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Kyron has inspired me, says Premier

Twenty-one-year-old 400-metre hurdles sensation Kyron McMaster has inspired the territory’s leader, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

The 73-year-old Premier said he gained inspiration from McMaster after watching him make athletic history in Gold Coast, Australia on Thursday.

McMaster won gold in the Men’s 400-metre hurdles – making him the first British Virgin Islands athlete to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games.

“Let me start off by saying how proud I am at this very moment of Kyron McMaster. His unprecedented victory inspired me, even more, to get on with the building of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) stronger, smarter, greener, better for the people now and for future generations,” said Premier Smith at a recent press briefing.

He said the star athlete has also inspired the people of the BVI “in a spirit of triumph and possibilities”.

“Thank you, Kyron, and for all those who have contributed to his success … for showing the world who we really are,” he added.

BVI Proud

The Premier went on to describe McMaster as ‘a focused young man of exceptional athletic prowess’.

“I know I can say this for the entire BVI; that we are all filled with excitement and pride as the conversation on the street, in the work places, and on social media are evident of the joy,” Premier Smith said.

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  1. Sigh says:

    Inspire you to do what, run your mouth and the country further into the ground?

  2. @Hmmm says:

    Maybe Kyron’s speed will inspire you to release the audits faster

  3. Bills says:

    Hope he inspired him and his government to do the right thing.

  4. JK says:

    inspired to do what? attempt to go sub 40secs in the 400 meter “dash with the taxpayers cash” event?

  5. Really says:

    Cheese n bread y ayo got to take a positive news story an p*ss all ova it so. Sick of it … ayo cant just allow bvi to have a minute of unadulterated joy? Cool pic tho

  6. E.Leonard says:

    Truly, McMaster’s success on the track is a testament of his dedication, hard work, preparation, discipline, persistence and perseverance. In a time of national crisis, his success boost and lift the spirit of all VI residents. Moreover, let his success and influence extend well beyond the track, inspiring all VI residents to put aside differences, if any, and unite to rebuild the territory. May his success be an inspiration for leaders to lead the VI out of crisis. May it act as a catalyst for continued effective governance, ie, transparency, accountability, open communications…….etc.

    Congratulations Kyron and all other athletes! You have represented the VI well, are all winners and are an inspiration for the BVI residents in these challenging times. Stay focus, keep striving and continue working hard to climb to higher heights. Stay strong/BVI strong and keep the faith.

    • Well Well says:

      Good points. And i am also proud of him. Hope he can hold on and do the same at the Olympics.
      How ever, what Hon Smith said is very good. And any one who could be inspired by the youth, is ok . Lets stop the hate and rebuild with love. Stop this stupidness about Politics and help each other to live in harmony.

    • More Than Word could say says:

      Well said

  7. Mr slate says:

    Premier have some Hurdles to jump I guess

  8. Wes says:


  9. Tolian to the Bone says:

    Kyron, we love you. We are proud of you. What an athlete you are. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Keep striving. We can already see you winning Olympic gold. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Throw your hand in the air and inhale deep, my brother. You are our Usain Bolt and we are proud, proud.

  10. Tolian to the Bone says:

    And @Sigh, Jk, Hmmm and Bills, uou guys are like the little surprises that you step into when visiting your dog house first thing in the morning. Just somethimg extremely vile and ugly on the bottom of your shoe. Get a life. People are dying everyday. Keep your stress to yourselves.

    Where is your national pride? This is Kyron’s moment. Take your tired behinds and blog somewhere else. Not even a congtatulation for Kyron. Utterly disgusting.

    • @Tolian to The Bone says:

      This particular article is about the premier being inspired by kyron, not kyron’s success. That article long came and gone and people now talking about how the premier piggy backing off of kyron success. Its ok, comprehension dont seem to be your strong point, you just 1 of them emotional bloggers who think their opinion mean something….

  11. JAY says:

    Glory be to God for the achievement.God will uphod Tyron McMaster, veteran sprinter, Ms Harrigan, ALL participants in the Commonwealth competition and all people who contribute one way or the other to make BVI great.We should aspire to be transparent in our dealings to achieve higher feat. God bless’

  12. JAY says:

    Well done Kyron and other participants . More grease to your elbow.This is the beginning BVI will go higher level if we are closer to God .God bless

  13. voter says:

    We do not wish to hear from —– h– ndp is just too curupt

  14. real seekabay says:

    Sorry Premier. You cannot handle Kyron’so success.

  15. Bvi currency¿ says:

    Cool pic for a collectors item……hmmmm a. $100.00 dollar bill.

    Just saying…

    Great job brother.

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