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Lands in hands! Wheatley pushes for greater land ownership


Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley has appealed for a greater distribution of lands for the people of the BVI, especially on the island of Virgin Gorda.

“We have to get the lands in people’s hands. There’s only one thing left to do — to get the criteria published,” the former Minister for Natural Resources said while appearing on the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) Let’s Talk show earlier this week.

Wheatley said infrastructure such as roads are already in place for the community and argued that the issue of getting lands distributed is of critical importance to him and to the people of Virgin Gorda. 

Wheatley, who served as portfolio Minister during the Andrew Fahie led-VIP government, said work on the Gun Creek area in Virgin Gorda must also be sorted out with some level of urgency. “We got to get Gun Creek Harbour taken care of. Again, enough of this talk. Let’s get it done,” Wheatley said. “I’ve been hearing this talk for the last, probably 15, 20 years. Let’s get it done.”

While noting that there is a need for bathrooms in the Savannah Bay area, he said that he could not forgive the previous National Democratic Party (NDP) administration for not extracting land at Savannah Bay from a lease that the party reportedly renewed while it was in office.

“It could have been almost like a little Cane Garden Bay, but I guess persons didn’t see it fit to empower the people of Virgin Gorda to get that back,” he stated.

Unfettered discretion

Wheatley came under scrutiny during the Commission of Inquiry (COI) for his handling of some land matters while serving as the Natural Resources Minister, including a $10 million land deal with an unnamed developer that the Attorney General said back then was brought to Cabinet prematurely as well as a parcel of land leased by Delta Petroleum.

Wheatley told the COI that the urgency of the land deal matter centred around the lack of commercial activity during the middle of the global pandemic and explained that the then-Fahie Administration had been trying to inject economic activity into the territory.

The COI concluded in its report that the disposal of Crown Land is an area where decisions were taken by Ministers without any published criteria about the assessment of applications. It added that assessments are made in the unfettered discretion of the Minister, and approved by Cabinet in their unfettered discretion. 

“Under pressure from successive Governors (who have consistently expressed concern about the lack of proper process for these disposals), the Ministry is now reviewing the framework, mechanisms and overall governance with a view to bringing the management of Crown Land within a statutory framework. Such a review is long overdue,” the report stated. 

Wheatley is seeking re-election in the Ninth District as a candidate for the Virgin Islands Party.


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  1. Seriously says:

    Wow, He blame NDP, we put them out and put him in, he did nothing and still blaming NDP. What should we do?. My head spinning.

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    Is on the hunt once more , that predator instinct is turned on , watch oUT

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  3. Island Man says:

    This is how you know it’s election time. Everybody miraculously now knows how to help people if you vote for them. That’s it Politicians are worst than lawyers

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  4. Virgin Gordian says:

    Is this Guy for real? The people of Virgin Gorda and Anegada need to send this Guy packing. Who this Guy wanted to satisfy with Land got Land and here he is talking about Land in hands of people? He shouldn’t even be running for re-elections talking Piss. Wasn’t he the one telling the COI that only people who can develop Lands like Y*tes should get Lands and they did? Wheatley, YOU are a Remnant of Head Coach and you need to go sit down at home. Unfortunately, some people in VG are soo gullible they will fall for your stupidity.

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  5. tek his party out says:

    Only looking out for himself and the insurance man when it comes to land

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  6. Resident says:

    Our youth need opportunities to become land owners

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  7. Horse Feathers says:

    Put down the *. It soused your brain.

    Don’t let this man anywhere near anything to do with public lands. He was called upon by the COI to explain the way he was mishandling the distribution of public lands – no established criteria or policies. Everything done based on favoritism. The worst part was the planned giveaway of land in front of the hospital to a private “investor” who remains nameless. The public knows better – he is another one sheltering under the green umbrella and prepared to sell us down the river.

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  8. Right handed play boy says:

    He likes to make these kinds of deals. Buying and selling land. It be your own sometimes. That’s why the UK needs to step in, this corruption will never end. Our actions will lead to our own demise on the premise of (BVI freedom, BVI love). Smh

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  9. Horse Back says:

    I want a name of this private investor asap mehson

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  10. Vote for me says:

    Free jam! Free jam today! Free jam tomorrow! When i get elected: don’t you dare ask me for jam.

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  11. HMM says:

    One forget it have lots of children born here who when reaches ten can et a local passport are they being considered to get those land too??

