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Leaving to dispose garbage and walking pets prohibited during lockdown

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Residents of the British Virgin Islands are being told that they could be arrested for leaving their homes during the six days of 24-hour lockdown to dispose of garbage or take their pets out for walks.

The lockdown — which runs from Friday, March 27 to Thursday, April 2 — is a measure implemented because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We are doing all we can to stop the spread … This means no travelling to the nearest garbage roadside collection, no extended dog walks, it also means that the curfew extends to the beaches and any other activities in or on the water,” Governor Augustus Jaspert said during a live public broadcast recently.

The governor called on all residents to stay indoors and work from home, if they are able to, and only go out for work purposes if they are part of government’s list of persons who offer the essential services.

“As a Cabinet, we know that this will be difficult. These restrictions will create hardships for businesses and employees and all of us as individuals. But, they are necessary, and we do not take them lightly,” he said.

Governor Jaspert described the measure as a “short-term sacrifice” in an unprecedented situation that extends beyond the territory’s borders.


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  1. strupes says:

    I saw a guy surfing down cane garden bay….Who arrested him ???

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  2. Haha says:

    If Cline could get permission to drive for miles to have a 3 person gathering then certainly Carvin will have no problem granting me permission to take a less than 1 minute walk by myself to go to my nearest garbage bin.

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  3. & says:

    so what the h**l to do with the garbage

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    • Wings says:

      Double bag it and put it out on your porch or in the back of your truck or in the yard. Cover it with something to reduce the smell to people and animals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We can’t live with garbage special when we live in appartment and no space And we have babies plus the smell and the mosquitoes this bring diseases too ??

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    • Get real. says:

      Live with the garbage for a few days, or die of the virus, and infect your neighbours. We especially need to stop the infection because our health infrastructure is inadequate. You choose.

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      • :) says:

        Will Cline and his 2 assistants die from the virus because they left their home to broadcast the sermon? Will the police that left the station to apprehend Cline and his companions die from the virus? Don’t be a selective idiot just going outside is not a way to get the virus.

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    • Flush says:

      Use your imagination:

      Flush the left over food and baby poop down the toilet. Wrap tightly what can’t be flushed in small plastic bags before putting in larger bags.

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    • Too True says:

      A few ideas:
      – Wash out empty cans & food cartons before disposing of them
      – Put scraps of food & meat (plus babies diapers) in a smaller bag & tie up before putting in a bigger bag
      – Put food scraps in a plastic bag & store in the freezer or fridge until you can dispose of garbage
      – Use a cooler to store garbage
      – Maybe leave garbage in the bathroom?
      – Get creative
      You can do it!

  5. Tommy says:

    Only nasty people ok with having garbage around them house. I bet the governor dont have garbage in his.

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  6. Peace says:

    Simply divide paper etc from food remains. Place food remains in a metal or heavy plastic bin with a some soil and make sure that the lid is secure. Just compost in a week or so. The paper and plastic in a bag can be placed in your vehicle or shed till later. No big deal…..and by the way, used pampers will compost over time as well.

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  7. Annoyed says:

    This man got to be crazy for people to have garbage inside their home for the lockdown curfew period. This is utter nonsense. He was not thinking when he came up with that restriction. He should have agreed on a window/time frame one is allowed to dispose of their garbage. But to say DO NOT leave to dispose of it, is utter nonsense. This is one time I am not in agreement with his/their decision.

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  8. Covidiots 19 says:

    I flinging the whole garbage out the road. The government is a set a MS for the foolish decisions. When them see garbage all in the streets they will wonder wtf

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  9. Mixed Messages says:

    People use your head and go outside in your private yard for air. If you live in an apt complex obviously this isn’t wise with social distancing but spend time on your porch and if you’re property is secluded go in your garden take a stroll on your property like the Ministers suggested in House of Assembly.

    As for garbage they better come up with a contingency plan. It is not right to have a continuity plan to make money for business and not one to safeguard health.

    Defeats the purpose trying to protect the population from the Coronavirus and not ensure that health in a quarantined space is protected on a daily basis.

    If you’re in the workplace this would be a violation of Occupational Safety and Health.

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    • Pat says:

      The stay home order is temporary and short. Use your creativity. Your government is doing a great service.

    • Think says:

      Clarence Thomas, Ltd. have large garbage can, some with wheels, that can store garbage for awhile. I bought one to store my garbage and I am in an apt.

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  10. 007 says:

    The number of diseases caused by flies, rats and mice are too numerous to mention. Once these pest find a location where garbage is stationed they will make their homes nearby and keep returning. Most times you can hold garbage for at least a week before disposing depending on size of the house and number of occupants but with everyone forced to be inside all day for almost a week the garbage production will naturally increase. On any other day people would advise against storing garbage for so long so it seems like we are content with potentially trading one problem for another.

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  11. VG Man says:

    Yo espero que el gobierno haga un plan para los que tenemos permisos de trabajos y trabajamos construcción y nuestro jefe nos envia a casa porque las obras se pararon por tres meses

  12. old man says:

    No ayudan a los que tienen permisos de trabajo porque díganme son racistas

  13. Yep says:

    Well some rats and flies are better than ending up dead ! And it probably won’t be you but your grandparents or babies !

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    • Anonymous says:

      Newsflash dummy diseases caused by flies and rats can kill people as well. Some people with corona recovered on their own just by being quarantined nothing more than flulike symptoms. The diseases caused by rats and flies require urgent treatment you cant just sleep it off.

