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Labour suspends applications for work permit exemptions

The Labour Ministry is advising the public that the submission of applications for work permit exemption is currently on hold.

Authorities informed our news centre that the ministry is working on improving the application process and applicants are therefore asked to refrain from submitting their applications until further notice.

“During this time, the work permit exemption policy will be revised. Further information will be provided to the public once the process for the submission of applications resumes,” a bulletin from the Labour Ministry said.

Some persons who are eligible for work permit exemptions include those who are visiting the territory for short-term engagements such as meetings, business-related functions, sporting events and students attending institutions of learning for short-term training and educational activities.

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  1. Sick ah dem says:

    Vincent again messing with our Caribbean brothers and sisters. There is no need to stop the process while you fix it. We know that we cannot deny people who are married to BVIslanders from getting an exemption. Why hold up the process? Fix the areas that you have a problem with but don’t deny those who we know are entitled. And how can you deny people who may have already qualified based on the current policy? This government is just intellectually lazy.

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  2. Styles. says:

    Hey Vicenzio

    What do you mean suspend? As if you were processing any in the past period.

    I know nobody is entitled to anything, but fairness is a very simple thing to abide by. You have rules, follow them.

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  3. SMH says:

    The Labour Department did the Right Thing! Sorry, but We have to consider the Iimpact on the Territory’s Economy and at the same time the Welfare of Our People. We cannot be renewing Work Permits when We have Locals striving to Survive. Who Bex Let Them Vex! My Views!

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  4. @ ASKING says:

    Is this,this vulture’s way of getting his groove on ? ( he felt deeply hurt about how much about people’s hard earned money and how much they sent out BUT not how much is being spent here daily – real predator

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  5. Can only say says:


  6. Hmm says:

    The immigration staff really need to publish all document they required from persons for the various stuff ppl goes there for. Imagine they tell you get this you get it submit it they now tell you you have get that. They just wasting ppl time. Isee them asking for the exact same documents ppl took in to labour department if they are working together they should know that once a person get a receipt from labour it means the had all their required doxuments for it to be accepted. They want a copy too. This is nonsence.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    About the most screwed up labour laws on the planet. Arbitrary, inconsistent, unfair.

    Everyone suffers ,employees, employers, innocent families.

    Just another day in the crazy world of F** Alberts gang.

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  8. @ rubber duck says:

    yep , he and his choir , they all singing the same song , he and his aristocrats went to England looking £$ it didn’t work and not one request a meeting with the prime minister about reparation BUT COME back and expect the messenger JASPERT to make it happen and since then it’s the same chorus ( JASPERT and UK )

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  9. Xenophobia says:

    What Caribbean people do Vincent? I remember the venom he had during the election campaign against two candidates with family ties to the Caribbean. Something is wrong here. Why is he always trying to keep down the Caribbean people?

  10. Human rights says:

    None here

  11. Westman says:

    The white man will Dave us,again Jesus my lard

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