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Leaving issues unchecked contributed to COI

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone.

Health Minister Carvin Malone has posited that the culture of not correcting “ongoing issues” within the public service is a reason that led to the launch of a Commission of Inquiry (COI).

He said leaving problems unchecked has also made it easy for new officials to flout rules and regulations in carrying out their duties.

Malone made the statement in the House of Assembly on March 4 while showing his support for the government’s decision to amend the Register of Interests Act to give the COI full access to the business interests of elected leaders.

Malone said as a first-term legislator he was always concerned that he didn’t have adequate examples of persons who were corrected by the system for things they’ve done wrong.

Instead, he said he has found that public servants who have served under previous administrations act as though everything was perfect and done ‘according to the rules’.

“I have said often, I have said for 24 months that if you have a system that would not correct the civil service … if you see issues that were ongoing for years – and I’m not dating it to any one administration – if you see issues that were occurring for years and you failed to correct that person, then the other person would have no lessons learned,” Malone explained.

“I got into the Cabinet and I’m looking on the wall trying to see the issues that are being talked about – where are the red flags? You can’t even find yellow flags. All white walls – everything washed. And yet people are on the road talking about what may have happened, what could have happened, rumours and then they have everybody’s names throwing around in the mud and no lessons to be learned by a young politician like me. I came in and as far as I was concerned, everything went perfect because ‘there were no red flags’,” Malone explained.

With the COI happening because of this longstanding problem, Malone said the inquiry is now impacting the BVI negatively as investors and banks are reluctant to do business with the territory.

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  1. Right says:

    Remember your party was in power for over 40 years. So yes you are right.

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    • And? says:

      NDP in 8 years did much more damage, especially the officials under them in certain ministries.

      Some people act as if the years of 2011 to 2019 didn’t happen – I will sum it up for you – GROSS INEPTITUDE under the NDP – worse than the “40 years” VIP could have ever done.

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      • @And says:

        You done start smoke the marijuana and the VIP ain’t plant none yet man! You crazy

        • Hmp says:

          You don’t bother either because it will be none of the P. New party under trusted people. We fed up of the nonsense. We need Moses men and women to rise up

  2. doh says:

    Agreed. Issue unchecked are


    COI will correct these and those responsible will be punished.

    Carry on

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    • Mango Juice says:

      LOL good post but not sure COI will correct anything, it will change persons but as far as correct things that is where I have my doubts

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  3. Reasonable Man says:

    I like Minister Malone. He speaks honestly about things and I think he tries hard to do what’s best.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    So it’s all the officials fault and the politicians are blameless. ?

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  5. Way back says:

    Go all the way back to when Mose was being kept alive on tax payers money

  6. go back says:

    Go all the way back to Admiralty days

  7. look deep says:

    Go back to the civil servants getting locked up under the VIP. Look into why a minister in the government has more than 10 contracts with different government departments. A total abuse of power.

  8. Malone for Premier says:

    Malone for Premier, he charismatic, diplomatic, empathetic, compassionate, frank and calm under pressure. Great signs of a good leade

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  9. MK says:

    @Malone for Premier We don’t want to make that mistake by putting the VIP in again. We need a change from both parties

  10. WEW says:

    Belonger …”Ain’t nobody going to tell me what to do”. Why were in the trouble we are

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