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  14. My view says:

    This governor is a waste of time

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  15. Hmph says:

    If the BVI would allow persons to put bins outside and have the garbage men pick up the garbage,we wouldn’t have this problem. Go take a look in some ‘Island man’ country.It may be expensive, but next time you look down on them think about that policy and think of all the money spent to maintain such.

  16. Ha says:

    Why are you guys getting a headache? Throw the garbage outside and leave it there, simple. No way I am keeping 6 days trash inside my house. We are locked down to avoid a virus while exposing our families to sickness from waste. What about those with babies and soiled pampers? I know I am throwing my trash in the nearest bush and let solid waste sort it out, no stressing here.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wtf stupid p***yclaat mad

  18. no iol says:

    i saw a garbage truck emptying bins today,and a guy up and down great mountain on a noisy dirt bike day and night.he is so bold,he has to be an essential worker.

  19. & says:

    peace your story is too long I can’t take nastiness my damn garbage going out the door no cockroach are rat will be in my house so they can say what they want I am putting it in the damn garbage bin any way. ✍

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  20. Just asking says:

    If one lives in a house with 3 other persons and one person from that household goes out to dispose garbage who is he putting in danger by going to throw out the garbage? I personally think there is a lot more to this but only time will tell. I live alone and I don’t see how I’m risking myself or anyone by going to empty my garbage. As someone asked so what happens on Thursday is the virus going to disappear as we go back to our regularly scheduled programs?

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  21. Welsah says:

    On April 2 the incinerator will be overwhelmed with trash and I hope there will not be outside burning of trash to affect the residents near and far.

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    • ? says:

      ???social distancing from the coronavirus, what will happen on 04-02-2020/02-04-2020 is Covid-19 going on vacation? Because I think it’s on vacation already, taken a world tour, paradise including.

  22. Michael says:

    So stupid. Taking the garbage out 20-30 ft isn’t going to cause people to die.

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  23. FACTS says:

    This is the worse governor ever.

  24. Sly Mongoose says:

    I don’t understand what all the complaining is about. The government is trying its best to contain the virus, which is the most important thing at this time. Compliance should be automatic.

    Look at some of the other islands, cases through the roof! A lot of steps that the VIP government has implemented early in the fight was not taken by those other islands. Things are quickly escalating! We cannot deal with an epidemic anywhere in the Caribbean.

    So let’s find a solution. Maybe the government can arrange for the trash removal workers (I assume they are essential) to drive through the neighborhoods at specified times, and the residents can take the garbage out to the truck or leave it in a trash bin with a cover, if available.
    Actually, since there are only two more days left, this suggestion could be used at the next lockdown, if warranted.

    • Ms wize says:

      These jackasses are so stupid. Look what they talking about…GARBAGE… stupid. Some of you already smell like garbage…nonesense. let the govt do their job. Always finding some stupid pi$$to complain about. What is garbage comparing to life?.you dam if you do n you dam if you dont

  25. Nonsense! says:

    I can appreciate the need for the curfew, even though I think that the 24 hours is a bit extreme. I have no neghbours and I can walk from my house up to 1 to 1.5 km without meeting anyone. There’s only bush where I live. Why can’t I walk my dog or take out the garbage.

    The governor needs to worry about the scooter riders that I can hear riding down on the main roads.

  26. Help? says:

    ???social distancing from the coronavirus, what will happen on 04-02-2020/02-04-2020 is Covid-19 going on vacation? Because I think it’s on vacation already, taken a world tour, paradise including.

  27. Help says:

    Covid-19 is on tour vacationing in many destination, paradise including. Is “Covid-19” vacation ending on 02-04-2020 in nature little secret? Just asking for a friend because it’s on a world tour, what happening next BVI? Please leave your boarding plans for later and cancel vacation plans for 2020 unless medical vaccines are available, stay safe BVI, one love.

  28. Disinterested says:

    “Residents of the British Virgin Islands are being told that they could be arrested for leaving their homes during the six days of 24-hour lockdown to dispose of garbage or take their pets out for walks.” This is nuts.

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  29. VIsLander says:

    Dumping garbage won’t spread the disease man, the garbage trucks are running, so what will they pick up? Allow us to dump trash no one will congregate at the trash bin

  30. Virgin Gorda says:

    Had only one guy running up and down the Leverick Bay road on a scooter yesterday (note to self; put the muffler back in your mini-bike when ‘sneaking’ around during quarantine)

  31. Dog walk says:

    I see someone walk past my apartment with his dog and a garbage bag. Five minutes later I see him returning with his dog but no garbage bag. Is that an “extended walk” or allowed? If it is allowed why can’t five minute walk to garbage bin allowed or only if it is with a dog? Why doesn’t the governor define “extended”?

  32. Amazing says:

    You people need to pray instead of complaining about garbage and walking dogs. It is 6 days!!! Not 365 day…get over it and follow the rules. Stay safe God Bless you all

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  33. Trow back says:

    Jah help who help them self if tould you to keep you garbage in your house and you dont have a ara for that then put it on the out side in your yard , ate you not happy that the goverment trying to stop the spread of the virous ? I went and get a big garbige bin thst can contain three bog of garbage one after the other i hird the governor say put it out for road side colection it you consern about your self and others you yes you would have make sure your garbage propely secure and have it on the side of the road to be collected take a break from the freaking drinking and woring for six day and refresh your soul and miend from the every day stress and mess.

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