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Kittitian woman found dead in Purcell Estate | Police launch probe

Police Station

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said investigations are underway into the circumstances surrounding the death of a St Kitts & Nevis national on Tortola.

Acting Police Information Officer Akia Thomas said the RVIPF received the report of an ‘unresponsive female’ in Purcell Estate about 6 pm on Friday.

“She was identified as 62-year-old Shirley Malone. She was pronounced dead at the scene,” BVI News was told.

Businessman arrested in unrelated incident

In a further unrelated inquiry, Thomas said a local businessman was arrested yesterday at about 7 pm.

“He was subsequently discharged pending further investigations,” she stated.

Information reaching BVI News indicate that the man is the Managing Director of Bobby’s Market Place, Elton Leonard.

He was allegedly arrested for facilitating non-unformed workers to receive grocery items at his establishment. BVI News understands that the businessman was in custody for roughly two hours before he was released 

Defence attorney Leroy Jones represents him.

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  1. Confused says:

    Not sure why there is an unrelated story of a man’s arrest in an article about a woman’s death….

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  2. No nonsense says:

    I supporting Bobbies supermarket from now on. He is the people’s man and working with the poor hungry people. Leave him ALONE! He have not raised his prices like Wrong Way. ?I with UP are you?

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    • Angry says:

      I totally agree with you on that, Bobby’s supermarket is the only supermarket price remain the same.

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    • Date by says:

      Ok, but half the things does be expired. I went in to buy milk once, and ALL the milk had expired SMH

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    • Wrong way says:

      Yuh notice they refuse to discount the water now. There 99¢ juice is $1.29 and a lot of there ‘sale’ prices are inflated and reduced to the price they originally were. They really take us for fools if you regularly shop there you know deception from a genuine sale. UPs prices remain steadfast. People were hungry and he fed them. I guess we are not our brothers keeper. Those carrying out the arrest fridge was full so they don’t care. They don’t have hungry babies, children and seniors hungering for food. The delivery system was overwhelmed and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I hope he gets a warning and they keep it moving.

    • Dang says:

      “He was allegedly arrested for facilitating non-unformed workers”

      Are non unformed workers formed? So what are unformed workers like? Just a wobbly mass of plasma?
      I think I may have seen some of them in One Mart.

  3. UP says:

    UP was doing his best. He had hand-washing station, he was checking temperature, he was only letting in a small number of people for a limited time and he was checking passes. Not everyone who is an essential worker has a uniform. Riteway was also letting people in but not checking anything, why isn’t their CEO being arrested? Is that’s where the governor shops?

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    • Hmmm says:

      Maybe you should all check and see who owns Riteway. I believe it’s a certain politician whose last name starts with a “V”. Perhaps that is why he is above the law both for ignoring who can shop and price gouging.

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      • Secret Bear says:

        That certain politician owns One Mart, not Rite Way.

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      • Reasonable Man says:

        Riteway is owned by the North West Company. North West is a Canadian company with operations in the US, Canada, the South Pacifc as well as other Caribbean locations.

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        • Hmmm says:

          I think you are confused with the North American Riteway and the local Riteway. Second as franchises are not allowed in the BVI it is doubtful what you say is true. Last, the only way a company of this or any size can operate in the BVI is that it is owned by a Belonger. Last , Vanterpool owns the Riteway. Go check it out

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        • A question for Mr J says:

          The other day the Governor was shopping in there. Riteway. As soon as he finish he close the place down. Not allowing other ‘essential workers’ in uniform or not. Why did he do that?

      • Rubber Duck says:

        That is One Mart not Riteway. Riteway was sold to the Hudson Bay Company a couple of years ago.

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      • Expat??? says:

        Most likely you just came to live in the country the other day else you would not be this I’ll informed. No he does not!

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      • Hungry bear says:

        ” I believe it’s a certain politician whose last name starts with a “V”.”

        Yanis Varoufakis owns Rightway? Who knew? Damn Greeks coming over here taking our jobs.

  4. Hmmmm says:

    Different strokes for different folks.

  5. RIP says:

    Lockdown killing more people than COVID. Gos be with us!!

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  6. may her soul rest in peace says:

    Wow this is sad. My prayers and condolences goes to the family.

    Whoever else about to comment, I’ll say this here. If you fast and assume this is a COVID related death, you a real jacka$$$.. Go read some books.

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  7. Good Elton says:

    Why you guys Make good man like elton try to feed people who need some to eat. Make head line news that is not Good no Good. Elton Be Good My Boy

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  8. Wait for the facts says:

    People are always jumping to conclusions and looking to spread news. When the Filipino lady died the other day, there was this big old hardback going around saying how the lady died from asthma and not corona….guess somebody made him the medical examiner SMH

  9. For the record says:

    Riteway is not owned by a politician with a surname beginning with V, please check your facts before you comment.

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  10. Cgb says:

    I can’t wait for CGB to open

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  11. DO THE RIGHT THING says:

    Elton is a good and kind man, police need to spend their time policing people who are breaking the lockdown, not someone that is trying to help the people .
    What good is a lockdown if 132 people break the rule.

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  12. LTS says:

    My Dear Friend UP….”Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick and You Will Go Far”…..This is Who You Are, Always Doing The Best You Can, The World Needs More People Like You! My Family and I are Supporting You!

  13. Sigh says:

    …He was practicing social distancing and only allowing a small amount of people in at a time .It was only a few people..I was shocked to hear that they locked him up…That food saved us. If we had to depend on the government or the food deliveries we would die.. And I don’t want to hear the you should have shopped for 3 weeks, because you don’t know anyone’s financial situation.

  14. Sister Island says:

    There is way too much nonsense going on in Tortola. You have all the cases. I keep reading about people doing dumb stuff. Please shut down the ferry and let Virgin Gorda go back to business! District Nine can do fine alone in this case.

  15. News says:

    All the years I know that woman in Tortola, that I didn’t even know she was a native of St. Kitts & Nevis. I though she was born in the VI.

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