition.”

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  1. ndp {no doggone priority} says:

    What about the high school?

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  2. So um says:

    Now you coming issuing notice? Where is the notice to the the athletes and coaches and the Athletics Association that the works would be starting.

    You think we don’t know that this work was supposed to be done months ago before the competition season started.

    So everyone shows up on Wednesday to see works started. Now the meets scheduled for the next weeks have to be put off and needed training for upcoming meets affected.

    Who you people really looking out for?

    It’s really election season. The contract had to get going so the election money could flow.

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    • vi says:

      Whether now or later, the track needs to be repaired. As it is right now it looks like a total disgrace and eyesore. Be grateful whether election time or not. It has been in this condition since Sept 2017. It is high time repairs begun

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      • Hush says:

        It been in a disgraced state for years but our athletes still made qualifying times and got scholarships because the still has the track to train on.

        You are missing the point. It’s about timing.

        Do you think you can just get up and fix a training facility that’s in use anytime you feel like? It’s about the athletes and what several weeks without proper training and competition will do to their season and performance.

        Do you think they will shutdown school just to fix a building with no alternative place for the kids to go school and without telling the principal, teachers and students?

        You clearly don’t have a clue. Go campaign from talking about things you know nothing about.

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    • Orm says:

      So if you knew it was to be started weeks ago why did you not make other arrangements like the Festival grounds on the other side???

      • Umm says:

        Go ask Myron. He has all the answers these days. And while you at it ask him how much money he as Minister give to sports in the last 4 years up to today.

        FYI the last word was this project was not proceeding right now so why find an alternative until the Minister said different.

  3. Don’t be fooled says:

    Thanks to the overseas bodies that sent this money. This sport is really doing well and thank God they were able to continue their training right after Irma. The success of the athletes is bringing recognition to the country and also allowing our kids to get scholarships to attend college. Good job to the dedicated coaches and athletes.

    The work is needed on the track but the timing is bad. Who fixes a facility when it is most needed by the athletes to enable them to be ready for upcoming competition. This should have long been done.

    Government ain’t put a cent into this project but Myrun looking election points. Olympic committee receive this money on behalf of the track association. Ephraim helping out the NDP to look good.

    Keep your head up coaches and athletes.

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  4. READ says:

    It is so sad when people cannot comprehend what they read. The article said the work is being done through the recovery agency with the athlethic association and bvi olympic committee. Where is Myron name mention? Also notices were handed last year to all uses on the track about the work to be commenced. Is use the track and read the notice

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    • Blind supporter says:

      Ask everyone involved who made the decision to go ahead with the project even though there was strong opposition to the timing? It wasn’t the Ahtletic Association for sure. A press release never says it all.

      So if the Minister not involved why his PS issuing this press release?

      It is known that the money was received by the Olympic Committee from overseas to carry out the works and that the works would be done before the track season started. Obviously this didn’t happen.

      Where they is no vision the people will perish.

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    • SMH says:

      He looking Election Points Yes! Can’t be coincidence that all these Projects are being worked on right before an Election which they are stalling to get their Pointers in. People can’t all be that Naive!

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      • @SMH says:

        I agree. I think they should leave all the roads mashup, schools mashup, water off, sewage in the streets, recreational facilities, even money in the treasury. It should all be put on hold until after elections. Let’s march to the Governor House and make sure it happens (**Sarcasm OFF**)


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  5. Want2Kno says:

    What’s government’s $$ contribution to this venture?

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  6. Diaspora says:

    If we (taxpayers) are going to spend money on A.O. “suggy” Shirley Recreation Ground/center, lets modernized the facility. For starters, let’s get rid of the 1970’s blue box. Let’s add some proper covered seating among other things. 2

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