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Leaders silent because murder victims ‘targeted’


Member of the parliamentary opposition Julian Fraser has suggested that the issue of murder has not attracted enough high-level discussions in the territory because the victims appear to have been targeted.

Police have confirmed that, so far this year, seven persons have been murdered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The victims are: Franklyn Fahie, Alston Penn, Ashburn Dawson, Shaun Richards, Jefferson Joseph, Sherika Nelson, and David ‘Mooney’ Springette.

Fraser said he will not become one of the silent leaders regarding the issue of crime.

“We have to talk about it; it’s a conversation that needs to be had. For the most part, the reason this discussion hasn’t been taking on a life of its own is because, for one reason or the other, it seems to me as if the victims of crimes are targeted. In other words, it’s basically discriminate; and others feel not compelled to speak about it. But, in my position as a leader, I have to [speak out],” he declared.

Fraser, who also represents the Third Electoral District in the House of Assembly, claimed that the BVI is facing perilous times.

“I must bring to light the situation that the territory is in which is, in my opinion, perilous times. The crime situation is one that must be addressed, and those who are responsible for keeping us safe need to be held accountable.”

Fraser, who was speaking during the Honestly Speaking television programme hosted last evening by Claude Skelton-Cline, again called for the Government to be in control of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

The RVIPF, which is funded by the BVI government, is under the control of the Office of the Governor.

“If you have security under the premier [who is head of the government]; that’s the person you can touch; that’s the person you can reach; you can hold him accountable to it. Who do you hold accountable now? You can’t reach the governor to talk to him about crime and all the rest of it.”

“The premier is the person you can touch – whomever the person might be. He has to live with you, you can see him everywhere you go, and once every four years you get the chance to tell him how you feel,” added Fraser.

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