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Leaders aren’t doing enough to encourage public to take vaccine

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

Health Minister Carvin Malone has said the 15 members of the House of Assembly need to do more to actively promote the territory’s vaccination campaign.

To date, fewer than 15,000 persons have been vaccinated in the BVI. And there continues to be a vast number of people who refuse to take the jabs even though leaders have said the territory’s economic success is tied to the full vaccination of the population.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on April 22, Malone said some members of the House are doing their best to encourage persons to take the jabs but others simply aren’t doing their part.

“I am of the opinion that not enough is being said by members of the importance of the vaccination programme. I’m not just talking nine [government] members, I’m talking 15 members — the entire House of Assembly. I will go on record as doing as much as I could and other members are doing all they could, but not all members are doing all they could,” Malone stated.

The minister’s statement seemed to be geared towards Opposition members of the House of Assembly. He suggested some are more concerned about the number of meetings they’ve been invited to by the Fahie-led administration.

“I came here at the start of this session to answer questions as to ‘how many times you invite me to a meeting’. We’ve invited you to whatever meeting we needed to for critical decisions. We didn’t invite you every time we had caucus. There is a certain protocol if you want to attend caucus. If you want to be invited to every caucus meeting, you know what to do,” Malone said.

Fully vaccinated persons to be released from immediately

Despite the widespread excitement over the COVID-19 vaccines, the government has expressed that the territory will fully reopen in June whether persons are fully vaccinated or not.

However, potential cruise passengers have stated their willingness to visit only those businesses with fully vaccinated staff.

Additionally, the BVI is moving to relax it’s COVID-19 protocols for incoming travellers as the world gets more familiar with the COVID-19 vaccines now on the global market.

Minister Malone has announced recent Cabinet decisions to change the border requirements to enter the British Virgin Islands.

Effective May 15, 2021, fully vaccinated persons travelling from overseas will be immediately released from quarantine unless they have been in close contact with a positive case.

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  1. strupes says:

    This man did not hear about the issues with this vaccine within other islands.

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  2. heckler says:

    So he wants the atlarge member from VG to tell us to take the vaccine while she is not taking hers?

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  3. Unvaccinated says:

    @vaccinated…misery love company..wonder if he got his whole malone family vaccinated yet but out here forcing it on other people and family …that the other leader amendment rigths to not take it and also not to encourage what there opinion is against…

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  4. PT9 says:

    And now you want to bring people in from St. Vincent let’s hope that they are vaccinated because from what I have been seen on the St. Vincent government have the same problem trying to get there people vaccinated.

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  5. Feo Gomez says:

    Every person I know with some kind of weight issues like obesity and being above average weight for your structure experienced some issue with the shot. Nothing major but some reactions yet he and the Premier all smiles not missing a beat.
    I’m not saying it’s saline they taking but I find it strange you all seem to have no effects. If I’m taking it I want the exact one they took. Nah I; m kidding I love VIP but I’ll pass on this one. THe blood cloths..pass, the potential attack on my nervous system…pass I’ll give up traveling to U.S. and day trips clubs etc. for my piece of mind and safety.

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  6. No nonsense says:

    Why these nonfunctional medical politician STOP incouraging the population to take poison!!TIS IS MODERN DAY GENEOSIDE!!

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  7. Registration says:

    Since there is now a division where vaccinated people gets benefits. Can unvaccinated people still vote?

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  8. Vaccinate or lose tourism says:

    The people have spoken. They want to remain in their bubble and let the tourism industry die. They don’t understand or care about the consequences of letting such a large pillar of the economy wither. Government will have to mandate that all expat workers get the vaccine or go home. It’s the only way forward.

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  9. SMI says:

    @Feo Gomez,You think you know it all.

  10. Vote him out says:

    Malone let it be clear that the none vaccinated citizens will vote against you

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  11. Registration Form says:

    Has anyone seen the racist form that you need to complete to register for the jab?? What difference does it make of you’re hispanic or black/ white/ blue or green?!! Residency status? Also what is the relevance of whether you’re had chickenpox? Enquiring minds wish to know.

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    • Statistics says:

      They are gathering statistics.

      The chickenpox inquiry is to check if your chances for an allergic reaction are greater than a person who has not had chickenpox.

