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Legislator encourages business owners to sue gov’t for ‘compensation’

“Those businesses who knew that their businesses were fully intact after the passage of the hurricane but moments later was ransacked should file a claim with the government for compensation” — Fraser

Opposition legislator Julian Fraser wants business owners who were impacted by the post-Hurricane Irma looting two years ago to file a claim for compensation against the Government of the Virgin Islands.

Fraser who was speaking at the last sitting of the House of Assembly said he casts the blame ‘squarely’ on the previous NDP government as well as Governor Augustus Jaspert.

He said: “Had the government and the governor been forward-thinking, they would have imposed a state of emergency before the hurricane hit and not after it passed and everybody had their properties looted. I am not making any bones about it. I believe it. The circumstances were created, the atmosphere was there, and things happened.”

A state of emergency is usually implemented when a country is faced with a national crisis. The state of emergency suspends regular constitutional procedures in any country so its government can maintain or regain control.

Against that backdrop, Fraser said a person must accept whatever penalty they get if caught doing wrong during ‘state of emergency’

 The senior legislator continued: “I say those businesses who knew that their businesses were fully intact after the passage of the hurricane but moments later was ransacked should file a claim with the government for compensation.”

No point in declaring a state of emergency

Addressing the issue two years ago, former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said there was ‘no point’ in implementing a state of emergency before Hurricane Irma slammed into the British Virgin Islands.

“There was no benefit to declaring a state of emergency before the hurricane because in and of itself, it does nothing,” the Premier reasoned.

He made the statement while answering questions from the representative of the Third Electoral District, Julian Fraser, who did not share his view.

Fraser said the BVI should have followed the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands (USVI) who had issued a state of emergency before the arrival of the category-five hurricane.

However, Dr Smith was not convinced. He argued that unlike the BVI, the USVI could afford to implement a state of emergency before the disaster because they qualified for aid from disaster response agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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  1. Chosen says:

    Greed will kill some of us locals

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  2. Online Now says:

    Blame the Government
    Demand compensation
    Complain about the sentences given.

    Some people need to have a good look in the mirror and question themselves.

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  3. My take says:

    This man is always instigating foolishness.

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  4. YOUTH says:

    When you want something mash up with major confusion then give it to Fraser. If you want it built up then keep it far from him.

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  5. Uh huh says:

    State of emergency will not correct the careless upbringing of the looters. A cut a$$ years ago would have prevented a lot of it. Now go sit down Fraser, your useful days are over.

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  6. TurtleDove says:

    This man should be a ashame of himself…your dam job is to fix problems…..Ok third time for a change……thank him for his service and retire him.

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  7. Ken says:

    Sure it wasn’t the idiots that did the looting fault, it was the BVI Government who “Made” them do it! What on EARTH is this man smoking! Go after those fools that did the destruction they are the ones RESPONSIBLE! Who elected this person anyway? Were you all not paying attention to his agenda? Wow, he sounds like some of the Whackos we have here in the USA.

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  8. Reasonable Man says:

    A state of emergency would not have made it any more possible for the government to police against against the wide number of people involved in looting. It is awful that such people live amongst us but
    even in the United States with all its resources is there is any guaurantee that any government can protect us against all crime unders such circumstances. As people we need to look at ourselves for those solutions.

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  9. Time Will Tell says:

    How could they have declared a state of emergency before the emergency manifested itself? Did the meteorology office not confirm that their wasn’t sufficient time to give us ample warning before the storm hit? NO ONE knew the hurricane was that strong or big. What Piss is he talking about? Why is he elected repeatedly?

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  10. ComoLoco says:

    This man needs to be admitted to the L**ney Castle

  11. Wow says:

    What the former Premier Smith meant is that simply declaring a SOE, i.e. spoken words, would not have changed the fact that even the Police Force had their own issues to deal with hence, they were unable to handle the mass confusion that ensued. We never dealt with anything of that magnitude prior to Irma so it was a lesson learned. Now going forward we should know what needs to be put in place and persons are aware of what the new looting legislation entails and would think twice before doing nonsense during another disaster (god forbid we have to go through anything else like Irma again!).

  12. national embarassment says:

    Julian Fraser has nothing left to give to this country. He should just do the right thing and leave. This is the level of nonsense that a near octogenarian is speaking after spending 20 years in the government? On the one hand he is complaining about the sentence given to a looter who broke into somebody’s business and on the other hand businesses must sue government for the looting they incurred. Does this sound like anybody who has anything good left to give to this country? Sorry people but these politicians we have are interested in a job that they could pay every month and go on government paid trips around the world. Them being in power has nothing for you in it.

  13. Eagle eye says:

    If that third hurricane had touch down with thousands of people already homeless,even Fraser would be caught looting.

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  14. Sam I am says:

    No we see why this i***t is not Premier and never will be.

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  15. Quiet Rebel says:

    The VI is in a horrific state when government has to take administrative action, ie, declare a state of emergency to steer people from behaving badly and committing crime. It is in a bad state of affairs when the populace take to looting for wants, not need. Though the behaviour should not be condoned, if they looted for food and other essentials, it would be understandable.

    Fellow residents check yourselves; it seems you cannot do right without police action. Without police action and the heavy hand of government, ie, national security council, you are proned to be lawless and non-law abiding. Hold the looters responsible for their dysfunctional behavior and lawless action. Make them compensate the merchants for their losses. If businesses already collect insurance, the reimbursement should go the court for admin cost and to insurance companies ( insurance is to make people whole, not make them well.

    The Hon Julián Fraser(D-3), the Liberator, is chatting f…t. It seems he makes outlandish statements to get free press. Is the Hon Fraser having buyer’s remorse? The Hon Fraser bolted from the VIP and formed Progressive United but VIP cleaned house on 2/25/19. Perhaps the Hon Fraser even with all his political talent, skill and experience was not as popular as he thought. There is still hope for him get his act to and be a political force to reckon with. However, he needs to arrest that e…o.

  16. declare state of emergency says:

    dont we need an army to police it? Worse would be declaring a SOE and thiefs still looting as there are no boots on the ground!

  17. Forward never says:

    backward ever

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  18. 3D massive says:


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  19. well sah says:

    Look at all the hatred for the messenger….wow….A man who made cellphones affordable for all

  20. Disappointed says:

    I so wish Aaron had beat this l**atic. This young man seems to be doing positive things in his district for the people while this crazy man with nothing left is just ranting like someone kick over his checker board at the elderly home. Sea cows bay need do betta nex election. Disappointed in this article.

  21. Looters says:

    Claims should be against the looters and that includes the generations of politicians who looted the country’s finances and left a crumbling infrastructure and empty coffers.

  22. Haha says:

    State of emergencies are commonly declared before the passing of a major hurricane if it appears to be a direct hit. The same reasons why it would be stupid for us to go independent are the same reasons why declaring a state of emergency in the BVI will not work well. We have no military. Our police officers are not soldiers and are not trained for martial law. Police officers were present during the looting but due to lack of training, lack of manpower and lack of firepower all they could do was watch and even take part in the looting. If government does lose a lawsuit it affects us all including constituents in the 3rd district.

  23. Bulldawg says:

    Go sit down Fraser, you are a looser.
    You would never be a premier of Tortola.
    Time expired.

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