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Leasing Cutlass Tower for 3 and 5 years to facilitate Admin Complex repairs is necessary

Premier Andrew Fahie (BVI News photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie said the Cabinet’s decision to lease two floors at the Cutlass Tower for a period of three and five years is a necessary move.

Leasing the office spaces are to facilitate repairs of the Central Administration Complex, now referred to as the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex.

When BVI News questioned the Premier on the length of time for the lease, and whether it was necessary to rent for years, he said: “The terms [of the lease] are because it is projected that some areas will be rented for longer periods because other areas of government will move in when the present office comes out seeing that space continues to be an issue in government.”

“Of course it is necessary to move because the building cannot be repaired with us in it. Everyone is moving. This is just one of many moves that will be made. This is done all the time by government so research would show that this is nothing new,” added the Premier who made it clear that his government was not responsible for sourcing the location or negotiating the cost of the rental accommodation.

Work to commence shortly

Meanwhile, Works Minister Kye Rymer who now has oversight of the undertaking said in a recent sitting of the House of Assembly that work on the complex will begin shortly.

He said: “This administration pledged to expedite the recovery and rebuilding agenda and to prioritize the rehabilitation of the Central Administration Complex. Today, your Government is keeping another promise to our people. Our word is our bond. We are delivering on the mandate entrusted to us, and we are just getting warmed up.”

He continued: “The contractors for the repairs to the roof specifically to address sealing the concrete base of the roof and reinstalling the sky lighting has been selected. These contracts have been awarded to STO, with local affiliation Mr Dion Stoutt and Wallans Skylight.”

Rymer stated, that once no setbacks are encountered, work is expected to commence “around the end of this year.”

He informed that the contractors have started mobilisation and have started to work on the site. 

“Materials are being sourced and some has actually started arriving on island. Removal of the membrane of the roof for the repairs is scheduled to start any day now, and assessments are being conducted on the condition of the roof,” he remarked.

As it relates to other work such as replacing the windows, frames, and doors, the successful bidder will be informed by year’s end, he noted.

The Works Minister said he would provide “a more detailed update on the progress of the Central Administration Complex as the project advances.” 

In the meantime, Rymer said the Office of the Deputy Governor’s has been working to securing appropriate accommodation for the Public Officers and staff who have been based at the Central Administration Complex since the hurricanes.

“Relocation is necessary because as we progress with the repairs, the facility will not be conducive to the safety of persons nor to concentration on work,” he stated.

Cost factor

According to a report on Cabinet’s October 2 meeting, the government decided to enter into a five-year lease agreement with Lake Development Co. Ltd who is the owner of the Cutlass Tower on Waterfront Drive in Road Town.

By BVI News’ calculations, the lease agreement is valued a little more than $1.2 million for rental accommodation for the Office of the Premier.

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  1. Fitting out says:

    The first thing that needs to be done is to replace the cheap flimsy plastic windows.

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  2. Rich getting richer says:

    Yes sir, as if your aunty dont have enough money…let her continue to full her craw…greed and gluttony go hand in hand

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  3. vip heckler says:

    It look like Patsea and bewiss running this government

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    • wow says:

      First it was olando family now it’s fahie lol..good luck BVI

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    • @vip heckler says:

      Who cares. When the rich white friends were running it you were quiet and see where that got us. The price to rent the place is within the ongoing market rate. The building has been rented by the previous government for the same price so how come it is an issue now. Some of you are just poison to society.

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  4. SMDH says:

    All of this is about nothing. The government building has been destroyed by Irma since 2017. Nothing to date has been seriously done to repair it. We the public servants have to work in deplorable conditions daily since 2017. The last government didn’t fix it. So now that the Premier & his team is moving to fix it then what is the fuss about? The Premier said it best in that everyone has to come out inorder to fix it. Let us just get on with it and stop these foolish games.

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  5. Interesting says:

    I swear only the BVI I see like to waste money on rent so. I hope this is actually a necessary move and not because people in government related to patsy.

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    • Naive says:

      I am sure that the agreement to pay rent at a rate higher than the Ritter Building has nothing to do with Patsy’s relationship with people in Government – that would be naughty.
      It will also have nothing to do with the next decision to rent the building on the highway with no parking.

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  6. nepotism says:

    The glancina george building is empty, 2 of roland hodge buildings empty, 1 of jr oneal building half empty, cb romney building empty but they had to rent both of lake buildings

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  7. VG man says:

    Premier do not stress with the few haters. Keep pushing ahead for the people of the Virgin Islands. Thanks for working on the bank opening for we the people in Virgin Gorda. They are more with us than those against.

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  8. What a pity says:

    What will some of you who are blogging say when the list of all the other persons government will be renting from comes out.The fact is all government departments have to move out of the building and go somewhere. Without doing that then the government building cannot be fixed. It is as simple as that.

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  9. Ken says:

    So, spending $20,000.00 Per Month for 5 years is ok with the folks? Or could you get by with some type of Temp Mobile office space till the constructions is don? Thus saving $$$$$ …It has been 2 years since the storm folks this should of been done a long time ago….doesn’t pass my smell test! Who is part of the Lake Development Co. Ltd. doing the lease? Any ties to any govt. person?

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  10. Amnesia says:

    When NDP leased the man’s building on the highway for Passport Office to give him a life line nobody had a problem.

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    • Okay Then says:

      So Lake needs a life line now?? … You VIP bloggers don’t come on here with your holy naive crap, they were part of the decision don’t let them fool you! And the rent price is exorbitant as Lake is known for having the highest rents in town.

      Yes, the offices have to move out of the complex, and that is the story they will stick too. Because it’s a convenient story.

      The pathetic part about the entire thing is this VIP Government sold themselves as being better than the previous govt, from my view, and by their actions, they are worse! And they just getting started.

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      • @ Ok then says:

        I’m saying!!! why not repair one wing at a time to save some of the leasing money… All I see under this VIP government is the rich getting richer… How ironic her son inlaw is responsible for the ministry that is in the midst of both her buildings been rented…The one on the highway would be rented by port….

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        • Fowl says:

          I understand the Ports is paying a handsome rent for that building on the Highway. You got to give it to her, she knows how to milk the cow… What else we expect from them?

        • Yep says:

          You are right ! They could easily house some departments on one side of the building whilst the other wing is being repaired.

    • @Amnesia says:

      Registry that was upstairs varieties got damaged and had to relocate so it was a wise idea to put both offices together which was a great move….

  11. Money Changers says:

    Adding interest charges to BVI tax payers if dem a day late on rent?

  12. Blah says:

    How can renting the Cutlass building now be a bad thing when it was first rented by the NDP a few years ago. It didn’t matter who the owner was back then but now somehow it does because the government change??? The Shipping Registry was in the 3rd floor until Irma damaged the building. The locks were allegedly changed sometime in October 2018 as it seems like the landlady was expecting the monthly rent even after Irma and claimed that thousands were due in rent for over a one year period. If the rent increased for the same space then that would be cause for concern.

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  13. blogs says:

    I’m just here for the entertaining comments.

  14. my 2 cents says:

    my only issue was the length of the lease, now I understand the reason. I am satisfied with that reason. make sense.

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  15. On Looker says:

    First there is no money, now that there is money this guy is on a stupid spending spree, and where is the 2020 budget he promised before the year was finished.

    Cant believe anything this guy says.

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  16. these guys says:

    so they can’t work from home or nttn like that and have meetings at the courthouse or something

  17. Voter says:

    Guys….VIP, be mindful of conflict of interest. It gets you every time.

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  18. Guy Hill says:

    Do what you got to do and have to do, to get what you want do.

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