      For example, people who have eczema may have a reaction to the vaccine and then the eczema goes away.

      All vaccine cause a reaction, but the information allows the nurses and doctors to administer treatments for any reactions effectively where they can.

      It is still your choice whether, you wish to take it but you also must bear the consequences of your decision making.

      We all have too, Vaccers and Anti-vaccers.

      Education is key, if you educate yourself from sources that aren’t conspirators who based their “facts” on other conspiracy theorist.

      But you know what….ok.

    • Knowledge says:

      If taking a vaccine or any other shot in the US or UK they ask all of this information for statistical purposes.

  12. Times says:

    So disappointed in Hon. Malone, always thought he was a reasonable person but his message is totally tone deaf. He should know that many BvIslanders and many from the other Caribbean islands are determined do not like to be coerced into anything. The more you push like this the more resistance and skepticism you will get. Night and day the public is hearing about the vaccine. Can’t even listen to a sermon in peace, hearing about vaccine. Supermarkets giving discounts to take vaccine, Government giving incentives to take vaccine, all sorts of information they putting out to take the vaccine. The vaccination rates are not high in most countries. Stop throwing your colleagues under the bus like that. Who wants to take it will take it. Frankly, you vaccinated a high number and convinced a large number to take it.

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  13. Life Goes on says:

    From the beginning people has a choice.
    Some chose going to church and some going to clubs etc.Some chose to smoke and some not to smoke.Stop putting a one world agenda on everyone.Let who want to take vaccine take it and respect those who don’t want to take it.Jesus died for all of us and said we must surrender to him.Why don’t man kind push that agender.To all business promoting vaccine discounts why don’t you all give discounts to people who believe in god.Millions around the world are dieing fron vaccines but the news are hiding it.If something is good it should not kill.

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  14. @@PT9 says:

    Then we don’t have a problem.

  15. LB says:

    First of all they aren’t no darned leaders. They are law makers and that’s it. None of them are leaders in the BVI. Nobody taking the jab because Andrew or Carvin take it.. We do not trust them as individuals. So stop calling them leaders. Secondly even America has less than 40% of their population vaccinated. Same with most other countries. The skepticism is not unique to the BVI. People are researching for themselves and choosing to not be sheep to uncertain future. Carvin pushing this vaccine because that’s what the rest of the world encouraged him to do. He has no proof or facts to justify any of his claims. Still get the virus. Still spread the virus. Still have to mask up. Still have to social distance still have to take multiple PCR tests. Still have to take booster shots that they aren’t sure if they will be effective against New strains of covid. So he speaking confidently about what he is uncertain about. People aren’t dumb. As restrictions relax, even less people will take the vaccines.

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  16. @ mal - lone says:

    You all call them racist yet you are encouraging people to take the vaccine the same racist white boys develop overnight as a Quick fix and some serious side effects already start flexing its muscles / and we still we are not aware of what to come

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  17. Knowledge says:

    If taking a vaccine or any other shot in the US or UK they ask all of this information for statistical purposes.

  18. Injection? says:

    To mentally lazy to spell and write the correct word, which is injection, not “jab.

    Injection seems a more medically appropriate term. NMost do not wish or want to be “jabbed, literally. The term used in  a medical context, in the BVI, is turn off to many.

    • @Injection? says:

      I would suggest that if you are going to criticise the spelling and laziness of others, you at least bother to check your own post…

  19. Real says:

    I just hope when to all over and done he can take responsibility for exterminating his people

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  20. Eagle eye says:

    Leaders for who Malone? You need to lead your self over a cliff

  21. Bill Gates Speech says:

    I first want government to explain what the Biggest sponsor of vaccines means by saying,
    “Once we introduce new vaccines,new health care and reproductive services. we can LOWER the worlds population by 10 or 15percent.
    Please break this down.

  22. Bill Gates Speech says:

    I first want government to explain what the Biggest sponsor of vaccines means by saying,
    “Once we introduce new vaccines,new health care and reproductive services. we can LOWER the worlds population by 10 or 15percent.
    Please break this down.
    Check Out the Georgia Guide Stones Agenda.
    Keep the worlds population under a certain amount.
    Research the total. Its all written in stone.

  23. wow says:

    stupid people say stupid things hah like you and you one life to live mr minister take his I and my families together take ours so to h**l with you all.

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