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Legislators, former premier urged to denounce Vanterpool’s recent statements outside HOA

Skelton Cline. File photo

Government consultant and VIP supporter Claude Skelton Cline is appealing to members of the House of Assembly to publicly denounce the recent statements made by Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool.

“It doesn’t matter if you are in the Opposition — denounce this kind of behaviour and conduct,” said Cline in a statement directed at legislators during his Honestly Speaking radio programme on Tuesday.

He also called on the former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, who was present during the speech given by Vanterpool, to also condemn his behaviour. He urged the former Premier to consider the negative effect Vanterpool’s statement could have on the territory.

“He (Dr Smith), of all persons, should know when statements like these are made and in such a manner; how egregious this kind of behaviour is, how much damage this does in terms of investment, both existing and or potential,”

Cline labelled Vanterpool’s rant as ‘reckless’ and also appealed to the Fourth District representative to retract the statements.

“This conduct and behaviour was one you would have thought [would have come from] an enemy of the state. To make these kinds of pronouncements on the public stage where everything is instant, where everything is international and global has implications for us as a territory … These things cannot be taken lightly,” Cline stated.

He further said: “This is damaging to us. It’s not who we are, it lends nothing of value that advances our cause, it lends nothing to the conversation that needs to be had that helps to build our country and you have to denounce this kind of stuff.”

Following a disagreement between Vanterpool and House of Assembly Speaker Julian Willock recently, the Fourth District Representative marched outside the House made a number of damning statements involving members of the VIP government and private business owners.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Cline is like pot calling the kettle black. He think people forget his closet secrets.
    Freedom of speech is not a crime, if the cap fit let them wear it.
    Truth does cause people to act ignorant. Chupps.

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    • The Overspend should not cast aspirations! says:

      Claude ‘Overspend’ Skelton-Smith oversaw the largest overspend in BVI Government history. The overspend under his watch dwarfs the $7.2 million lost in the airline fraud. He is in no position to criticize others, and it is extraordinary that the BVI news blogs publish his views without holding him to account for his previous behavior.

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    • Most Currupt Ever says:

      This b*****d!! Money is the DNA of your blood.

  2. amazingracenotingtheignorance says:

    Claude Skelton Cline you should not even talk. Pot calling kettle black. You should revisit your secrets before trying to out other people out. Shame on you.
    If the cap fit let them wear it. Must be all truth here, is there a England collusion coming that you are afraid of?

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  3. Jireh says:

    The man spill out evilness after he done get swear in. Look like it had demons in the courtyard or he forget he medication. That what all you get. The man did show sign of craziness when he backpedal.

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    • @jireh says:

      And you know what.So if it looked like it had DEMONS, you said it in the courtyard, I would tend to think you were one of the DEMONS, I hope not,.but if I see a DEMON, I’m not sticking around unless I was one of the DEMONS you claim was in the courtyard.

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    • @Jireh says:

      Mark is not crazy, He was pushed to the breaking point that day by JW and crew. See, they are pushing Mark to blow up and then have people think or believe that he is crazy.

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      If what he said was so egregious then all the Fahie has to do is sue him. WHICH HE WILL NOT.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Hope when your crookedness surfaces, you will be so inclined to be denounced also.

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  5. nobody should care says:

    nobody should care what claude skelton cline thinks being he was with the corrupt pier crew

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  6. Zero says:

    After we denounce you!

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  7. Lodger says:

    Does he think he runs the country?

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  8. Eyes wide shut says:

    Claude go sit down…

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  9. Truth says:

    When your government was insisting that mark and the former premiere was corupt and stole the country monies,you didn’t think it needed to stop then? When you all allowed the speaker to play mark like a fool you didn’t denounce it but you here squelling like a p-g….

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  10. Just Sayn... says:

    What Mr. Vanterpool said was too damaging to not take legal action if its not true. If you truly have nothing to hide then lets get the FACTS! To me it seems like certain people trying to control how Mr Vanterpool’s actions are perceived and to move attention away from what he said labeling it as a “crazy rant”; As if all he spoke about was allegations from 2003. All i’m saying is… Lets get factual answers to Mr Vanterpool’s questions/allegations before we call him crazy.
    Reminder: When Andrew was going around saying the NDP is the most corrupt government we ever had how was that not damaging to potential outside investment and all the rest of it like they trying to say about what mark say now?

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  11. Shut the H*** up already says:

    Dear Cline, we need to denounce your F**k**g odd shaped head looking self first. The F**k**g pot calling the kettle black when they live in the same d**n coalpot.Because Mark call your buddy out we must denounce him. Nope,I am sticking with Mark. Go marinate on that and have a good day.

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  12. Hey Cline says:

    Start with the Detroit connections. You are such a F***ing grimey man B**ch. And if anyone from the House of cards follow you with the ranting,they are going to get a whipping on line like they never had before. Look at that face,look at those eyes, you need to go sit the F**k down,you are trying to d**n hard. You realy need to go sit in the p***h chair and get some much needed help.

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    • For real says:

      He was calling people out left and right before elections and it was all good.when one keep pelting rocks, expect one of the rocks to bounce back and rock slap your A**.

