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Leave us to roll out our candidates in peace — Walwyn


While noting the likelihood of his party having a contender for all electoral seats, National Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman Myron Walwyn is urging other political organisations not to interfere with the NDP as it rolls out its candidates for the 2019 General Elections.

Walwyn made his appeal in response to recent comments from Virgin Islands Party (VIP) leader, Andrew Fahie, about the incomplete number of candidates the NDP presented, so far.

Fahie said he found it “alarming” that a governing party, the NDP, was having difficulty fielding a full slate of candidates for the election, which must happen by April 16.

Walwyn retorted saying parties should leave the NDP to run its campaign in peace.

“We are now rolling out our candidates and we expect the same level of respect that we gave to other political parties to roll out their candidates, as they see fit, without us casting any aspersions. We are capable of saying who our candidates are and I think the decision to roll out your candidates as you see fit is a matter for each political party,” Walwyn said.

He further recalled that parties such as the VIP had multiple rollouts before arriving at its full slate of 13 candidates.

The NDP has presented 11 candidates at the launch of its campaign o Saturday. It did not present candidates for the First and Second electoral districts.

Walwyn told BVI News on Tuesday that “there is is a strong possibility” that his party will present candidates for those two outstanding seats.

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  1. strupes says:

    Both sides have a bunch of dead horses that can’t win period

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    • Pastor says:

      Why don’t YOU please “leave us in peace” and resign today? You broke the —- that we elected you to uphold. You have misspent our money. You have failed to maintain our schools. What more do I have to say?

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  2. lol says:

    Your wife wont be first lady and you wont be premier in the BVI

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  3. Ha says:

    Tell him Walwyn!!

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  4. My take says:

    As usual Myron making a big fuss about nothing just to get attention.

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    • Voter says:


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  5. Concern says:

    This man is the Trump of the BVI I swear. You can’t mention his name anywhere in Press he has a response. If your campaign manager is reading please shut your candidate up – No response sometimes is the best response. Flooding the media with meaningless stories is not the way to be elected.

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  6. Albion says:

    Last election we have an extremely negative campaign, with all sides just continually attacking each other and nobody wanting to either discuss the issues, or propose solutions to various national problems.

    It’s not looking too good this time around either. We haven’t even started campaign season in earnest, and yet the relentlessly negative tenor and the continual attacks are already becoming highly wearing.

    I sincerely hope that someone steps up at some point and shows some kind of leadership, and starts constructive dialogue and debate about the best way forward for the country.

    We wasted the better part of 4 years after the last highly negative election campaign. We can’t afford to do the same again.

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    • Registered Voter says:

      I agree, do away with the back and forth attacks…..who saying what about the other party. We are intelligent people….take the high road for God sake. Stick to the many issues we have to deal with as a territory and tell us your proposed strategies to tackle them, one by one.
      We are looking for efficient and effective leadership, the wasted time taken to speak negativity about each other, is disrespectful to the electorate, and is downright petty.

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  7. WoW says:

    That’s thats my boy.

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  8. WOW says:

    Andrew have a full slate and still aint moving going nowhere a bunch of dead weight.

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  9. Ausar says:

    “Son of the Soil”, I concur!!

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  10. Diaspora says:

    Why is the Hon Myron Walwyn (AL) so thin skinned? How are other parties interfering with the NDP rollout? By rolling out a partial slate of candidates (11 of 13), the NDP, the sitting government for the past 8 yeas, invited comments; its action was an easy lay up; it was low hanging fruit. Is the Hon Walwyn raising a storm in a tea cu? More and more, the Hon Walwyn is mimicking and behaving like President Donald J. Trump. They both have a wall in common but geez sum bred mon! By the way, politics is not for choir boys/girls. What goes around comes around. Who said that the emperor (Hon Ralph Tilford O’Neal) had no clothes on?

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    • voiceofthevoiceless says:

      Rare to see a sitting Government not fielding a full slate of candidates unless it is something strategic one would expect that to be a given. Strategic as in they chose not to field anyone in a district as they made a deal with a candidate there not to field anyone with the intention of joining forces with him to form the government. Don’t see that happening with Mitch who by the way is already struggling to keep the seat himself and of course not Andrew. To me it is important to find someone as you need a presence and to show the district that you at least interested in representing them and of course get some crucial at large votes. Maybe they will but I seriously doubt it.

      Hon Walwyn is very thin-skinned and that is not a good trait for a leader. Seems uncontrollable as he is clearly not taking advice from those around him. I hear him say he will use the Premier as an Advisor. Lol. What a joke. Just like when the Premier asked him for an apology and he offered up some half baked insult of an apology.

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  11. Fahie's Problem says:

    Fahie does not like when things may not be going his way and he gets panicked and starts to pre empt matters – the man needs to learn to chill

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  12. Candi says:

    It comes as if Andrew is ALWAYS nagging. Nagging, nagging nagging about something

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  13. Shut up and debate! says:

    I want more debates for the districts and the territorial candidates. All the other mess, leave that outside the debate room. The people want to know what all these candidates’ plan for the BVI.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    People of the BVI, the place is definitely too small for the kind of politics i foresee shaping up..

    Its only a handful of people and therefore dont need any rocket scientis to identify the challenges.

    So…I urge you all not to get caught up with the fancy suites,sweet talkers and hungry for power.

    You all need people with serious plans and who are able and willing to put them into practice…people who will put the BVI and the wellbeing of its people first…

    Don’t be fooled…don’t attack each other..don’t turn on each other..stand tovether and defend your the end of the day those men and women nicely dress and taking planes are all friends…travelling together..dinning at the same table, partying at the same spot.

    Ploticd is a big game and the politicians are usually great players..but sad to say politics reck countries all over the world…dont allow it to spoil the wonderful, peaceful and very loved BVI.

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