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Kyron working with Usain Bolt’s management

Kyron McMaster . File photo

By Horace Mills, BVI News Online Staff

The British Virgin Islands’ most promising athlete Kyron McMaster is working with the management team of the world’s fastest human – Usain Bolt who will retire from athletics in summer this year.

The young athlete’s father Anthony McMaster told BVI News Online in an exclusive interview that Bolt’s manager Norman Peart is among several persons who are interested in being Kyron’s manager.

In fact, that management team was the one that encouraged Kyron to compete in the Jamaica Invitational last week Saturday, said Kyron’s father.

Kyron did not disappoint as he defeated a top quality field to finish the 400 Metre Hurdles in a world leading 47.80 seconds.

The British Virgin Islands athlete started to grab international attention particularly after he finished third last year at the World Junior Championship in Poland. At the time, he ran a personal best and a national record.

“After Kyron came back from world juniors, he began to get calls from scouts in the United States – even in the United Kingdom.”

“Bolt’s manager made contact with him and told him that he sees something special in him, and he would like to have further conversation with him and whatnot,” added Kyron’s father.

“Of all the managers that touched base with him, for some reason, he seems to have a special relationship with Bolt’s manager. So they kept in contact.”

Peart remains impressed with Kyron’s performance.

“When we opened the season this year, they were intrigued by how Kyron was performing, as they said he just continued to excel,” the young athlete’s father further told BVI News Online.

He further said he is particularly proud that Kyron has been groomed locally for the international stage, adding that the McMaster family owes a debt of gratitude to Dag Samuels, who has been coaching Kyron for some six years now and counting.

“It’s nothing new for Dag in terms of coaching and what he does. What is new for all of us is that we now have an athlete in the BVI who has basically hit the top of the world stage, to know that it’s a local coach that has been working with him . That is what makes it I think even a prouder moment for the BVI because Kyron is all BVI – born and bred,” added the athlete’s father.

He further told BVI News Online: “From the time Kyron was about 13/14 years of age, Dag has been his coach, and Dag continues to stay with him. So it is no surprise that they are now working hand in hand to get him where he is.”

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