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      • Second real says:

        They tried to play Mark that day and that is why he flipped out on them and call it out. Mark, they are going to do things to set you off to make you look like the crazy one. Don’t let them get in your head like that.

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  13. HaHa says:


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  14. Seasalt says:

    It is so amazing how politicians think. A few months ago it was ok to spew venom to gain power, now that you are faced with the same venom you can now see what damage it will cause to the Territory. When warned of the same it wasn’t an issue until you gain power. Even the unjustifiable and cronyism style of reporting adopted and continued to be the product of the Yellow fellow was never a concern of causing damage to the Territory just a few months ago. But now you have to face the sounds of the drums you calling for earplugs. Take action against the man if his outburst can be proven to be false.

    Cline you should prepare yourself to run at large next election so you can get a vote of confidence or shut up from the public. For now, I think you have talked enough to substantiate your over $16, 000.00 monthly salary. Your level of disreputable courage is not so profound.

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  15. The Overspend should not cast aspirations! says:

    Claude ‘Overspend’ Skelton-Smith oversaw the largest overspend in BVI Government history. The overspend under his watch dwarfs the $7.2 million lost in the airline fraud. He is in no position to criticize others, and it is extraordinary that the BVI news blogs publish his views without holding him to account for his previous behavior.

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  16. Accra says:

    Where was he when all those didtasteful statements were being uttered against NDP on the campaigne trail?????

    He needs to go and pray!!!]

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  17. Reply says:

    Who elected this guy? He appears so angry and vindictive. Why is he so vocal in the political affairs of the country?

    I am beyond sick of him, and that is a 360 degrees turn for me, because when he came on the scene, I did like him for a minute until he started opening his mouth, called people names, and begin engaging in divisive talk. How ungodly! My Lord.

    I dislike people like him in real life, and would have no part of them. Can’t find nothing positive to say or use his words to heal and build bridges.

    Always spewing venom, negativity, confusion, and division. For someone who is supposed to be a man of the cloth, he seems to me to be anything but.

    Mr. Vanterpool and Dr. Smith, please put this guy on the big IGNORE. He is not worth your time; just a bunch of noise. In his own words, “an empty kerosene pan”.

    People should just turn their radios’ off when he when this guy comes on, or turn it to something else positive. Do not feed into his messages of division and confusion.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Let me guess, you liked him when he was aligned with NDP and stopped the minute they had a fall out.

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      • Reply says:

        Wrong. I actually thought he was a wrong fit for the NDP from the beginning when I listen to him on his first campaign stump. His approach more matched the VIP. Too loud for my taste. I am not surprised he has ended up being the VIP mouthpiece.

        I gather you think that I am a NDP supporter. I don’t know how many times I can state on this forum that I am NOT a card carrying member of any political party.

        I am a free thinking person who makes judgments or form opinions independent of any party affiliations which I have none.

        Politicians are not my favorite people. I don’t care much for them period. I rank them on the same level as used car salesmen, but be that as it may, you are incorrect in your guess.

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  18. Weir D. Playne says:

    Claude is a terrible messenger for this kind of sentiment especially given his own personal history of mudslinging but he is absolutely correct. There is a certain acceptable level of behaviour that persons in positions of power should adhere to especially in the public. Members of government should stick to facts and not spread misinformation and speculation in public forums. There is a huge difference with freedom of speech and slander/libel. Not everything Mark said was false but some were deliberate insinuations that were unproven. We should not encourage this type of behaviour and hope that everyone focus on the betterment of the territory going forward.

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  19. Reminder says:

    Our politicians should really take a look at what is happening in nearby Puerto Rico and check themselves.

    It is a wake up call for all elected representatives to remember that we, the people, call the shots.

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  20. PROBLEMS says:

    Such righteous denunciation LOL.
    If what Vanterpool said was so egregious then all Fahie has to do is sue. But he will not.
    If you and your boys and gals don’t like being called out then dont call out others.

    All of you are corrupt both those you support and who Vanterpool support as far as O am concerned

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  21. Brick says:

    I afraid of them things mehsin the demon talk. I hear all kind of rumor that obeah man was in the courtyard too. I wonder what them force look like. All kind of nightmare story you hear on that day.

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  22. Its a shame says:

    Look at what we have been reduced to. The likes of Claude Cline next to the highest office in the country. This same nasty mouth man who called Dancia an empty kerosene pan, who told numerous l**s during the election while wearing his preacher collar. Who misrepresented spending on the neighborhood project including l***g about giving money to churches who said they never received it. Who oversaw the pier project with the massive overrun. Who was a key ally of K********k in Detroit who ended up in prison for misappropriation of government funds. Need I say more? This is who we have allowed to be calling the shots in our country. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen.

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  23. Hmmm says:


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  24. Denounce you... says:

    When you put down Penn Sallah who denounced you? Pot calling kettle black. When you apologize to her and the general public…

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  25. TBS says:

    It’s Claude Skeleton-Cline, without the middle.

  26. Oh man Cline says:

    You are not Very well liked in these parts.

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