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  12. Beware!! says:

    Is this the same guy that said all the low income houses at Joe’s Hill Manor will be occupied, despite Honourable Penn said he don’t think so because they were too expensive ……..From low income, to affordable to unaffordable. Any one fall for this Machiavellianism have no one to blame but themselves, one have to be more politically intelligent and vote with common sense, not by what is promised, if by now we don’t realize that a promise is a comfort to a fool when will we realize

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  13. Me says:

    This man is worse than his fatherinlaw

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  14. Again says:

    Butch you no different than Ralph only worst

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  15. Truth be told. says:

    Go sit down. You coming with the same old talk..As a matter a fact, lets suppose you win which will not happen, you are nothing but a back bencher. What can you do.?

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  16. Fat Pork says:

    Listen, it’s time to mop up the place.
    We had enough. Stop playing with our intelligence.

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  17. Check him says:

    I am not going to bring up anything new on this guy though it has many. In my humblest opinion, and i am trying to be as fair as i fear God’s wrath, No Female , not one single one(i dont mean unmarried) should give this gentleman a vote, seeing this is the guy who had consented to goving a Full Pledge Rapist(who was and maybe is still jailed abroad, i stand to be corrected on the latter part) granted Status in these beautiful virgin islands.. but hear reasons ,people does change, i knew him from he was young, and his mother lives here and requested.
    Women that is a slap in your faces, . Think about yourself, and even if not, your daughters, nieces,and every young girl you know and wise up yourselves.. i kno i have seven daughters and i wont say what i think as their Father..

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  18. Lmao says:

    He has 4 years to put these so called lands in hands! Why didn’t he do it then? It was his portfolio! No excuse!

  19. Wow. Wow. says:

    Not even one blogger blog in support of this guy. His popularity has reached an all time low…I too don’t think he is a good hearted person base on my personal experience with him. He appeared to be nice but once he got elected. Hmmm. Like he start taking bad mind and selfish pills.

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  20. How soon we all forget says:

    How selflessly this man worked after Irma to help VG recover and he was not even elected then. Whether you like him or not, Everyone else was all talk ( we’re looking at you VG at large rep)He GOT IT DONE!

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  21. Gadaman says:

    Well Anegada ain’t checking for him, and he neglected V.G. He’s done for. Nobody likes you dude. I know you read these comments, so go siddown somewhere; it’s over.

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  22. Done deal says:

    There are already lands in hands just not the right hands!!! We know what you did!

  23. Fair says:


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  24. Worrying says:

    To the Governor of the Virgin Islands, I request that you look into the ploy of the current premier to undermine democracy in this country by promising a benefit to the USVI governor in exchange for the benefit of the USVI governor putting on a pappy show to try and influence and sway votes. This needs to be looked into for suspicion of bribery and corruption. We have seen the way funds have been distributed that are actually recorded. We do not know what funds have been distributed that were not recorded but may have been covered up by indicating someone got more than they did, when in reality, the extra may have been given to others off the record. We have a news media of a certain colour that is reporting matters in a bias way. This raises suspicion of bribery and corruption again. Some benefit may have been promised or exchanged. Even the DPP pressed charges that are baseless in the wake of the victim speaking out for the BVI people. Is the DPP also under influence and took measures knowing there is no basis for a charge, as concluded by your Commissioner of Police at the time, but is still attempting to tarnish someone’s reputation in order to again influence the votes? Is the VIP leader the chosen successor of his former, as the undercover mentioned in the indictment in ways that are yet to be revealed?Is the current willing to go at such lengths to have his way? If the VIP administration wins in any election despite the overwhelming criminal evidence against that administration, the underlying corruption and bribery involved will speak for itself. It is at this point that I will personally ask the UK to suspend the constitution and intervene because the virgin islands people majority would have proven themselves to be even more corrupt to be promoting these heinous crimes for the exchange of some benefit in cash or other reward.

  25. Damn you says:

    @how soon we forget,You are a Shereen hater. The article is about the 9th district rep. How she got in the mix? You’re real crab in a barrel mehson

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  26. @How soon we all forget says:

    He was the Sister Islands Coordinator, he did was his job after Irma and Maria nothing extra special. I’m sure persons were grateful at that time but that is irrelevant when its comes to politics now.

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  27. Makes no sense says:

    I applied for land 10 plus years now, and all they could do is send back a letter saying no land is available, but they can find land for what them want it for.

  28. Kuwasi says:

    Levons for the win in D9

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  29. Belonga says:

    Vote Coy Evans to the rescue, as both Wheatley and Flax have failed us. We need new blood with a new start. No more false promises. Bring on the Debate urgently Virgin Gorda. NDP all the way

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    Who is Coy Levons? Asking for 99% of Virgin Gorda

  31. The Owl says:

    Even Anegadians asking that question

  32. Fedup says:

    Correct, born and raised here in the BVI and come like only the wealthy can be the only ones have land and I can’t. Sweet whisperings from that man.

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