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Kishma Penn spearheads uniform drive

Outspoken public servant Kishma Penn is inviting the public to join her on her mission to supply students at public high schools with uniforms for the next school year. 

Penn said she has partnered with J&C Department Store and the BVI Red Cross for this uniform drive.

Using her Facebook platform, she appealed for the public’s support, stating that the uniform drive is mainly to assist struggling parents or single-parent families. She said she hopes to provide two pairs of uniforms for each child.

“For one child the average is about $100 but if you can’t donate $100 you can donate $5, $10 or $20. Or if you choose you can buy the items at J&C Department Store,” Penn explained.

Penn said she will be launching a website for her initiative so needy students and parents can register and give vital information needed to secure their uniforms.

“There will be a day when I’ll hand out the actual uniforms where everyone will come, line up and collect their uniforms. For those who didn’t register, they’ll still be able to collect their uniforms. But those who register beforehand will more than likely be able to pick up their uniforms before that day,” Penn explained.

Individuals who wish to help may contact Kishma Penn on Facebook.

“For those who want to donate by cheque or cash, please inbox me and we’ll have someone collect your donations. For those who want to donate the items, nothing is wrong with that,” said Penn.

The uniform drive ends on August 15 and Penn said she hopes to extend the drive to students of the primary schools next year.

“As a community, we once used to help each other. When we went to buy school uniforms we would buy for those who didn’t have. We have to go back to those things. Those are the things that made the BVI,” Penn said in her Facebook post.


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  1. Nice says:

    Go Kishma!

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  2. Hmm says:

    I think parents with more than one child in public school should benefit from this maybe not for all their kids but at least one if they two and for two if they have three.

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  3. Ok says:

    So I have a brand new junior girl shirt and brand new boy pants. They were not from JC as other stores sells uniform too so where should I drop them off?

  4. Stormy Dayz says:

    This is what some people should be doing instead of using the media to chat p¡$$. Let the one from the funeral home take notes…things like THIS is what she should be doing. Much love and respect to Kishma for this.

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  5. . says:

    Good initiative.

  6. Firev flies says:

    I think there is a fb group called fire flies where you can volunteer items for free

  7. Memorial says:

    Ok competition got the message next dead body is yours lol

  8. W.E. Man says:

    Why do the children have to wear a school uniform in this day and age, it makes them all look the same, just split into two genders. Children here grow up blindly following established rules and social norms. They should instead be encouraged at an early age to explore their creative side and learn to express themselves as individuals, how about a march to ban the uniforms.

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  9. @W.E man says:

    for one it will cost parents a lot of money imagine you have young kids wanting to compete with their rich friends to wear a new cloth every week. this is not good for poor people it will have more bullying if this should happen because children who afford might laugh at a poorer child who keep wearing the same clothes week after week. two wearing a uniform tells us if is a child or adult there are some children who look grown up and those pervert out there will not see the difference. three they can be identified which school they are from in their uniform. four they look darn good in their respective school uniform.

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  10. JY says:

    Drop off at the Red Cross

  11. @w.e. man says:

    We got a gr@@mer in the chat!

  12. Hand Out Rules says:

    Right! They should be on front page of the International News demonsrating their method of keeping the mentality of handouts and gimmee and remaining poor with a poor mentality and outlook.
    Groom the children early on. Pride and self sufficiency are curse words when it comes to some but still wanting respect. NO WAY.

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  13. Cause says:

    The best would be to hand out birthcontrol and they are varied to them with extras for their mothers.
    Precaution and prevention of that which you cannot afford,goes a long way in preventing poverty and boosts self esteem. Makes for a better community and country in every way.

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  14. Real says:

    Pride comes before the fall

  15. anonymous donor says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the concept as a charity/worthy cause. Many parents with multiple children in high school struggle. This is the community offering a helping hand. I despise the notion that is a way to keep people begging and looking for handouts. However, I think the privacy of the recipients should be respected, and not have people on blast just because they are getting something as a gift from the generous souls in the community. So while it is all good to have the distribution recorded for transparency purposes, try not to show the identity of the those collecting, unless they are volunteers to have themselves publicized.

  16. @ W E man says:

    For uniformity and some control over what can be Carnival and strip club and soliciting attire by children of the lesser Gods.

  17. Mmm says:

    I live in the US where uniforms are not worn in public schools. It is heartbreaking to know the problems some face because parents can’t afford to keep up with changing fashion….bullying, suicide, theft. Let the children wear uniform. Money is saved by parents, clothes bullying is almost non-existent.
    Let the uniform continue

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